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  1. GoPackGo

    Want to know where I can walk in and buy an iPhone 4S w/o!

    Tomorrow, November 20th, I am finally eligible for an upgrade at Verizon. I can throw my crappy Android phone out the window and get an iPhone. I've been wanting one ever since Verizon got the iPhone 4. I'm pretty excited. But as most of you probably know, it seems no one has them in stock. I...
  2. GoPackGo

    Record a voicemail into mp3?

    I have a voicemail on my phone I would like to make into an mp3 for a project. Is it possible to download some sort of program on my computer that would record my phone on speaker? Or possibly an iPad app that could do this?
  3. GoPackGo

    Dumb question about streaming

    With iOS 5, will we be able to stream our music directly from iTunes onto our iPads? If so, I have a 16GB iPad with 70+ GB of music. Would streaming take up storage space or would I be able to stream my library? I don't know if this is in the right forum or if I even worded it right. It's...
  4. GoPackGo

    What was the app you used last?

    Just thought this would be fun. IPF doesn't count! I just used Safari to get Game 2 playoff Brewers tickets for me and my parents. Woohoo!! Sent from my iPad using iPF
  5. GoPackGo

    Better to charge more often or to let your battery get really low before you charge?

    If there was a thread about this, I apologize. I'm on this site daily and check the active topics and didn't find it. But I was wondering, since the battery life is based on charge cycles, if it is better to charge your iPad daily or to wait until the battery is pretty drained (>20%) before...
  6. GoPackGo

    My review (so far) of my new iPad 2

    After obsessing over it for about a month, I rounded up enough money to buy my 16GB black WiFi iPad 2. I bought it on Tuesday, August 23rd. So I've had it nearly 2 weeks, and it has already become part of my daily routine. I absolutely adore it, and while $570 was a huge amount of money for me...
  7. GoPackGo

    Why does my mail app look like this?

    I sound like a total iPad noob (and I am, I got it yesterday :D), but in all of the videos and stuff I've seen, the mail app is supposed to have two columns with a scrollable inbox. Mine doesn't do that. Instead, it looks like this (screenshot attached). Even when I kill the app and reopen it...
  8. GoPackGo


    Hi I'm Lindsey, I'm 26 years old, and I am an Apple fangirl who can not properly feed her addiction. I DO have an iPod classic but I've never had an iPhone (contract isn't up until APRIL; thanks Verizon) and definitely didn't get an iPad. This is due to finances - I'm a full time student (again)...