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  1. larrycruzen

    Using Accounts2 app on the iPad

    Is anyone on this forum real familiar with the app “Accounts2” by SVT software? I need some help. I have been using this app to manage four different accounts for several years. All of a sudden, it has quit accepting input on my iPad. It still works normally on my iPhone. Does anyone have any...
  2. larrycruzen

    Switching from on-screen keyboard to separate Apple keyboard

    I have an Apple keyboard/case for my iPad pro. How do I switch from the on-screen keyboard to the separate Apple keyboard? Most of the time, when I minimize the on-screen keyboard, the cursor disappears so the separate keyboard won’t type.
  3. larrycruzen

    Streaming Amazon Prime movies from iPad to TV

    Our summer home in TN is in the boonies, so we have no high speed internet or WiFi. We use Verizon cellular and our iPads and iPhones. Cellular speeds are good enough that I can stream Amazon Prime movies to my iPad and iPhone using the Amazon Prime app. In an effort to stream to our dumb TV, I...
  4. larrycruzen

    Ipad pro freezing up briefly

    My iPad Pro 12.9” repeatedly freezes up for a fraction of a second to 5 seconds or so. Makes it impossible to type on it. Details: Software version 12.2 Available space 34 gigs Background app refresh off WiFi 5G My iPhone and my wife’s iPad and iPhone are fine. When I reboot it, it seems to...
  5. larrycruzen

    Can you turn off an iPad Pro smart keyboard when using the on-screen keyboard?

    I just upgraded to a 12.9” iPad Pro and Apple smart keyboard. Really nice piece of equipment. The speed and display are impressive. At times, I prefer to bring up the on-screen keyboard and just use the smart keyboard as a stand in my lap. Is there any way to turn off the smart keyboard so that...
  6. larrycruzen

    How to delete 10,000 e-mails

    this has probably been asked before, but nothing I have tried works. I have over 10,000 e-mails accumulated on my Yahoo account. I use the the Apple e-mail app, but also have the Yahoo app. How do I delete all e-mails in my in-box without losing the ones that I have moved to other e-mail boxes...
  7. larrycruzen

    Numbers to change Y axis data to X axis

    On a Numbers scatterplot, using "edit references", it shows the independant variable as Y axis. How do you change Y axis to x-axis? Larry Cruzen
  8. larrycruzen

    How to add apps to "open in" feature?

    Occasionally I want to open a page of one app into another app using the "open in" feature, but that app doesn't appear among the choices. Is there a way to add the desired app to the choices? Larry Cruzen
  9. larrycruzen

    Disabling Autoplay of videos on Facebook

    On Facebook, videos Autoplay as they are scrolled onto the screen. Burns cellular data. Can this be disabled? Larry Cruzen
  10. larrycruzen

    Lost all Safari bookmarks

    I had many web pages saved and organized in Bookmarks, including recipes, boating articles, etc. Yesterday all bookmarks got wiped clean....maddening. This has never happened before. I need to understand what happened. As far as I know, I didn't reset or clear anything Larry Cruzen
  11. larrycruzen

    How to add an attachment in Apple MAIL app?

    In the Apple Mail app, if I press & hold in the body of the message, I get several options including "insert photo" & "insert attachment". "Insert photo" works, "insert attachment" doesn't. What's wrong? I know that I can go to the PAGES or NUMBERS apps, select the document and mail it, but...
  12. larrycruzen

    Converting a JPEG photo to a PDF image

    I read that converting a JPEG photo file to a PDF file creates a vector image which can be scaled without becoming pixelated. I tried this with a low-res photo and it became just as pixelated is the original. Since I read this on the Internet, I know it has to be true. What am I missing...
  13. larrycruzen

    NUMBERS...How to copy & paste formulas only

    I'd like to replicate an entire table, with formulas but not the data, on another sheet of the spreadsheet. "copy & paste" doesn't offer a "formulas only" option like Excel does. If I "copy & paste" the table, then delete the data, formulas are also deleted. Is there a way? Also, I've tried to...
  14. larrycruzen

    Numbers app, how to add current date & time to a cell

    In a Numbers cell formatted for date & time, how can I add month, day,year,hour& minute directly from the iPad clock? When I touch the "Month" square, it correctly inputs the current month, day & year, but then I have to add the hour & minutes manually even though I have formatted it for hours...
  15. larrycruzen

    Can Pages print sheets of adhesive labels?

    Microsoft Word has a provision for printing self-adhesive return address and shipping labels. All you have to do is specify the Avery sheet number and it sets it all up for you. You can print individual labels or an entire sheet. Does Pages have a similar provision? I have an Avery app for...
  16. larrycruzen to combine objects into single entity?

