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    iPad2 6.1.2 w Evasion to iOS 7.1.2 gotchas?

    I currently have an iPad2 64 GB w 6.1.2 w Evasion jailbreak on it. Since iOS 8 may be release in the upcoming months at which time Apple will probably stop signing iOS 7.1.2 I am thinking of going to iOS 7.1.2 and possibly jailbreaking it with Pangu. Since there is no way of returning to 6.1.2...
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    iPad 2 JB at 6.1 any point upgrading to 6.1.2?

    Currently have iPad2 jailbroken with Evasion on iOS 6.1 and was wondering if there is any point of upgrading to 6.1.2 while I can or should I leave well enough alone?
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    iOS 6.1 upgrade from JB 5.1.1 questions/steps

    I currently have a JB original iPad2 at 5.1.1 that was jb via absinthe. I have blobs from 5.0.1 and 5.1.1 saved via Tiny Umbrella as well as RedSnow. I am thinking of upgrading this to 6.1 and want to make sure I have the steps correct 1) Connect via USB cable to my desktop Win7 box 2) Backup...
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    Unwanted iPad App removal options?

    On Feb 1 I got a notification of an update showing up in iTunes on my desktop as well as in App Store on my iPad2. It is a Chinese app from Sun Xun that I could not find on my iPad and which I would have no use for. I first contacted iTunes support via email and after a week of dealing with 2...
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    Not all my posts showing up when searched

    I have noticed that if I simply do a search for my username at the top most section of the forums there are several threads that do not show up including this one . If I search using the advanced search and use Username field...
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    iPad2 search broken

    I have and iPad2 64GB WiFi only model at 5.0.1 and have noticed that if I completely power off the iPad and then go to Searchlight and search for apps it works fine. However I can go back to Search several seconds later and the search returns no results at all for Apps that are really on the...
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    Apps missing in iTunes and no sync

    I had installed a couple of free apps via iTunes on my Windows computer and synced my iPad2 5.0.1 multiple times and the apps never showed up on the iPad. I looked in iTunes and under the Apps for iTunes the Sync Apps is greyed out. If I click on the Sync Apps check box in iTunes I am warned...
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    iPad2 owners are not able to get AppleCare+?

    I understand it if one purchased their iPad2 3 months which means its still under the 1 yr warranty we still are not able to get AppleCare+ coverage (to coverage accidental damage) for it since that coverage is only for the iPad3 and only with 30 days of purchase. I wonder if we can still get...
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    Delete all contacts on iPad2 how?

    I screwed up the contacts on my iPad2 by syncing the Contacts App with two sources. I disabled that syncing but the contacts app still has the mess of contacts. How do I purge all the contacts on the iPad? I have tried unchecking the Sync Contacts option in iTunes on Windows desktop which...
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    Looking for PIM for iPad2 recommendations.

    Currently using EssentialPIM on Windows7 x64 and wanted recommendations on a PIM for the iPad2. Would like the ability to update the information on one platform and effect the change on the other. Don't really trust Google with my information to have it leak out. Need addressbook, scheduler...