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    Sound muted on video startup

    Whenever I open a video in the Photos app, it’s starts playing with the sound muted. I have to click the speaker icon every time to get sound. I’ve looked through the settings and tried a Google search, but haven’t found a solution. What simple step am I missing/overlooking to solve this...
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    Video thumbnails changing

    After updating to iPadOS I noticed that if I play any video from the Photos app, the thumbnail changes. Previously, the first frame was always used as the thumbnail, so I always made that a title screen so I could tell what the video was. Now, it grabs a random frame, which makes it nearly...
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    Share associations gone

    After updating to iPadOS, my file type associations are all gone. For example, if I e-mail myself an Excel file, the share sheet does not offer Excel as an option. Instead, I get a few generic choices such as Airdrop, Messages, Mail. Tried the “More” button but no luck. Tried the same with...