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  1. Art Frau

    Creating images

    I have discovered that one can create images using a captured image or gif . Then one can annotate it using apps from the Apple App Store. Some apps have more than 5 fonts to offer. I created valentines . Then sent them to friends using another app to have a URL or saving in photos ,then...
  2. Art Frau

    Camera connections

    I have the camera connection two items that I purchased to use with iPad 1 . They fit iPad 3 without an extra cable . Which cable should I get to use with the mini or can I use the charging cable that came with the mini? I really prefer a shorter one for camera connectors . I use the card...
  3. Art Frau

    What case do u use?

    I tried the Targus which is a nice case but a bit thick since my hands are used to the folding magnetic face cover & hard shell back cover. Finally Coated on Amazon a one piece with the folding magnetic face cover. It allows a more comfortable holding of iPad when taking photos. The smell of...
  4. Art Frau

    Just got it

    available at BB . 32 Wifi only