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    Help with using an Xbox controller to play games

    I am trying to use an Xbox controller to play gamepad-supported games. My Xbox One controller pairs, connects, and controls games perfectly. However, while my Xbox Series X controller pairs and connects, it does nothing in the same exact games. Why would this be?
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    Considering upgrading from an iPad Air 2 to an 8th Gen iPad

    My iPad Air 2 is very slow with things like loading web pages. Would the upgraded processor in the 8th Gen iPad help with this?
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    Will getting a new model iPad fix this issue?

    I am on version 13.2.2. I tend not to update the OS unless I absolutely have to as often times I find it will make my favorite games obsolete. When I say minimize, I mean tapping the home button which takes me to the home screen but the app remains open in the background. I will try a hard...
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    Will getting a new model iPad fix this issue?

    I am currently using an iPad Air 2, which was apparently released in 2014 so it's 6+ years old. The issue I am running into is apps have to re-load any time I switch between them. For example, I have one game open. I minimize that game and switch to a different game. When I return to the first...
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    Best free, kid-friendly video chat/call app for 3+ people?

    My mistake. I guess it asks for a phone number as a backup security method, but apparently the step can be skipped during the setup process.
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    Best free, kid-friendly video chat/call app for 3+ people?

    I am looking for an app for video calling (preferably one that is free) and it has to meeting the following requirements: - Kid friendly (i.e. no random chatrooms or calls with strangers) - Can be used by 3+ people at once - It has to be compatible with wi-fi only iPads and cannot require a...
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    iPad 4th Gen will not start - please help

    Thank you for responding. It is not recognized by itunes when connecting to a PC. I'm hoping I can find a way to save the stuff on the iPad before resorting to a method that will erase everything, so I may take it to an Apple store to see if there's anything they can do before trying those...
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    iPad 4th Gen will not start - please help

    We updated an iPad (4th Generation) last night and since then, it will no longer turn on. The battery is charged because it was at 98% when we ran the update. Here is what we've tried so far (with no luck): Hard Reset by holding the Power and Home buttons at the same time for 15 seconds...
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    When is the best (or a good) time to buy an iPad?

    Thanks. When does Apple introduce new models of ipads? Also, where do you recommend I check for third party sales?
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    When is the best (or a good) time to buy an iPad?

    I'm going to need a new iPad by early November of this year, which unfortunately means I can't wait until Black Friday. It doesn't have to be the latest model, but I do want a new one as opposed to a used or refurbished one. Is there any time between now and the beginning of November when...
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    Help with Snapchat face swap app

    I did a face swap using the snapchat app on my ipad. I chose to save the photo and it gave me two options. I selected the option to save it to collections and memories I've tried looking under my snaps, as well as under my camera roll and my photos, but I can't find it anywhere. I also don't...
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    Question about gifting an itunes gift card to someone by email

    Does the email address I send it to need to match the email address of the recipients itunes account or can I send it to any email address? For example, can I send it to their work email address even if their itunes account is linked to their personal email address? Also, can I include a...
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    Verizon email folders not listed on iPad Air 2

    When I open my Verizon email account under the Mail app, it only shows my Inbox. It does not list the sub-folders that I created when I signed in through Windows/web browser. Is there a way to get these folders to appear on my ipad?
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    How to NOT preview an email when deleting it?

    When I open my email it shows me a list of the emails in my inbox. But sometimes I get spam (or another message that I don't want to read) so I choose Edit and then check the box next to the message I want to delete. The problem is that as soon as I check that box, it opens the email, but I...
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    Mail crashes every time I try to read a message

    A couple of months ago, I started having trouble rendering emails. New emails would come up blank and I would have to tap on a different message and then tap on the new message again for it to render. Now the problem seems to be getting worse. Whenever I try to check a new email, the mail...
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    Bluetooth keyboard for iPad 2 and iPad Air 2?

    I am looking for a bluetooth keyboard that would work for both a 2nd gen iPad and an iPad Air 2. I don't need anything fancy, so the less expensive the better, as long as it's still good quality. Any recommendations for me?
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    Is it possible that my iPad got infected with something?

    I'll try to sum this up as quickly as I can. Earlier this year, I had fraudulent activity on my credit card. So I got a replacement card with a new number, but the activity continued. So I completely closed my account with that bank because I didn't know what else to do. I got a new card...
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    Will doing a factory restore fix any lag problems I am having?

    Yes, I close all my apps whenever I am done using them, but the problem still persists.
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    Will doing a factory restore fix any lag problems I am having?

