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  1. appleeater

    5 row keyboard activated but does not work

    Thanks, that works !
  2. appleeater

    5 row keyboard activated but does not work

    I installed the 5 row keryboard for iPad and activated it in Winterboard (no idea what that is) but it does not appear. What am I doing wrong ?
  3. appleeater

    iPad 2 after JB cannot connect to iTunes anymore

    After one day it was over, probably due to the very busy Cydia site on July 6 after the release of Jailbreakme 3.0 ? Since then my Ipad normally syncs with iTunes.
  4. appleeater

    PHP running on my iPad !

    I downloaded and installed PHP and Lighttpd from Cydia and PHP ran flawlessly out-of-the-boc ! I uploaded a couple of my websites to my iPad in the Goodreader app ffolder (so accessing it easily) and symlinking that folder from /var/www. My sites showed up normally . But there was also an...
  5. appleeater

    Biggest annoyance with the iPad?

    Most annoyances: - User interface within apps not intuitive: no standard 'Menu' button as Android (Samsung) does have - No shared files among apps other than photos - Unable to upload files from ANY browser (e.g. photos to a forum, attachments to webmail). Even not files within the own browser...
  6. appleeater

    iPad 2 after JB cannot connect to iTunes anymore

    After a successful JB from ailbreakme (which worked flawlessly) and installing openssh server (and no more apps) and rebooting the iPad (to confirm it is really untethered) it does not connect to Tunes 10.3 anymore on my Mac. So restoration is impossible. A new way of Apple to punish JB-ers ...
  7. appleeater

    Did any body have problem with the gps ability of ipad2?

    Yes. As the iPad has no usable Bluetooth (only for BT earbuds and another Apple only devices but not a Macbook) I cannot use my BT GPS. A JB iPad is able to support this as there is a Cydia app which allows using 'normal' BT.
  8. appleeater

    How eager are you to jailbreak iPad 2?

    The free iPhone Explorer (Macroplant - iPod, iPad, iPhone Transfer & Conversion Softwareiphoneexplorer/) Windows / OSX app can do a lot until a JB comes available. I will use it for (if it ever comes out): - SSH and VNC server - Bluetooth stack so I can use my BT GPS
  9. appleeater

    Do you listen to music on your iPad?

    And do not use the iPod app. I just put mp3's into the Goodreader app folder and can play them without problems. No iTunes crap needed, just like any non-Apple mp3 player.
  10. appleeater

    How many apps have you installed on your iPad?

    Only a few apps are useful. Most are useless 'website replacement apps' or other toys with which you play a few times and then you have seen enough. When one installs Goodreader, Atomic, iCab and Azulplayer, and iPhone Browser of a Mac or Windows PC most apps become obsolete. And iTunes is only...
  11. appleeater

    Youtube movies are not played anymore

    ::embarass::: I found that I set upa VPN using a proxy (which I ddn't use anymore but left the network settings to the VPN. All internet traffic still worked except the YT videos, so I thought it was a YT problem. Now it is fixed, The YT app works and in most cases it works in browsers. But...
  12. appleeater

    Idea for better iPad keyboard

    Using the keypad / onscreen keyboard on the iPad is better than on smartphones (due to its larger screen) but typing strings with latters and digits is still a nightmare. I think there is enough space for a separate row of digits. Particularly when one needs the '&' ypu have to press *two*...
  13. appleeater

    Youtube movies are not played anymore

    Since last weekI cannot play any youtube movies on my iPad. Not with any browser or Safari (YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. is enabled) and not with the preinstalled youtube pp. In Atomic you see a small spinning circle in a black background, Safari ignores the HTML5 setting and the Youtube app...
  14. appleeater

    iPad2 / Atomic and YouTube

    Youtube does not work anymore on iPad browsers Last week I selected YouTube - html's Channel in both Safari and Atomic and in both cases YT showed the HTML versions. I have set Atomic to the Safari 5 Mac user agent. But now I had to reenable "join the html5" (why it has lost its setting I...
  15. appleeater

    iCab does not handle login forms properly

    Does really nobody know this or do forms work properly with this browser ?
  16. appleeater

    iCab blows up

    Besides the form issues this browser blows the The HTML5 test - How well does your browser support HTML5?. I shows very briefly 216 (which is a really good score) and then goes to a "500 Internal server" error page. Other browsers run normally on this page. What is wrong with this browser ? Did...
  17. appleeater

    iCab does not handle login forms properly

    I just downloaded iCab. It seems t look good but when I logon to some forums (e.g. the forum) it says I am logged in but then the logon prompt reappears. Other browsers (including those on the iPad logon normally. Same issue in Wikipedia: it says 'Cookies are not enabled' while...
  18. appleeater

    Does iSSH app also tunnel connections of other apps ?

    Does the iSSH app also work with other apps, i.e. can I setup an SSH tunnel with it and then use e.g. Safari via a proxy through that tunnel or an Voip app through that tunnel ?
  19. appleeater

    Problem entering text in a 'Net forum w/iPad 2

    In other sites (yes this and Hotmail I am unable to bring up the keyboard in the Atomic browser. When I select 'Safari Desktop' it works. But with Hotmail it is even worse: with none of the user agents I can enter text.
  20. appleeater

    Filebrowser app does not work in non Windows network

    thanks! It woeks now when I set samba sharing on on my Mac. And on Linux as well when I share the folder.
  21. appleeater

    SSH tunneling on iPad ?

