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  1. Alling

    Change core app icon

    My iPad is jailbroken and I have WinSCP. I'd like to change that retro-style YouTube icon to an icon of my own. I can of course create the icon myself, but where am I supposed to place it? Please type the entire path, not just something like "Library\Applications\YouTube", for there seem...
  2. Alling

    Problem with MSN display picture

    I'm using the official Windows Live Messenger iPhone app on my iPad. The problem is that whenever I log into MSN on my iPad, the display picture on my computer will go back to the default "MSN guy." It worked before, but when I changed my picture, it started doing like this. I have tried using...
  3. Alling

    Double negation in English

    iPadforums might not be dedicated to discussing linguistics, but I think you guys can answer my questions. I've always wondered why many, if not all, English-speaking people use double negations in cases where Swedish-speaking people only use one negation. Examples, negations marked in red...
  4. Alling

    Java on the iPad (in Sweden)

    I suppose similar threads have already been created, but I didn't find any. And this one is however a bit similar as I live in Sweden. I wanna play a Java-based MMO game on my iPad. Is there any kind of app/hack/plugin that enables Java? I've heard of Cloud Browse, but it doesn't work in...
  5. Alling


    Hello guys! I'm from Sweden and new to Apple products. Sure, I've tried iPhones and Macbooks, but the iPad is my first own Apple product apart from a monitor. Right now, I haven't got the iPad, but it should arrive in a week. Are we allowed to discuss jailbreaking and illegal app...