    For the past few months, my iPad 2nd Gen has been suffering from severe lag while playing games. And these aren't even very demanding games either. I've tried doing a hard reset to see if that fixes the problem, but it only fixes it temporarily, then the problem comes back again. If I do a...
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    Which iPad model did I just get?

    I bought what was listed as an iPad Air 2, Wifi model, on eBay, but when searching for the model numbers online, I seem to get conflicting information. It seems like maybe it's an iPad Air (1st version) with cellular service. Here are the numbers on the box: MGJQ2LL/A Model A1567 Another red...
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    Ipads on Sale : Post the best deals / coupons

    If anyone knows of any good deals on an Air 2, please let me know.
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    Where is the best place to get a new iPad Air 2 at a good price?

    I'm looking to get a new (not used) ipad Air 2, but I was hoping to save a little money. What are my best options? Is eBay a good choice?
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    Recent severe lag on my iPad 2

    For the past few weeks, I've had increasing lag on my iPad 2. I can't think of any recent changes on it that would cause this problem. It's running 7.1.2, but I upgraded to that version a long time before the problems started. And I take good care of it so I don't think it's damaged. Would...
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    Help burning a CD with iTunes please

    I bought 2 songs (from separate albums) on iTunes and then I used iTunes to burn them to a CD. But now when I play them using Windows Media Player, both tracks just show up as Track 1 and Track 2, both by "Unknown Artist". How do I get it to update so that it shows the real song names and...
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    Is it safe to say the new iPad will have the same pricing structure?

    Is it safe to say the new iPad will have the same pricing structure as the previous models? $499 - 16GB $599 - 32GB $699 - 64GB $799 - 128GB
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    iPad 4th gen or iPad Air?

    Is there any reason to get the 4th gen iPad if I can get the iPad Air for roughly the same price? Is there anything that the 4th gen does better?
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    Need recommendations for iPad Air screen protector and case

    That Fintie one looks very similar to the CaseCrown one I currently have for my iPad 2nd Gen, and is less expensive than the CaseCrown one for the iPad Air so I may consider that. Looks like they also make one with a bluetooth keyboard. Anyone know how well that one works? It's relatively...
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    Need recommendations for iPad Air screen protector and case

    I'll probably be getting the 1st iPad Air soon and I'd like some suggestions for a good screen protector and case. Can anyone please help me?
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    Will the trade value of the ipad 2 drop once the next ipad is announced?

    I'm thinking of trading in my ipad 2 at Amazon. They currently offer $150. Will that value go down once the next ipad is announced on Tuesday (or released whenever)? On a related note - does anyone have any advice on if I should trade in towards the ipad Air or the ipad 4th gen? Or maybe...
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    Could someone please recommend me a screen protector?

    I'm looking on Amazon and while they have good ratings, I've never heard of any of these manufacturers. Fintie, Black Rhino, amFILM, Armor Suit, etc. Are these brands any good?
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    Any quick/easy way to locate apps in iTunes that I've previously downloaded?

    Suh-weet! Thank you! That just made my day!
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    Any quick/easy way to locate apps in iTunes that I've previously downloaded?

    In iTunes on my PC, it shows 205 apps in my library. However, in the app store on my ipad, I have 800+ apps in my purchase history. Is there any quick and easy way to re-download the other 600+ apps into iTunes without having to search for them one by one?
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    Question about updating iOS version

    If I update from version 6 to 7, is there a chance that some of my apps may no longer work on the new version? I'd like to update in order to access a new app I downloaded, but not if it means that several other apps will cease functioning.
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    Help please - I can't figure out what my iPad/PC is doing

    I connected my iPad to my PC using the USB cable. A menu popped up asking what I wanted to do and an option to do this by default any time it's connected. Instead of choosing anything, I just clicked on the X in the top, right corner to close it out. Now the iTunes program still appears in my...
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    Any good Wheel of Fortune type games?

    I am looking for a game like Wheel of Fortune. The official Wheel of Fortune game has terrible reviews and costs $2.99 so I don't want to waste my money on that. Are there any other comparable games?
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    App to turn a video into an animated gif file?

    still looking for suggestions please
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    App to turn a video into an animated gif file?

    Is there a good app that will turn a short recorded video into an animated gif image?
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    Keep video running when screen is turned off?

    For example, the TBS app or the WWE app. I know it sounds crazy, listening to shows without watching them, but that's a whole different kettle of fish.