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    Ipad2 camera after IOS 5

    Thanks, I'll try cleaning the lens. The other post was mine also. My bad. I thought I was posting in two communities. Appreciate your response.
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    Photo clarity lost after IOS 5

    I downloaded IOS 5 to my Ipad2 with no problem. However, the photos that I take now are not nearly as clear or sharp as they were before the download. Any suggestions as to how to get back to taking clear pictures? Thanks.
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    Ipad2 camera after IOS 5

    I downloaded IOS 5 to my Ipad2 with no problem and most things seem to work as they should, except for the camera. First, I believe the home key is supposed to be a shortcut to turning on the camera. This does not work for me. I even tried the power on/off switch, but it did not go to camera...
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    Hi, Yall . . .

    I just purchased an Ipad2 primarily to use when we travel in our RV. My laptop is useful, but just too much trouble to boot up on a moment's notice. And, Windows is still just too buggy, though I find that the on/off switch corrects a lot of problems. I will be retiring at the end of the year...