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    Defect on ipad 2 screen

    I have had my ipad2 for around 3 weeks now and I'm loving every minute of it. Recently I have discovered that there is what appears to be a tiny defect in a small area of the bottom portion of the screen. About 5cm from the bottom of the screen there is an area where there is a thin line about...
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    Apologies if what I am about to ask might seem like a simple question but I'm completely new to the ipad. I like other folks have video files in some other format than the native Apple format. To watch these files you have 2 choices: Convert the file to the Apple format or find an app that can...
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    Looking for a case

    Now that I have my new shiny iPad 2 I'm on the hunt for a case that will protect both the front and back of the ipad. The suspend and wake function of the apple smart cover would be nice to have in the cover but not a deal breaker. Any suggestions for cases I could buy? I am in the UK Thanks...
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    Question about Warranty and iOS 5

    I'm looking to buy an ipad 2 and have seen them as low as £400. This is the price for a US "brand new in box" 32Gb WiFi model. I am assuming that an ipad 2 from the US would not be covered under warranty in the UK whereas an ipad 2 bought from the UK would have a years warranty? Also the...