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  1. ladymindful

    Icons on Lower bar

    I used to have my email icon on the lower part of my screen permanently. Now it is shifting out as I open other apps. Is there any way to make it permanent again? I took screenshots.
  2. ladymindful


    I’m getting the attached message when I try to access an app called Healow. It’s an app for my doctors office. I don’t have a passcode for my ipad and I don’t want one. Why would this message c9me up on this app,?
  3. ladymindful

    Email App

    The latest in my hatred of my newest ipad mini. I am now getting this when I open my email app. It’s annoying and I don’t know why it started. Any idea how I get rid of it? Thanks in advance.
  4. ladymindful

    Reset End-to-End Encrypted Data

    This message trades between my iPad and my iPhone. When I enter my password on one it goes away and pops up on the other. I think it all started when I got my new iPad mini. Prior to that I had no problem. The only reason I bring it up is because it is so annoying to no longer have my text...
  5. ladymindful

    Screen Recording

    I accidentally deleted screen recording from my control center. How can i restore that?
  6. ladymindful

    Synching Mail

    Before I downloaded IOS 15 my email would synch between my iPhone and iPad. What I read or deleted on one would be reflected on the other. Now it does not. Any idea how I can fix that?
  7. ladymindful

    Load Content

    Since I downloaded IOS 15 my emails all have “load content” when I open them. When I tap it is does. How can I stop it from doing that?
  8. ladymindful

    IOS 15

    I downloaded IOS 15 and got several problems. I had to delete my Norton360 app to get rid of my VPN because it caused me to lose my Wi-Fi. Delete app, Wi-Fi back. No good explanation from Apple. Next problem. A chat site I use does not work with IOS 15, not on my iPad or iPhone. But on my old...
  9. ladymindful

    Problem With Safari

    I don’t know how to delete the post. It’s only happening with Microsoft Bing. So I have a new iPad mini and I’m having a problem with Safari that I didn’t have previously. When I type something in a search engine and then go to correct something I typed, I insert one character and I’m...
  10. ladymindful

    Reset Encrypted Data

    I bought a new iPad mini and I keep getting the reset encrypted data message on the iPad and my iPhone. I have done the reset on both devices and still get the message. It mentions iTunes. It I have never used iTunes in relation to my tablet or phone. I don’t have a computer. This didn’t happen...
  11. ladymindful

    Can’t Get Email

    My email app has stopped working. I’m no longer getting mail. This happened once before but I forget what steps I took to restore. Can anyone give me a hand? Thanks,
  12. ladymindful

    Tiny Keyboard

    This morning my keyboard was normal size. Now it is the size of a postage stamp in the lower left corner. I changed nothing in settings. I have done a hard close. Help!! See attached photo.
  13. ladymindful


    I use my keyboard frequently and these days it seems worn out. Is that possible for a keyboard that is flat on the screen. It seems to miss letters a lot, and my I and 8 seem to be interchangeable. Just wondering.
  14. ladymindful

    Can’t Retrieve Email

    I had to change my email password as an app I was trying to enter kept saying my id and password were incorrect. It gave me the opportunity to change my password, which I did. Now I can’t get my emails. What can I do. Help please.
  15. ladymindful

    View iCloud

    Hello, I have tried and failed to view what is stored on my iCloud. I get lost trying to follow the directions I find on the internet. Can anyone explain to me in simple terms just what I need to do. Thanks in advance.
  16. ladymindful

    Can’t Get Mail

    I use gmail for email. It was connected to my apple mail icon but now I get the message mail server not responding. This happened once before but I forget how to fix it.
  17. ladymindful

    Scratched Screen

    i stupidly dropped the ipad and now the screen is scratched. Not major just enough to be distracting. Any suggestions what I can do? Also, is a replacement screen expensive. Thanks in advance.
  18. ladymindful

    Touch screen less responsive

    I have been doing a lot of typing lately and have noticed the touch screen is a lot less responsive. I tap on letters that never make it to the screen. This also happens in various apps but not with the frequncy of using the keyboard. What can i do.
  19. ladymindful


    Hi. I’ve been using the pop up keyboard on my ipad mini A LOT. Now the keyboard is a little erratic. Some letters I press on don’t come up. It just feels sludgy. Anythung I can do?
  20. ladymindful

    IOS 12

    I updated to IOS12 and now my ipad mini takes forever to charge. Has anyone else experienced this?
  21. ladymindful


    This is really for an iphone. The speaker no longer works when I pull up a word to be pronounced. My volume is up but when I tap on the icon nothing happens. What can I do. Thanks.
  22. ladymindful