    Using SSH tunneling om my Mac (or any PC) works fine when using ssh -D3210 name@server and setting up a SOCKS proxy to localhost:3210. This results in redirecting all traffic via the SSH proxy server. So far so good. But the iPad does not have an SSH client which suopports dynamic tunneling...
  22. appleeater

    Filebrowser app does not work in non Windows network

    It seems that this app is designed for Windows only. Using a Mac (despite they tell it does support it) it does not connect with the Mac even when I enter an IP address as computer name. The troubleshooting guide of Stratospherix is very confusing. Did anyone succeed to connect to a Mac or Linux...
  23. appleeater

    iPad Multitouch Gestures

    I have iOS 4.3.1 but could activate this with Xcode 3.2.6 even without logging in with my Apple ID. The onley question: how does "pinch with 4 or 5 fingers to the home screen" work ? I tried pinching with two hands , but did not work. The other four finger gestures work flawlessly ! Great !
  24. appleeater

    iPad Multitouch Gestures

    Does this work in the iPad 2 as well ?
  25. appleeater

    Is there a way to support Bluetooth GPS ?

    The iPad Wifi does not support GPS and Bluetooth GPS is not supported as well. I know that there is a Dual Bluetooth GPS which can be used with iPad and iPhone, but is it also supported by the standard location services ? Or does it have its own proprietary navigation apps ?
  26. appleeater

    Is there a way to support Bluetooth GPS ?

    Most tablets and phones support Bluetooth GPS for offline use as my Nokia 5800 and N810. But not the iPad (and other iDevices). There is a special BT GPS which should work with the iPad (Dual) as this app shows it:
  27. appleeater

    Using ubuntu, how to enjoy the ipad...

    Connecting my non-jb iPad (2) to my Ubuntu 10.10 pc results in opening a photo viewer and the DCIM folder on the iPad is shown in nautilus (the gnome file browser), as it were a photo camera. Really fun !
  28. appleeater

    are you a mac or a windows user?

    Windows only for my work. At home I have a Macbook and use Ubuuntu 10.10 in a VMware.
  29. appleeater

    Tunein recordings: how to download ?

    Indeed TuneIn does not appear in App Sharing. But no problem, enough other devices which can rip streams.
  30. appleeater

    Tunein recordings: how to download ?

    After my first question about jerky playback (which is resolved after an update of the app) I have another question: I can record streams but how can I download these to my computer ? There is no option for copying to other apps like iStorage.
  31. appleeater

    Planning to Sell - How to Wipe?

    Is there not a hard reset option which wipes the iPad to its uninitialized factory state ?
  32. appleeater

    How to import .vcf file into address book ?

    @c@rel : Works great ! Thanks.
  33. appleeater

    If you are new, please post an introduction thread.

    OK here my introxduction. Last week I got my iPad 2 surprisingly four days after ordering, I expected to wait 3-4 weeks. So I am new to the device, I have a much smaller (and slower) device a Nokia N810.
  34. appleeater

    Camera connection kit

    Is there an app (non-JB) which allows transfer of non-photo files (e.g. docs, pdfs), to/from the iPad to a USB memory card / camera ? And what about a bluetooth USB dongle for use with an external BT GPS ?
  35. appleeater

    iOS 5- what would you like to see for iPad?

    1. Real working Bluetooth , i.e. for Bluetooth GPS and tethering with a phone as a modem. This works on a jailbroken iP(ad|hone) so the hardware supports this. 2. yes... flash in the browser. As the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is soon available and it is as powerful as (or even more than???) the iPad 2...
  36. appleeater

    How to set App Store language ?

    So this is very un-Apple as both MacOS and iOS are very versatile and language can be set no\rmally. Even setting another country is impossible as the country of issue of the credit card will be checked, unlike most other sites. What does it atter where you come from as long they get their money.
  37. appleeater

    Tunein plays jerky

    Are these settings correct ? Or is the app incompatible with the iPad 2 (which seems unlikely to me) ? EDIT: I increesed the buffer to 30 seconds but the problem persists. How can I add manually URLs (or import m3u playlists) to be sure it is the same URL as on other devices (which work...
  38. appleeater

    How to set App Store language ?

    My iPad's language is English and on my Mac the language is English as well. But still the App Store is Dutch which I cannot change. In my Apple IDI have specified English as language, but the App Store persists to speak Dutch. How can I change this ?
  39. appleeater

    Tunein plays jerky

    Thanks, I set the buffer to 10 seconds, but nothing helps. I think this is just a crappy app. On other devices these streams run fine.
  40. appleeater

    How to import .vcf file into address book ?

    On the Mac or Ubuntu I can easily import .vcf files with contact address details. But the iPad address book does not recognize this. Is there an app which imports .vcf files ? I googled around but could not find one.