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    Keyboard clicks

    I updated to IOS8 yesterday and have lost my keyboard clicks. I have checked in settings and it is switched on. Checked my private settings in Safari, reset by pressing home and on/off button but nothing has worked. Has anyone any ideas please. As far as the upgrade is concerned I hope it...
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    New email address

    I am not very good at describing technical stuff so please bear with me. I have a new email address which I have had set up. At the moment until I change everything my emails are coming through my old address and then being forwarded to my new then I don't get confused by two inboxes. When I...
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    Lost clicks

    I had this problem before and with the help of the forum sorted it out. I have lost me clicks...keyboard, lid closing, sound when plugged into charge, etc. etc. last time it was the mute was on. This time I haven't a clue. Tried the usual, the little button at the side of the sound button...
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    Photos syncing

    Not a clue what to do....I have now got an iphone 5c and my photos are syncing between my phone and ipad. I don't want this. I want to take pictures on my phone, download them to my PC then delete and that it is, I don't want loads of photos left on. I want the same with my ipad. Can anyone...
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    Returning to home page

    Hi there, I am sure that the answer to my query is here somewhere but I don't know what to ask. All of a sudden my iPad is playing up. As I am typing now it started off really slow as though it could it could not keep up with me. Then it will be okay but the major problem is more strange. I will...
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    Disappearing emails on my iPad 2

    I have now sorted out my email folder problem with the help of one of the members on here and now I have another. When I move my emails to a folder and then I want to reopen it, it disappears. I have lost some I needed to keep. Could someone please tell me what is going on. I have struggled with...
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    New mail folder for Virgin mail

    Hi, I have searched on here and also on Virgin Media but cannot for the life of me find out how to make a new folder on my iPad for my emails from my Virgin email account. I know I cannot do it on my iPad but it seems I cannot do it via Virgin Media either. Please can someone put me put of my...
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    Deleting photos from Ipad2 that was synced from ITunes

    Good morning folks. I think I have asked this question in the past but gave up because I still couldnot remove my photos. I need someone to tell me in very basic layman terms how to do this. I need to know what is meant by 'make a playlist' 're-sync' and at the end what I need to do to stop my...
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    HELP Wnted to delete things

    Please, serious help needed. I have too many photos on my precious Ipad 2 and too much music, Podcasts etc. all I dont need. I have other gizmos to cover these. Have just spent over 3 hours trying to delete all from my Ipad. Googled and Youtubed and nothing worked. I read that I needed to go...
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    Best App provider

    I now know I can get apps via iTunes and Apple but I keep hearing there are other sites that offer them. Would love it if some of you could give me the webpage addresses. Thank you
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    Recipe apps

    I am just getting used to my beautiful Ipad 2. I am also getting used to the app thingy. I have tried to find decent recipe apps but they are all so naff. I dont mind paying, I just don't know how to find them. I could go further and add gardening etc. But if I learn how to find one it will be...
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    Update to iSO 5

    I bought my Ipad 2 last week. How do I know which version of the OS I have and do I need to update. If I do what is the difference. Many thanks
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    Hi everyone.

    Hi everyone, I am a new Ipad 2 owner. I thought the best way to get the most out of my Ipad was to 1, buy the Ipad manual for Dummies (or in my case Idiots) and 2, join a forum to get the best of assistance straight from the horses mouth as they say. I will be scouring the site for hints and...