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    iPad Air Wifi Issue

    Many routers have slower 2.4 GHz channels (older standard) and faster 5 GHz channels. As your wife’s iPad is 9 years old, I suspect it is connecting to the 2.4 GHz channel.
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    Ipad run from 'big' battery?

    I get the same behavior with numerous recharging bricks. I’m not sure if it is caused by the iPad or the power brick. My brick has a power switch I have to press again to get the charging to restart.
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    No audio on some video sites

    I find this issue to be browser dependent, and affected by whether or not I’m running AdLock or a VPN. Some sites won’t play sound in the Duck-Duck-Go privacy browser even with AdLock and my VPN turned off.
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    Best IPad to buy IF I already HAVE a high end MacBook Pro

    This guy does a good comparison and concluded the Pro the way to go: 1. Much faster port (Thunderbolt vs USB 3), really helpful for transferring big video files 2. Much better speakers 3. 120 hz Pro motion feels much smoother
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    IPAD 2021 9th Gen versus iPAD Mini 6 for Internet, YouTube and Books?

    For the indicated uses, I would go with the new base model for $400. She is not likely to notice any performance difference.
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    Why is iPad file management so rickety?

    I make videos (using LumaFusion) and in a typical day might shoot 100 still photos and shoot 2-50 gigabytes of video. I do 100% of my workflow on a 2017 iPad Pro 12.9 with 512 Gb of memory. I don’t even use a mouse or external monitor, just an Apple Pencil. I boot my PC once a year to do my...
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    Gmail on going away in May

    Has anyone else received such a notification? I have not.
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    Can't Copy video from PC to iPad Air 2

    You might look in to an app called Shareit. I have used to to move large files from my PC to my iPad. I use the Pro version, which cost a few bucks.
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    AirPrint Not Working for iPad Only

    You might try: Settings > General > Transfer or reset iPad > Reset Network Settings
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    Photo app

    I use Photo Manager Pro. It solves some, but not all, issues associated with managing photos. It allows creating folders, sorting by name, date, size, etc. I believe there is a free version you can try.
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    Without knowing more details about what the data is or how it is stored/organized, it’s difficult to give specific advice, That said, you could copy it from the Acer to Google Drive, then download it to the iPad.
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    How to remove Photos under Settings > iPad Storage?

    Edit: looks like you already checked the “recently deleted” folder.
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    How to configure Ipad model A1337?

    Valid reason. Sorry for the cranky response and I hope you get it configured.
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    How to configure Ipad model A1337?

    They won’t charge your card if you don’t buy anything. What are you afraid of if you give them your card? Apple has plenty of money, they don’t need to steal from their customers’ credit cards. It’s been forever since I set up my iTunes account, so I don’t know what the answer is. Edit: this...
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    Downloads from Google Drive: pages of code

    Weird, I have no issues opening Google Drive in Safari, and never get redirected.
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    iPAD 7th Gen, 11 (A2197) ERROR 4013

    That has not been my experience. I have four iPads, the oldest of which is 11 years old and still in use. Never had a problem with any of them.
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    Downloads from Google Drive: pages of code

    I tried to recreate the issue but no success. On my iPad Pro, which has the google Drive app installed: If I use Safari, tap on a file, then the three dots, then “download” I get a “scanning for viruses” pop up, then nothing. The file does not get saved to my iPad. If using the Google Drive...
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    Apple keyboard

    I tried this on both my iPad and iPhone, and nothing happens on either. What am I missing here? Edit: seems to work on some web sites and apps, but not all.
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    BT automatically on when iPad is powered up?

    I am not aware of any evidence that powering down would increase device life versus sleeping. Does anyone have such evidence? An iPad has no moving parts (other than switches) and the battery drain from sleeping is near zero. I think you are wasting your time. I have an 10 year old iPad 2 in...
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    Slack on an iPad Pro

    I have no idea what Slack is, but have you tried SHIFT-ENTER ?
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    Recording audio from Streaming into Garageband

    Not sure if it will work in your situation, but you could use the screen recorder and then extract the audio track using a video editor. Edit: there are a number of apps in the App Store for extracting the audio track from a video.
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    Insertion point problem

    Testing to see what happens[emoji3] I have not noticed a similar problem.
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    Drive how can i edit a form in drive or send it from drive to google docs please

    Are you referring to a file on an external drive? What type of file? We need to know exactly which iPad you have (model number on back) so that we can recommend the correct cables/adapters.
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    Only getting 30Hz on my iPad Pro 10.5

    I just ran the same test on my 2017 iPad Pro (120 hz refresh) and got 30 hz from the first test. I turned off my VPN and closed all other browser tabs and apps, and it increased to 60 hz. I never got a result of 120mhz, so I suspect the web site is not playing well with the iPad for whatever reason.
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    BCC problem

    Try using a web browser, rather than the built in mail app, to connect to your e-mail server. and see if you get the same result. Let us know what happens.
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    Files deleted vs free space shown

    We’re any of those photos? If so, you won’t recover the space until you delete the photos in the “Recently Deleted “ folder. Otherwise, maybe reboot the iPad.
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    iCloud (very new to this, please help)

    The base iPad ($329) is fine if it will be for everyday activities such as web browsing, email, Netflix, etc. The iPad Air is more powerful, and would be appropriate if doing stuff like video editing that demands more resources. It also has a nicer screen and more storage. If you sync the old...
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    Looking For GPS/Satellite Photo App

    Have a look at GAIA GPS. It allows you to save many types of maps for offline use.
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    Texting stuck

    Try Settings > Messages and make sure the iMessages slider is in the on position.
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    How to download videos from ?

    The post sounds like he’s trying to download product demo videos. In that case, I would try the iPad’s screen recording tool. Take a screenshot or screen recording on iPad
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    Image/Photo Thread Of Any Images You Would Like To Share....

    Sunset, San Carlos, Mexico
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    Old IPAD to New??

    Maybe both are logged in to the same iCloud account, and Settings> AppStore > Automatic Download Apps button in “on” Use separate accounts for each.
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    Considering upgrading from an iPad Air 2 to an 8th Gen iPad

    My iPad Air 2 is still very usable. I still use it for intensive tasks such as editing video. Maybe you are out of memory? Go to Settings > General >IPad Storage and see if you are out of free memory. If so, get rid of some junk. As a last resort, I would try a full reset and see what...
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    Touch screen not responsive?

    I had similar problems for nearly a year with my 2017 iPad Pro 12.9 Try cleaning the screen with some rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth. My problems eventually went away, but it’s not clear if the cleanings were the solution. I’m also a rock climber and we dry our hands frequently with gymnast’s...
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    Need A New iPad

    Yes. Look in: Settings > General > About and record the Model Number
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    Need A New iPad

    Can you give us the model number from the back of the iPad that is giving problems? It should be something like: A2197 That will allow us to know exactly what we are dealing with.
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    Adding a hard disc

    Yes. The exact tools needed depend on which iPad you have. I’m assuming the drive is an external USB drive. Mine has a lightning port, so I use a USB Camera Adapter like this. The iPad does not supply enough power, so you must provide it using other jack on the adapter. If the drive needs...
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    Will getting a new model iPad fix this issue?

    Have you checked to see how much storage is available (Settings, General, iPad Storage)? If the device is full, it will have to delete something to install/open a new app. Look in the same screen as above to see if “Offload Unused Apps” is enabled.
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    Image/Photo Thread Of Any Images You Would Like To Share....

    23.5 inches of consolidated snow, about 35” before it settled.