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  1. Blue92

    Gmail Forwarding Question?

    Simple way would to be copy and paste the content into a new email.
  2. Blue92

    Smart Covers & iPads

    Thanks for "Rest Finger" tip. It was driving me crazy!
  3. Blue92

    Anker Bluetooth Folio Keyboard Case for iPad Air 2 review

    Picked up this case a few weeks back and so far it is great. Really like the magnetic latch that turns the iPad off and on when you close it. Only addition I'd like to see is a loop for a stylus but that would most likely add about 3/8" to the width so I can do without it. Very happy with it.
  4. Blue92

    iPad 2 Power Cable is Junk

    I've had problems with knockoff cables pulling apart but never had an Apple cable fail yet. I've had the iPad 2 since December 2011. I have trashed a few knockoff Lightning cables though.
  5. Blue92

    What is your household's IT device count?

    We have 2 iPhones, 2 iPads, two laptops, 1 Netbook (i.e.: mini laptop) two desktops, a 1 terrabyte external drive and a 3 terrabyte external drive. Also somewhere around 6 or 8 internal hard drives harvested from scrapped computers. I scrapped two desktops and three dead laptops a few weeks...
  6. Blue92

    Upload Textbooks Files to iPad Without iTunes

    Screen shot of Calibre "Connect / Share" menu selection on my PC install of Calibre.
  7. Blue92

    Upload Textbooks Files to iPad Without iTunes

    Screen shot of my Calibre server in Safari: Type the IP address shown in Calibre in the address bar of the Safari browser. The IP address of your install can be found in the Calibre application under Content Server IIRC. You may need to add :8080 on the end of the IP address. The 8080...
  8. Blue92

    Interesting iTunes discovery

    Not to long ago my son's laptop died. He also has an iPhone and had iTunes installed on the laptop. I removed the hard drive from the dead laptop and copied all of the data to an external USB drive that I use for backups. My desktop then crashed and I replaced it with a new one. The...
  9. Blue92

    Upload Textbooks Files to iPad Without iTunes

    Fizz covered it in detail but if you use Calibre frequently you might want to assign a static IP address to your PC. With a dynamic IP being used for your PC it can change when rebooted and other times. I have my PC set to use a static IP with Calibre set as a "startup" application so it opens...
  10. Blue92

    Camera not working away from me

    With all due respect, if you have the iPad in a case remove the case and try it that way. Cases vary between models and a case that may work on one iPad model may not have the openings positioned correctly for another.
  11. Blue92

    Setting iPad 2 for the Better Half

    Since I now have an iPad Pad Air 2 I'd like to pass my iPad 2 over the the better half. My challenge is that she currently has an iPhone 4 and very rarely (if ever) connects it to iTunes to do updates or backups. I'm sure the iPad 2 would be the same unless she lets the Grandkids kill it like...
  12. Blue92

    Split Screen Question

    If Left side is "slide over" is the right side just a quicker way to open another app?
  13. Blue92

    iPad 2 very slow and constantly crashing!!!

    Well.... Have not yet gotten the "page reloaded" error on the new iPad Air 2 (Thanks to the Better Half) Having fun with 64 GB and quite a bit faster. Graphics are much nicer as well. It has to be an issue with IOS 9.x and the iPad 2.
  14. Blue92

    How to reset wallpaper back to factory default?

    It could have been IOS 8 wallpaper. Along with setting up all the apps I also installed IOS 9.2. No big deal. Thanks.
  15. Blue92

    How to reset wallpaper back to factory default?

    Setting up my iPad Air 2 today and wanted to see how the wallpaper from my older iPad 2 would look. Wasn't bad but I decided to change back to the factory setup. Can't do it.... Under Settings / Wallpaper I see the new image I copied over and under "Choose a New Wallpaper" I get Dynamic and...
  16. Blue92

    Upload Textbooks Files to iPad Without iTunes

    If you have a PC and a wireless network: Look for an eBook management program by the name of Calibre (spelling is correct). Load your textbook files into it and enable the Calibre "server" function on the PC. If you have the PC and iPad on the same wireless network you can upload ebooks to...
  17. Blue92

    How can I speed up my network ?

    I recently dumped TWC since their 15Mbps normally came out around 12 to 13 Mbps with a 15 Mbps plan and the price kept climbing. With AT&T I'm averaging 17 to 18 Mbps on their 15 Mbps plan.
  18. Blue92

    How to change a bad wall dimmer switch.

