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  1. accordlayingkit

    Baby Cam/Web cam Viewable on Ipad/Iphone?

    Looking for a new baby cam or web cam that hooks to the crib that we can view from the ipads or my wifes iphone 4. Anyone know of any cool and nice cameras along with apps that go along with the viewing they would like to share? thanks! Been checking into foscam some.... Foscam FI8918W...
  2. accordlayingkit

    image icon for sync movies?

    I sync 296 cell phone video clips and everything was video app and it showed a pic for every video on there. I then hooked back up to itunes to delete 3 then re sync...all of them are there and show each video with the time of it and a computer monitor as the pic of video.... the pic...
  3. accordlayingkit

    Lost my bookmarks, any ideas to get back?

    Ok setup iCloud account on my wife's phone.....because we have her iphone and both ipads, all the same itunes account and icloud account but she didnt want all the contacts and bookmarks that we had on the ipads...but before I set up her icloud account i started erasing some of the bookmarks...
  4. accordlayingkit

    Safari cannot connect to internet?!

    Anyone figured this out yet? Im so over unplugging my modem and router then plugging back n. Its happens to my ipad 1 and ipad 2 both wifi only models....its happening right now to my ipad 1 but not my ipad 2!! I've restarted the ipad 1, cut off, erased browsing history and catche, cut wifi...
  5. accordlayingkit

    installing ios 5.0

    I currently have a ipad 1 ipad 2 and wifes iphone 4....upgrading all of them tonight...on the first one now and its eating up alot of space on my laptop cause is old with not alot of space.....does this mean I have to download ios 5.0 each time I do each device?
  6. accordlayingkit

    Watch live news on ipad 2?

    Any way to watch CNN live or fox news on the ipad2 without it requiring flash as power is out from hurricane!!
  7. accordlayingkit

    Itunes help

    I have recently synced both of my iPads and now I plugged my iPad 1 up and transferred purchases and I wanna add a app back on there so when I connect to iTunes and select my iPad then click on won't let me put a check beside any of my apps or do anything on that page really! It's all...
  8. accordlayingkit

    transfer purchases in itunes?

    When should u transfer purchases in itunes? Just when your about to do a system ios update or what?
  9. accordlayingkit

    ipad 2 wifi only losing connection

    I have ipad 1 and 2 wifi only 32 gb on both also.....but numerous times while surfing the net with the ipad 2, i keep losing my home network and after a few mins it will come back and auto connect. This dosent happen with my ipad 1....any ideas? I've already hard reset with the same results
  10. accordlayingkit

    Anyone experienced these things....

    I'm have both iPads and it happens on both of them..both are on 4.3 as well and I haven't really synced either since right after iPad 2 came out. I really should probably hook both up and update to 4.3.3 but I was wondering why there doing these couple things.... Surfing the net and reading a...
  11. accordlayingkit

    Clear Ipad2 case

    Anyone know of a clear ipad2 case similiar to the marware microshell that works with the smart cover they make it in clear for the ipad1 but I emailed them and they have no news on clear for the ipad2...
  12. accordlayingkit

    Textfree w/voice

    I use this app and it works well....I put it on my iPad 2 as well but noticed when I open it I have to long n and it logs me out on the iPad 1! Anyone know of a good and free texting app that links with your contact app that came with the iPad like text free does. I'm guess if I wanna text from...
  13. accordlayingkit

    lost app

    If I had to restore my ipad and didn't transfer purchased apps before hand would itunes still have that app in my itunes account when I plug that ipad up? I re downloaded every app over 1 by 1 but I lost one that's not in the market anymore. Im not home at the sec to look so I jus thought about...
  14. accordlayingkit

    Ipad2 & droid x

    I've noticed when I open my smart cover and lay my droid x close to the last panel on the left side of the smart cover it says my phone is connected to car home? Whatever apple has in the smart cover to put it to sleep it makes my phone think it's in a car dock.. Hmmm jus thought that was...
  15. accordlayingkit

    transfer apps to another i tune account

    My friend thinks he can give his friend his ipad2 and let his friend load his apps on his ipad, as n restoring a backup of some sort....its that possible?
  16. accordlayingkit

    printing app gone!!

