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  1. skycarp

    iPhone 6 has static with hearing aids.

    TP, thanks for your reply. At first I thought it was a buzz from a florescent bulb so I walked outside (at night) and still had the buzz. Yesterday I took a trip on the way to the Apple Corp. Store, in the day with the phone and I didn't have the buzz. This morning I was at my desk with the...
  2. skycarp

    iPhone 6 has static with hearing aids.

    I upgraded from an iPhone 5 to an iPhone 6. I wear hearing aids that have a phone setting button so the hearing aids communicate with phones electronically not by sound. This cuts out the hearing aid feedback squeal often heard when something comes too close to the hearing aid. This feature...
  3. skycarp

    Recents Showing up on Screen

    Wow, I had looked every place I could think of to turn this feature off. Thanks very much!
  4. skycarp

    Recents Showing up on Screen

    On my iPhone 5 and iPad2 I have 5 Recents showing on my screen. These are from the most recent contacts I have communicated with either through phone or text. I am running ios 8.0.2. How do I get rid of these avatars?
  5. skycarp App

  6. skycarp App

    The app doesn't work on my iPad 2 after upgrading to iso8. I have deleted and re installed once with no improvement. I am accessing this site through Safari at the present. Any insite as to what the problem is?
  7. skycarp

    IOS8 performance on a IPad 3?

    I have had several problems with iPad 2 after ios8 installed. Tried hard reset without improvement. This morning I did a reset from within Settings. Settings-General-Reset-Reset All Settings. I lost all my settings but I have the time to go back and reset them so no complaints there. This...
  8. skycarp

    Could not access iTunes store

    I am having the same message. I am in the USA.
  9. skycarp

    2 Different User Names On iTunes

    I checked her iMac iTunes account and it is under one user name. I checked her iPad iTunes account and it is under the second name. Thanks.
  10. skycarp

    2 Different User Names On iTunes

    I am stumped, and if I am in the wrong place, just tell me where to go. It is happening on my wife's iPad2 so that is why I am here. On my wife's iPad2 we are having conflicts with the App store. At log-in to the app store, the popup screen sometimes asks for a password using one apple ID and...
  11. skycarp

    Ipad 2 upgraded to 4.3.4 no internet

    I had the same problem today. I plugged into my lMac, went to the summary page, clicked on restore and restored the software. It seemed to work much faster after the re-install. One thing happened that confused me. I lost all my photos, and I gained 83 emails I had already deleted. It just...
  12. skycarp

    Help With Goodreader

    I have just downloaded Goodreader and also downloaded the iPad User Guide which I have been viewing. Now I want to look at the app menus and help files, but each time I open the app it takes me directly to the iPad user Guide. There in nothing else on the page to allow me to navigate to the...
  13. skycarp

    iPF, What is it?

    Newby here. What is iPF? I can't find it in the list of apps. TIA Did another search and found iPF News, is this what everybody here is using to reply?
  14. skycarp

    Contact list

    Thanks, worked real fine for me.
  15. skycarp

    Importing Addresses

    I am new to the iPad2. I have an iMac with Address Book. I would like to export my addresses from iMac Address Book to the Contacts App on my iPad2. I would rather not retype all the addresses, if you get my drift. TYA, Dean