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  1. HappyPelican

    Will you be renewing your Apple Music subscription after the trial ends?

    After the first week of the trial, I knew I would be renewing. I really like Apple Music and certainly get my $$ worth out of it.
  2. HappyPelican

    Anyone regret buying the iPad Pro?

    Hoping more members will add to this thread. I'm on my third iPad and each has always exceeded my expectations so whether or not I want an iPad Pro isn't an issue (I absolutely want one) but rather do I really need one? We're in the middle of lifting our house (still recovering from Hurricane...
  3. HappyPelican

    buy ipad

    Right now, you can get a great deal on iPad Air1 at Walmart. I paid $449 for 32gb yesterday.
  4. HappyPelican

    iOS8 on iPad Air - thoughts?

    So far no issues on my iPad Air. I updated my 5S first and really liked it. I don't even care about losing my jailbreak since Apple has incorporated most of the functions I needed a jailbreak for.
  5. HappyPelican

    Who's planning on buying the iPad Air2?

    I changed my mind on the Air2. I actually bought a32gb Air1 at Walmart for $449! Holy savings batman!
  6. HappyPelican

    Who's planning on buying the iPad Air2?

    Apple store has been down for quite a few hours. I'm starting to twitch.
  7. HappyPelican

    Historic emails loading

    May need to try that. My Verizon email will randomly load hundreds of deleted emails on my ipad.3.
  8. HappyPelican

    Welcome to the iWatch Rumour Forum

    100% plan on getting one when they become available.
  9. HappyPelican

    Who's planning on buying the iPad Air2?

    As much as I love my iPad 3, I'll definitely be upgrading to the next iPad. I was kinda hoping Apple snuck it in to yesterday's announcement (knew they wouldn't but a girl can still hope) so I figure maybe in October it will be announced.
  10. HappyPelican

    An iPad for an old lady

    I think it's a great idea! Of all the tablets on the market, personally, I think the ipad is by far the most user friendly. My Mom is 75yo and absolutely loves her ipad.
  11. HappyPelican

    PanGu 7.1.X Jailbreak Discussion

    I don't know. I'm still running on JB 7.0 Something about this Jailbreak doesn't sit with me well. Of course, I'm a bit neurotic though :p
  12. HappyPelican

    7.1.1 update crashes browser

    Can't say that it has? Were you able to resolve the issue?
  13. HappyPelican

    Will you be getting an iPhone 6 and or an iWatch?

    As for the iWatch, not interested at all. Personally, I think it's a bit redundant. I just picked up my 5s in January so I won't be getting the 6 even after it's released but I'll grab it once I'm eligible for an upgrade. I'm with an earlier poster on wanting a new iPad!
  14. HappyPelican

    Thin Nib Stylus Warning

    Thanks for the heads up. I'm quite partial to my mesh tipped stylus.
  15. HappyPelican

    Hai Friends-Im New to Apple Family

    Welcome to the forums!
  16. HappyPelican

    does any one still have a ipad 1?

    My son uses my old iPad 1 to play games. For the most part, he doesn't have any problems but (in my opinion) it's only a matter of time before most of the "in" games start requiring iOS 6 or higher.
  17. HappyPelican

    Would You let Apple Take Control of your iPad?

    As long as I was 150% positive it was Apple, I wouldn't have an issue with it.
  18. HappyPelican

    Keep getting message: "this video is currently unavailable" for ALL videos

    I would try resetting all your settings. Once you can play videos again, begin adding your tweaks back but be sure to test a video after each setting change. Hopefully you'll be able to pinpoint the problem that way. I know it stinks but it's really (in my opinion) the best way to identify...
  19. HappyPelican

    iPad addiction

    It's only a problem if you can't admit it:D I'm a proud addict!
  20. HappyPelican

    Who's getting an iPad Air?

    I'm definitely getting one. I bought the original iPad about a year after it came out and passed it down to my son when I updated to the iPad 3 in March 2012. I'm going to have to wait a bit since we drained all of our savings repairing our home after Hurricane Sandy and naturally our...
  21. HappyPelican

    Can't login t facetime & imessage after iOS7 update

    The only solution is to do a fresh install. I had the same exact problem and after a few hours of trying to figure it out, I finally conceded. After the fresh install, everything worked just fine. It's definitely a bummer but I just don't think it can be fixed any other way. Good Luck!
  22. HappyPelican

    IOS 7 problems

    I had a ton of problems when I upgraded as well. I couldn't sign into iMessages, FaceTime, email and I was continuously getting a "connect to iTunes for push notifications" alert. The alert popped up so often that I had to use Siri to get out of the offending apps. I finally said the heck...
  23. HappyPelican

    IOS 7 Manual

  24. HappyPelican

    Auxo for Ipad

    I had installed on my iPad 3 but like an earlier poster said, it kept reps re-springing my iPad and leaving me in safe mode.
  25. HappyPelican

    In big trouble with my iPad

    Oh no! That is a huge bummer! Just ad the saw issue on my son s iPod. He changed the passcode and forgot it about 5 minutes later....
  26. HappyPelican

    Battery life and storage capacity

    Best quote ever!
  27. HappyPelican

    Where are you ipadding from?

    From my family room at the Jersey shore:)
  28. HappyPelican

    What are you guys doing right NOW??? ;)

    Sitting on my butt, watching Family Guy and wandering through them interwebz.:p
  29. HappyPelican

    New Member

    Hello and Welcome! It took me about 2 weeks before I basically stopped using my laptop and went strictly ipad:)
  30. HappyPelican


  31. HappyPelican

    Hi guys

    Hello and Welcome! :)
  32. HappyPelican


    Welcome! You came to the right place when the time comes to get the most out of your iPad!:)
  33. HappyPelican

    New member

    Hello and Welcome:)