    I bought and downloaded iDraw yesterday and spent a few hours working with it. Making good progress. Looks like it is going to be a great design app. Got some questions: 1. Is there a user manual and/or help section? 2. How do you select multiple objects? 3. How do you combine multiple...
  17. larrycruzen

    How to backup IPad to Airstash?

    How do I back up my iPad and iPhone to AirStash? Larry Cruzen
  18. larrycruzen

    Which forum to ask questions about a specific device?

    I just got an Airstash with a 32 Gb card and am in the process of coming up to speed on it. The user manual is sparse. I have a couple of detailed questions. What's the proper forum to post them in? Seems to be several options. Larry Cruzen
  19. larrycruzen

    Why would the App Store charge for multiple downloads?

    I recently downloaded Photo Manager Pro to my iPad. Really like this app, so I want to download it to my iPhone and my wife's iPad. The App Store wants to charge me for each additional download. These three devices are all on the same account. In the past, additional downloads of paid apps have...
  20. larrycruzen

    Can the default "photo save" app be changed?

    Is it possible to force an iPad to save photos to an app other than the native photo app? For instance, can photos from apps such as PS Touch, Snapseed, Face Tune, etc, be saved directly to an app such as Photo Manager Pro? Same for photos saved from other sources, such as e-mail. I'm mad at...
  21. larrycruzen

    Lost photos

    I just discovered that most of my photos went missing on my iPad. Panic time! Got a hunch it happened during a recent back-up to iCloud. We have no wi-fi here on the lake, so I back-up when we go to the big city. When I go to one of my albums, a few photos are there along with the word...
  22. larrycruzen

    Plotting data vs time in NUMBERS app

    I finally figured out how to plot data vs random times of day in NUMBERS. I record the time using the "now" button, which will produce hours & minutes, such as 8:36 PM. It is necessary to insert an adjacent column and convert these times to hours in 24 hour decimal format (20.6 hrs). This is...
  23. larrycruzen

    Using "OPEN IN" feature of some apps

    Many apps will let you open a page into a different app to work on it, but the choices are very limited. Is there a way to expand this selection? For instance, if I have googled up a document in PDF Format and select "open in", the only app choices offered are Chrome and Safari. Or, more...
  24. larrycruzen

    Numbers...How to graph vs time of day

    I have a 3 column chart: Time of day (independent variable), systolic & diastolic pressures (dependent variables). Time of day is random, inserted using the "NOW" button. I plot this data daily on a simple 2D line graph. The X axis always plots in constant increments. Is there a way to get the...
  25. larrycruzen

    Sending documents to Dropbox

    How can I send PAGES & NUMBERS documents to DROPBOX? Larry Cruzen
  26. larrycruzen

    "AIRDROP" doesn't work on my IPAD

    On my wife's IPAD AIR and on both of our IPHONE 5s, I can turn on Airdrop by swiping up from the bottom of the screen to bring up Control Center. On my IPAD 4 (last version before IPAD AIR), the Control Center has no place to turn on Airdrop. All are running IOS7.1. Do I have some setting...
  27. larrycruzen

    Can an IF function in one cell cause an action in a different cell?

    Is it possible to write an If function that causes an action in a different cell? In words: IF cell A2="yes",then cell A3=7,else cell A4=9 I tried (in cell A3): IF(A2="yes"',7,A4=9) Doesn't work. Larry Cruzen
  28. larrycruzen

    Both NUMBERS and PAGES crash my IPAD

    I have been exercising both NUMBERS and PAGES to familiarize myself with all their features and have run into a problem. When I try to delete a document or spreadsheet which I have created, my iPad locks up. Have to re-boot to recover. I do this by tapping "edit" on the document manager page...
  29. larrycruzen

    Rearranging pics within IPAD folders

    I have my photos organized into several folders. How can I re-sequence the photos within each folder?
  30. larrycruzen

    Transferring pics from PC to IPAD without a camera connector

    I've tried moving pics directly to the IPAD using explorer, but that doesn't work. I've tried moving them to Itunes to sync them, but that doesn't work. In the past I've moved pics from the PC to my Iphone, but I've forgotten how. Looking for some advice. Larry
  31. larrycruzen

    IPAD 3 GPS question

    I just bought a new IPAD3 (32 gig, WI + cellular). Before buying it, I called Apple to verify that the cellular model included a real (satellite based) GPS. I was assured that it did. I have read the downloaded User Guide cover to cover and the word GPS doesn't appear once. Among other...