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  1. J

    Has anyone seen any action on the "Ships: by March 19" units?

    Unfortunately I missed the first round of new iPads for the 3/16 delivery. I ordered a Black 64GB Wi-Fi + 4G for AT&T on 3/8. My status still say "Processing Items". Has anyone else who ordered a "Ships: by March 19" unit seen any other status? My status does say "Delivers: March 21 via...
  2. J

    Can I move my original AT&T Unlimited plan to an iPad2?

    I have been on the original AT&T Unlimited data plan for the iPad from day one. Does anyone know if I will be able to transfer that plan to an iPad2?
  3. J

    Mail app - Strange Trash Behavior When Deleting Messages

    When I open the Mail app for the first time each day my Trash folder behaves strangely. If I use the Trash Can icon in my Inbox to delete mail, the messages are moved to the Trash folder. Then as soon as I tap the Trash folder in the Mailboxes list, the messages inside are immediately deleted...
  4. J

    Anyone have a Booq TAIPAN SLIM XS bag?

    Does anyone have a Booq TAIPAN SLIM XS bag for their iPad? iPad bags by booq I was wondering if an iPad with the Apple case fits into the main neoprene slip pocket?
  5. J

    Power Cord for iPad Charger?

    Does anyone know if you can order just the 6 foot power cord that comes with the iPad 10W USB Power Adapter accessory, but not with the power adapter included with the iPad itself? It would have been nice if Apple included it with the iPad. I would like to leave it plugged in behind my desk...
  6. J

    I received my shipping notification!!

    I finally received my shipping notification email from Apple. When I tracked the shipment on FedEx's website it is saying that it will be delivered today by 3:00PM? Is anyone else seeing this?
  7. J

    Did anyone get a shipping confirmation from Apple on their 3G?

    I was wondering if anyone has received a shipping confirmation from Apple on their 3G? I haven't received a shipping confirmation from Apple on my 64GB+3G. They did charge my AE card for the iPad Applecare I ordered on the same order, but no action on the iPad itself.
  8. J

    What dual-band router are you using?

    I'm a 3G'er so I still don't have my iPad, but I would like to have everything in place for when it arrives. I have an old Linksys WRT54G router that I'm thinking of replacing. Although my new iMac, MacBook Pro and iPad can use 802.11n, our iPod Touches still only use 802.11b/g, so I'm...