    Me like a dummy didn't transfer my purchased apps over before the software update because I had never done his before so I had to reinstall all my pretty much done downloading all my apps beside my flagship "print central" I guess since they did away with it there's noway to get it...
  17. accordlayingkit

    Restore ipad

    Anyone done this yet? Tried to update to 4.3 and got an error and wiped out my own ipad!!!!! I've uninstalled itunes then reinstalled, trying to restore now, so I connect then its.detected im in recovery mode, so I click restore and at the top it goes through extracting software, and more than...
  18. accordlayingkit


    I plugged up ipad to download 4.3 and when it was getting ready to.install I got a 1602 it only left me an option to recovery mode, so I kept getting and error so I can downstairs other laptop and plugged up since all I have on my screen is usb and itunes symbol and as I...
  19. accordlayingkit

    Trying to update to 4.3

    When I plugged my ipad up it backed up my ipad, when I select to 4.3 a pop up says "there are purchased items on the ipad "ipad name" that have not been transfered to your itunes libary. You should transfer these items to your itunes library before do I do this?
  20. accordlayingkit

    Apple tv question

    Will apple tv connect to my wireless network ok with my router being a linksys wrtz54g? Or do Have to have something else apple?
  21. accordlayingkit

    tether from droid x to ipad via usb

    has anyone done this before maybe through the camera connection kit? i think that has usb right? i do it wirless now with my droid x but my co worker has the x and is trying not to root to be able to do it...any ideas on if that would work or not? thanks!
  22. accordlayingkit

    Car racing game

    what racing game is that on the homepage of this forum under RRecent iPad Customers to Get $100/£100 Refundecent iPad Customers to Get $100/£100 Refund
  23. accordlayingkit

    Directv app

    So in was wondering if they were gonna have one to control box and tv as a remote. So I googled it last night and they announced that they were but non date set yet. So ironically it was release today and I downloaded it....looks great but to use Remote control functionality requires receiver...
  24. accordlayingkit

    IPad at Carrabas

    Went to eat at carrabas tonight and the hostess was checking people in with a iPad!! I was ready for some angry birds! Lol
  25. accordlayingkit

    Sling box pro hd

    I'm really thinking about one of these and wondering how many of u guys(& women) use this for iPad? If so hownhard it it to hook up and it there any port forwarding involved in your router ornis install pretty easy? Just wondering because my wireless router has been fine for the last 2...
  26. accordlayingkit

    bible apps

    Does anyone known of a bible app that has the new world translation in it?
  27. accordlayingkit

    New Tablets

    What's coming out next, xoom? I noticed the announcer chick last night on the grammys using a hp tablet! Is that one out and any good.compared to the ipad?
  28. accordlayingkit


    Ok I bought the app....kinda stuck on the volume when I watch video with splash top setting I have checked " when a remote client connects, redirect all sound to the client, and mute this computer" when I do this the iPad sound is all the way but I still get no sound
  29. accordlayingkit

    anyone elses youtube app working flawlessly today?

    Mines working great....plays full videos without stopping! What's up with that? It usually sucks
  30. accordlayingkit

    apple forum on android market

    Cool! When did this happen?
  31. accordlayingkit

    App I didn't purchase

    I jus got a email of a iTunes receipt for $2.99 for talking can.....which is a free app for son that we have had a while.....not sure if it's a update or what and not even sure how he could have purchased it because I hadn't bought anythng all day so it would have required a password. I tired...
  32. accordlayingkit

    Hulu plus app

    I've been using Netflix and it's been streaming fairly well with not reall any interruptions...was wondering how the hulu plus app streams? I know a lot of people are upset with the $7.99 subscription but does it stream without much buffering like my Netflix app will?
  33. accordlayingkit

    Ring-o wall mount

    These mounts are pretty sweet! I think I want em all haha iPad on the Wall - Wall Mount
  34. accordlayingkit

    Wont let me install

    I have a wifi only iPad and I realize it won't work on the road without service........but I'll be tethering my droid x to the iPad to have service so why won't it let me download?
  35. accordlayingkit

    streaming netflix through wii

    I've had a wii for a couple of years now as as I just got a ipad indecember I have netflix account now and was wondering can I stream through wii and does ipad come involved as a remote or anything?
  36. accordlayingkit

    Netflix app

    I downloaded the app and signed up for the free month and unlimited online stream but I really don't see and whole lot I've heard of or much new released from theaters. Do u have to pay the $2 extra to get DVDs in the mail to get really new stuff? If so why?
  37. accordlayingkit

    Headphone port

    I guess this is a headphone port on top left? If so is there any kind of adapter I can get to use 2 sets of headphones as me in the wife lay in the bed watching but not interupt the baby? If so is it louder this way? I hope so!
  38. accordlayingkit

    Cant log into some account pages!

    My wifes been trying to log into her bank website and a few other sites that require log in and password and they wont let her after numerous trys. anyone had this happen, and does cookies have anything to do with it? i went to settings, then cookies earlier in the day messing around and...
  39. accordlayingkit

    Enable cookies

    I'm trying to print some coupons for my wife and when i I select the coupon it says I must have cookies enabled....I went to settings and clicked in cookies accept always and it still comes up saying "red plum must have cookies enabled" anyone ran into this?
  40. accordlayingkit

    Traveling apps

    Any good traveling apps out there? Search but haven't found much...kinda surprised AAA don't have one!