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  1. Blue92

    What is your household's IT device count?

    We have 2 iPhones, 2 iPads, two laptops, 1 Netbook (i.e.: mini laptop) two desktops, a 1 terrabyte external drive and a 3 terrabyte external drive. Also somewhere around 6 or 8 internal hard drives harvested from scrapped computers. I scrapped two desktops and three dead laptops a few weeks...
  2. Blue92

    Interesting iTunes discovery

    Not to long ago my son's laptop died. He also has an iPhone and had iTunes installed on the laptop. I removed the hard drive from the dead laptop and copied all of the data to an external USB drive that I use for backups. My desktop then crashed and I replaced it with a new one. The...
  3. Blue92

    Setting iPad 2 for the Better Half

    Since I now have an iPad Pad Air 2 I'd like to pass my iPad 2 over the the better half. My challenge is that she currently has an iPhone 4 and very rarely (if ever) connects it to iTunes to do updates or backups. I'm sure the iPad 2 would be the same unless she lets the Grandkids kill it like...
  4. Blue92

    How to reset wallpaper back to factory default?

    Setting up my iPad Air 2 today and wanted to see how the wallpaper from my older iPad 2 would look. Wasn't bad but I decided to change back to the factory setup. Can't do it.... Under Settings / Wallpaper I see the new image I copied over and under "Choose a New Wallpaper" I get Dynamic and...
  5. Blue92

    How to change a bad wall dimmer switch.

    I had a dimmer switch going bad (over heating) and had a replacement in hand. Only issue was identifying which circuit breaker controlled it. I had my choice of 28 circuit breakers (poorly labeled by the homes previous owner) as to which one controlled the wall switch. Since I was the only...
  6. Blue92

    Installing IOS 8.4 now....

    iPhone 5C and iPad 2. Apple's servers must be being hit fairly hard. Taking longer than most updates in the past.
  7. Blue92

    Notepade iPhone vs iPad

    Anyone notice a difference between the two devices? My iPhone has an "Accounts"selection in the application itself that allows me to specify All Notes, On My iPhone or iCloud. The iPad doesn't. Both are running IOS 8.3. And it anyone would like the extra "e" in the title it's yours at N/C.
  8. Blue92

    iOS 8.3 released.

    Got a notice just after midnight.
  9. Blue92

    Updated to 8.1.3, not happy...

    I updated my iPhone first by downloading into iTunes then installing. Went OK Moved on to update iPad 2. Either I missed it or it didn't offer to download then update. It did the update via wifi. I normally keep @ 6GB free all the time. During the update it went to -0- but finally...
  10. Blue92

    LinkedIn app crashes

    Anyone else seeing this? The street scene comes up, it hangs for 15 to 20 seconds (during which the iPad will not accept any input) then the app closes completely. Opening it a second time normally works after the 10 - 15 seconds wait on the opening screen. Resetting the iPad seems to make no...
  11. Blue92

    Uploading images (and other files) to web sites

    I support 4 to 6 web sites and ocasionally need to update and load files or add images while using the iPad. Is there a good FTP application that will let me do this easily?
  12. Blue92

    Looking for a photo / graphics editing application

    I do graphics for vehicles, signs, banners etc as a sideline. What I'm looking for is a graphics package that would let me take photos of a vehicle in the field and then add text using different colors, fonts and effects. Being able to cut and paste from other photos/graphics would also be a...
  13. Blue92

    Charger cord failures??

    Over the last 10 days it seems 2 of the 4 charger cords I had failed. Two came with the devices and two came with 3rd party wall / car charger combo units. It looks like the the that failed were the original Apple cords. The chargers still work but the cords themselves seemed to have failed...
  14. Blue92

    Interesting "Find my idevice"

    Most times when I activate the "Find my Iphone/iPad" application it will show my iPhone about 30 miles east of my current location and my iPad within a 100 yards or so. After 5 or so minutes the iPhone comes back home sitting next to the iPad. I normally don't have it on since it seems to...