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  1. ss247

    Are there any developers on this forum?

    Are there?
  2. ss247

    iPad as a remote control for PS3 Xross Media Bar

    IS there an app that makes tis possible? I want to see what song I'm choosing on the iPad but I want the Playstation to give me the playback? Same with movies? Any help...
  3. ss247

    iPad as a remote for PS3

    Is there an app that can allow an iPad or iPod touch to act as a remote for the PS3. But a remote where all the info is displayed on the device and only playback is via the PS3.?
  4. ss247

    Top5 apps

    Ok. Wanna see the popular apps.... Name the top5 apps in your iPad right now.... I'll start. 1. AFP news app 2. Google Chrome 3. iBooks 4. Evernote 5. Magic Piano by Smule
  5. ss247

    Ipad ipod wireless connection

    Hi guys. Newbie to the forum. Does anyone know If I can use the 3G from my iPad on my iPod. Someone said to me that it's called a personal wifi hotspot?