    Calendar Notification

    My calendar is no longer notifying me 10 minutes before an event. It used to pop up on the screen and now it doesn’t. I’ve gone to notifications and it is still turned on. What else might I be missing?
  23. ladymindful

    Wonky Keyboard

    NEVER MIND. I FIXED IT. SPLIT KEYBOARD WAS ON FOR SOME REASON. For some reason the keyboard now comes up in the middle of the screen. I don't know how this happened. Can anyone help?
  24. ladymindful

    Battery Light

    The green light is not showing on my ipad mini. The percentage is not going up or down. I have used several charging devices but the green light does not come on. Any ideas? I just used battery life app which shows it's charging and at 41%. The ipad shows 28%. Nevermind. Did a hard close and...
  25. ladymindful

    Ipad Mini Sluggish

    My ipad mini is not as responsive as it used to be. I use a stylus and lately I have to tap several times before something happens. My storage is 49GB used and 10GB available. Any ideas or suggestions.
  26. ladymindful

    App Freezes

    i am noticing this more frequently. This mostly occurs in Kindle reading app and now in Word Scapes. I'm reading or playing when the app freezes. I have to exit the app and reopen for it to work properly. Any ideas?
  27. ladymindful

    Photos Grainy

    i have an ipad mini, not sure which version. My photos, compared to my sister's iphone 6, are very grainy looking. Is there something I can do to improve the quality of my photos?
  28. ladymindful


    This has been happening lately. I'm in an app when everything freezes. I have to close out the app and reopen. This is occurring with more frequency. I have done a hard start, I close out the tabs. Still keeps happening. Any ideas?
  29. ladymindful

    Behaving Erratically

    my ipad is behaving erratically. It hesitates, a lot of the movement is very jerky. Some apps open very slowly. This started when I was doing an update for the PBS app. It just wouldn't finish. I finally deleted the PBS app but that didn't help. I still have storage, albeit not a lot. Help please.
  30. ladymindful

    Pop Ip

    i have attached a screenshot of what keeps popping up on a number of apps that I open. It says that itune purchases cannot be processed right now. I have closed and reopened my ipad.
  31. ladymindful

    Change Line Spacing

    i have an ipad mini and lately the emails I type look like they have more spacing between the lines. Is there any way I can check to see the line spacing? While I'm at it, any way to change fonts? I'm using the email app that comes with the ipad. Thanks.
  32. ladymindful

    Download App Opposed to Open

    I purchased an app which downloaded to my home screen. It has since disappeared and all I can do now is open. It doesn't give me the option to download. Is there anything I can do?
  33. ladymindful

    Ipad Mini Died

    My ipad was acting up so I turned it off. Now it won't go on. At all. The battery is charged. Last week my home button went and I had to install the virtual one. Could the on/off button have gone kaput too? Not having good ipad luck right now. Is there anything Incan do right now other than...
  34. ladymindful

    Restore Deleted App

    i recently deleted an app that was not behaving properly. I can no longer find in my purchased apps. It wasn't an actual dollar purchase. It's the free Pulse app. That's the black app where you can have the news you want for entertainment, food, etc. it shows up in rows. I hope someone...
  35. ladymindful

    Erratic Keyboard

    Lately my keyboard is acting erratically. When I tap the keyboard it doesn't always take all the letters. I know I am tapping them but they are not showing up. I have already done the shutdown thing and that didn't help.
  36. ladymindful


    I need to get into settings - account - allow log in. I recently signed up for LINE but can't access because of this. I have looked all over and cannot find account anywhere in settings. Thanks for the help.
  37. ladymindful

    New ipad mini

    I bought a new iPad mini with twice the memory. The data transfer was from a backup n September. I noticed that my iCloud did a backup the other day. How canI use that backup when I already used the one from September. Would I delete that & start again?
  38. ladymindful

    Ipad Not Remembering Information

    Since yesterday my ipad is not remembering information. I need to keep signing into websites that used to keep me signed in. Bing shows no history since Friday. The "top" part of Safari is black where it used to be a different color. I've already gone to Settings/Safari/passwords & autofill...
  39. ladymindful

    Kindle App - Library

    How do you delete titles that have expired and been returned to the library. I only want current loans and books I own to appear in the library.
  40. ladymindful


    Does anyone have a problem with Netflix. I am. The show stops repeatedly. Or it will play with sound but the video is frozen. This happens a lot. I've talked to customer service and they've done their thing. Now they are saying factory reset. If you are using Netflix with no problem let me know...