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  1. HiLandR

    Some of my iPad sketches

    Here are a couple of sketches I have done on my iPad using Sketchbook Pro.
  2. HiLandR

    Dagi Stylus?

    I picked up a Dagi Stylus a few weeks ago. I've used a Pogo for months but I gotta tell ya, I love the Dagi. It is just so slick. I use it for note taking with "Penultimate" and for sketching with "Sketchbook Pro". Does anyone else use one?
  3. HiLandR

    IPEVO Camera???

    Does anyone know if these will work with an iPad and the USB connector? I'd like to use this with . IPEVO Point 2 View USB Camera: Electronics
  4. HiLandR

    New From Kansas City, Missouri

    Hello all, this is my first post. I hope to learn about and discuss iPad's as mine so important to me! :D