    I had a dimmer switch going bad (over heating) and had a replacement in hand. Only issue was identifying which circuit breaker controlled it. I had my choice of 28 circuit breakers (poorly labeled by the homes previous owner) as to which one controlled the wall switch. Since I was the only...
  19. Blue92

    How can I speed up my network ?

    "It has a speed up to 300Mbs." Most Internet providers (TWC, AT&T etc) start with a base speed between 10 to 15 Mbps. Most also offer higher speeds but it gets pricey quick. Try and see what results you get. If the results are close to what your Internet provider claims...
  20. Blue92

    Ipad 2 restore assitiance

    Have to say I believe it is more IOS related. My iPad 2 still has the same specs it did 3 years ago and the issue started when I updated to IOS 9. The underlying memory requirements for web sites may have an effect but the reload issue occurs on only a few web sites. Sadly this is one of the...
  21. Blue92

    How do I free-up some space?

    If you have 30 GB free you're in great shape. Mine is a 16 GB AND I'm happy with 4 GB free.
  22. Blue92

    How do I free-up some space?

    Delete data, apps, music or videos.....
  23. Blue92

    iPad 2 very slow and constantly crashing!!!

    Same here with my iPad 2. I have a Santa order in place for a 64GB iPad Air 2......
  24. Blue92

    HOW-TO: Print from your iPad

    My experience with it is that it is iplug and play. No convuluted install or configuration needed. I was suprised that it is no longer a standalone product. Presto appears to be overkill for the home user.
  25. Blue92

    HOW-TO: Print from your iPad

    I use a Windows based product named Fingerprint from Collobos software. It runs as a Windows service and allows printing from iOS devices on the same network. Sadly it looks like it is no longer part of their current product line but I may be wrong. There are still trial versions on CNet and...
  26. Blue92

    My Apps Continue To Crash Since Last 2 Updates.

    Good Luck. My iPad 2 is slower and frequently freezes momentarily when switching apps. It's beginning to look like IOS 9 doesn't play well with iPad 2 at all.
  27. Blue92

    iOS 9.0.1 slowwwww

    Same here. Seems quite a bit slower both online and the applications themselves. I'm getting a similar "loading page" error but strangely enough only on the iPad forum.
  28. Blue92

    Couple IOS 9 thoughts

    Have to say 9.01 is the worst update so far on an iPad 2. Slow and occasional freezes. Also getting "Problem loading this page so it was reloaded" messages on this forum but no others. Have reset multiple times with no change.
  29. Blue92

    New Itunes only good for WIN & or later??

    Wait, What?????
  30. Blue92

    Proactive Assistant - Creating events automatically

    Isn't it amazing how sometimes things meant to make things easier wind up making them more confusing and complicated.......
  31. Blue92

    Should I get an iPad?

    Books, forums and general web browsing. Very little in the way of any work related stuff.
  32. Blue92

    Remote Desktop app for iPad

    I agree with twerppoet. I've used Citrix to a desktop but can't see using it for gaming.
  33. Blue92

    smartmoneytime malware

    Just had a similar issue. Cleared all the Safari data and it's gone. This one was a "Rewards" popup showing only an "OK" button. It came up on every page except the initial home page.
  34. Blue92

    Apple is messing with percentage of battery life?

    Look for a small program named "ASUS AI Charger". Somehow it improves the charge rate when using your PC's USB ports. I've used it for quite a while. Note that is a PC program and not found in the iTunes store. It's free....
  35. Blue92

    How's the battery life with iOS 8.4?

    I don't think people have used it long enough yet to provide a good answer.
  36. Blue92

    Installing IOS 8.4 now....

    I did iPhone and iPad at the same time and it took a bit over 90 minutes. Downloaded to iTunes then applied to devices.
  37. Blue92

    Installing IOS 8.4 now....

    iPhone 5C and iPad 2. Apple's servers must be being hit fairly hard. Taking longer than most updates in the past.
  38. Blue92

    30 Pin to Lightning Adapter

    I've found that many of the Amazon "reviews" for the non-Apple cords do not appear to accurately report on the product. I can send you 2 or 3 different iPad to lighting adapters that don't work. I gave up on the adapters. You might have luck if you stick with known companies such as Belkin...
  39. Blue92

    iOS 9 announced

    But will the iPad 2 support the split screen function? I see a few reviews saying the iPad2 might even see a performance increase over IOS 8x.
  40. Blue92

    How to get PDF Document to Dropbox Without Computer

    You are welcome. I stumbled onto the Open With function one day and it comes in very handy for saving a file or moving it to another application.