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  1. Elliern

    Safari stopped working correctly on iPad mini with retina

    This afternoon, I kept receiving error messages on every web site that the server could not be identified. Sites like cnn, fox news and my aol mail. Also cannot connect to app store. Message says server could not be located. My games by King are not working and the time on my iPad shows 1:51...
  2. Elliern

    Ipad2 won't charge

    Yesterday I updated my ipad to ios 7 after I purchased my new iPhone 5s. It charged very slowly overnight and was 100% charged this morning. However, by noon it was down to 30 % so plugged it in to charge and it wouldn't charge. So I tried switching chargers still nothing. Then I read of...
  3. Elliern

    Backing up to iCloud

    Has anyone tried yet to back up to iCloud and if so how long did it take? I mean after loading the new iOS yesterday. I downloaded the new iOS 5 yesterday. The information on the iCloud said to back up daily using iCloud. So, 'should' do it tonight. I am a little hesitant to try, just in...
  4. Elliern

    Help with new updates

    The new iTunes just downloaded on my pc. I then got a message asking me if I wanted to download Safari Update. Do I need to download the new Safari to my PC? I don't want to run it on my pc, but do want to have the new update on my iPad. I did not download the Safari update to my pc. Do...
  5. Elliern

    AYL/Yoobao cover

    I received this cover 2 days ago from Amazon. It was advertized as an 'AYL 100% premium leather cover', but it is actually a Yoobao 3 in 1 cover sold by DK Young Life. The cost was $39.50. I am extremely pleased with this cover. I purchased the red one and the color is very rich looking as is...
  6. Elliern

    In Password Hell

    For some reason, this forum did not recognize my password yesterday. I tried several times, to no avail. So, requested a new password and one was emailed to me. I was able to log in using that password, but I need to change it to something I can remember, but I can't. In the email from these...
  7. Elliern

    iPad 2 got really hot!

    I posted in a thread in the accessories section about taking my new iPad 2 outside to see how effective my new Moshi Anti glare screen protector was. (It was great!) However, within about 3 minutes or so, my iPad became really hot. I mean to the point that I was getting really concerned about...
  8. Elliern

    Moshi iVisor AG Screen Protector

    I just received my moshi anti glare screen protector this afternoon. As advertised, it took only seconds to apply. It is not a 100% 'perfect' fit, but is about 98-99% perfect fit. If I place it so the home key is perfectly aligned, then the camera opening is slightly off. So, I made sure the...
  9. Elliern

    How much data is used for GPS

    I will be purchasing my iPad 2 this coming weekend and plan to get the wifi-3g model with the AT&T network. I will only be using 3g while traveling but not sure how much data to purchase, 250 mb or 2g. There may be times when I will want to use GPS. But, mostly it will be used when no wifi is...