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    Unable to register to Tango from UAE, any help appreciated

    Dear Members I use an Iphone and Ipad from UAE I'm unable to register to Tango from UAE. the local ISP / carrier , 'Etisalat' has blocked Tango, so right at the registration / authentication point, Tango stops working and say authentication not happening (a) IF any of you have work arounds...
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    Best office ( XL DOC PPT ) app for iphone 5 and ipad 2

    Hi I own an iPhone 5 and an ipad 2 I'm on iOS 6 All legal no jailbreak What are the best office apps ? Needs : ------------- xl : read + save locally on phone / pad . Minimal edit . word : Read , *edit * and save locally PPT : read and save . Minimal edit PDF : Read and save locally ...
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    Ipad complete slow after io6 update ... How do I reformat or start from scratch

    Dear folks My ipad 2 is crawling after io6 update It is not the wifi because other devices connected to the wifi are normal I am Not sure if it is only the io6 update but I am Quite sure it was not so bad earlier The ipad is hardly used , less than 6 GB 7 gb out of the 64 is used...
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    Best way to send formatted mail with attachments from ipad / iPhone

    Hi In my work I need to send e mail with a covering letter and an attachment - the attachment being a word processed document where 99% is standard and 1% may or may not be changed The e mail which needs to be changed with the name ...address erc, could be web mail or using an exchange /...
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    Best free app for google news or should i just use the web ?

    Hi What's the best free app to read google news ? Or should I just use the browser ? Thanks in advance At
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    How to add a word file to gmail sent from safari on ipad ?

    Hi I have to attach some ms word files to my mails which i propose to send from my iPad These files ...rather..attachments.. are on my g mail as attachment to other mail sent from my windows pc or on my windows pc as files on the pc I haven't figured out how to store files in iPad and...
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    How do I send and receive rich text mail on g mail using ipad's safari browser ?

    Hi How do I send and receive rich text mail on g mail using ipads safari browser Ps on why do I need this ...... Wy not link the mail acc to iPad's e mail client etc ..... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
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    Best presentation app for ipad ?

    Hi can some one help me with the best presentation app for iPad Should include standard ppt functions like bullets, tables, graphs and also would prefer to have easy note taking or highlight bold etc on the fly Also are there preview versions on these apps ? How do I test an app before I buy ...
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    How to use g mail or yahoo mail in rich text mode orHTML mode using safari on ipad ?

    Hi At the outset a heartfelt thanks to all the Samaritans replying my questions I have one more How to use g mail or yahoo mail in rich text mode or HTML mode while composing mail using safari on ipad ? Presently I get to see only plain text mode while writing / editing mail I use iPad 2...
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    How to rename a file already opened in ibooks

    Hi I've got some files in iBooks. I wish to rename them. I do NOT have good reader . How do I re rename the files ? Tks Subu
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    How to save jpg files from web on ur ipad for OFFLINE use ?

    Hi I see jpg files on the web which I wish to save on my NON jb iPad 2 . I have evernote and drop box installed. I use safari browser. I am rather new to iPad and not learnt all tips and tricks Let us take a SAMPLE jpg file on the web I can view the file ...but am...
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    What are the best blogging apps for ipad ? Specifically for blogger, wordpress etc

    Hi What are the best blogging tools for iPad !!! ---------------------------------------------------------------- I use scribe fire on my windows pc ... It let's you blog by assisting in - HTML composition - blogging to multiple sites with one content - single or one time log in to ur bogs...
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    Ibooks crashes !! Will i / have i lost the files ?? What about re install...?

    Hi As some of you may recall I am pretty new to iPad . I started using iBooks to read PDF filesand store them on my ipad Now suddenly I books crashes !! Every rime i open ibooks it closes down in less than 5 seconds !! What should i do to get iBooks back to normal? If I re install I books...
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    "open spreadsheet" - how to open attachment directly in google docs - spreadsheet

    Hi I need to open a sp sheet (attachment) directly from a website. I use an iPad. I do NOT have an sp sheet program installed so far on the iPad How do I open it (spreadsheet) directly in google docs Alternate remedy So far cut and paste isn't working For me ... So if there is a way to cut...
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    How to see ful mail view on g mail - using safari

    Hi When I open g mail on safari it opens with the g mail's neat mobile version ... So far so good But this version Has a rather ,arge left hand pane and I wish to read the full message on a full screen mode How do I do this ? For a comparison Pl see how yahoo mail displays on safari for...
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    Is there a secure delete of files innipad ? Or do they leave traces ?

    Hi In windows we secure delete files .... Basically overwrite them ... Etc and also ensure that they are NOT on the recycle bin. Is there something similar in iPad ? Alternatively how do you ensure that a file you deleted from iBooks is not left somewhere Tia Regards Subu
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    PC user's first week with IPAD

    Hi I've been a PC user for some 20 years approx . This is my first week with an iPad. Here is what I see as the positives and challenges. I'm sure this is a limited view, but that is what this post is about It would be great IF someone posts the positives I've missed and how I can avoid...
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    How do u transfer files from your pc to ipad

    Hi How do u transfer files from your pc to ipad ? I have an USB but can't figure out hoe to connect that to my iPad ? Regards Subu
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    Newbie questions

    Hi 1. Is it possible to have the umeric key pad along with the alpha key pad (at the same time) on iPad 2. How does one delete unwanted apps? 3. What alternate browsers can I use (other than safari for iPad) 4. How d o I figure out the total charges to my credit card account / card thru the...