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    Very Frustrating WiFi Router Handshake Problems

    OK, I'm back at a small beach town in Mexico with very slow ww speeds, and also back in the same house where last year I had these same problems. The connect & handshake with the older wifi router is terribly frustrating. Here's the deal: I can only connect to the router (after the ipad has...
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    What Can't Apple Allow my to Roll Back the a previous IOS?

    You've heard the complaints, Zagg Bluetooth keyboard ceased functioning, iPad freezes up several times a week. Wish just wish I could return to my blissful experience of last summer when this thing functioned like it was supposed to.... Pre OIS 7.0.4 Upgrade" But, The industry is racing to place...
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    Bluetooth Keyboards and IOS7 Frustrations

    Looking for any & all tips or advice on bluetooth keyboard problems after the IOS7 update. Specifically, I have the Zagg Folio case & keyboard sold for my 3rd Gen iPad. At first within minutes of the update only one of the keys (the "i" key) ceased functioning. I assumed it was a bit of sand or...
  4. K

    Minor Google Maps Annoyance

    When opening a Google maps page, or application.... Is there a way to teach it to stop asking "Google would like to know your current location" Like I said, it's just a minor annoyance.
  5. K

    Mysterious Blue Dot?

    Since the IOS.7 update some of my app icons occasionally have a cute little blue dot below them. I open the app and look around, nothing new. Then what's the blue dot for?
  6. K

    Top of the list irritating iPad behavior

    Is there ANY way to get an iPad to quit saying "Get the App (goggle+)" when I get a link to Picasa stored images? I installed Google+, I joined the signup for all things Google, I've tried numerous links over the past year.... still always asked me to "Get the App" I have the app. Thank You
  7. K

    IMAP Mail, and crappy IOS mail search?

    I use IMAP email, which I have set up to load onto the iPad mail program. Generally I'm happy with it, but the "search folder" option seems very lame. When I search for a subject/header, and it fails to find it local, I then "continue search on server". This effort fails on most attempts. When I...
  8. K

    Font Selection in Mail Ap?

    Whenever I copy/paste a URL into a mail compose, the fonts default to a much smaller size. So then when i want to add more comments I cannot get the font back to full size. Is there a work-a-round for this?
  9. K

    Another Picasa Question

    On many occasions friends will send me Picasa photo albums but I cannot figure out how to view them in the app. All I get when i click on the album is a browser window saying "Get the App".... when I have the app. This happens too often with many other app-related links. I only wish the iPad...
  10. K

    Attaching Multiple Pictures to an Email?

    My method is currently clicking only one pictures for copy-then-paste into a email. Is there a method to attach multiple images into an email with all this back & forth for each image? Thank You!
  11. K

    Best .pdf Reader for iPad?

    I need a simple clean easy .pdf reader for some maps & road guides I use on the road in Mexico. Suggestions? Oh, EDIT: I only need to read .pdf files. I will edit .pdf on a windows device. Thank You.
  12. K

    Rental Movies from Itunes

    Sorry if this question sounds stupid, but I want to make completely certain before I commit. I am going camping over the Memorial Day Weekend and I'd like to watch some movies in our tent on our Ipad (3). If I pay, can I then download the movie to watch while NOT in any wifi range? The last...
  13. K

    Why Do iPad Apps Persist in Loading to my iPod?

    Maybe I'm missing something. I have both an iPad and an iPod (touch). When I purchase and load an app that is obviously only intended for the iPad... it also tries to load onto my iPod (in wifi). So, now I have like 40+ apps that are more or less useless on an iPod trying to load or update...
  14. K

    "Seeing" an actual Picasa www Page?

    OK, When I post up some photos onto a forum, or even onto email that are in a Picasa slide show.... Sometimes I'd really just like to see and review the slide show just like the rest of the world will see it instead of every time I click on the link being re-directed to GET THE APP!!! I have the...
  15. K

    OT: Infuriating Problems w/ iPod Touch & 3mm Earbud Pin(s)

    I received this iPod Touch 3rd generation (purchased 10/2009) as a birthday gift new 3 years ago. I absolutely love the device, except for the one simple function that should be the top of the list for Apple engineers. WHY IS THE EARBUD JACK SO FAULTY? I have purchased about a dozen different...
  16. K

    Dislike Google News iPad Format

    Is there a way to trick Google into loading the regular PC version of it's main news page instead of the iPad version. For me it just seems to look "cooler" with less needed news.
  17. K

    WiFi Issues & Questions

    OK, For the entire life of my experience with the iPad (1 year) I have aways been most excited about how quickly and easily it connects to available wifi networks. When you compare it to the Windows devices whereby you need to go into the networks settings and monkey around, the iPad is...
  18. K

    A year with an iPad... Should have got a netbook.

    Maybe it's just that 20 years with windows I find it to be too damn difficult to perform almost anything. Maybe it's because every new action I try on this thing requires another "app". Maybe it's the constantly inconsistent and frustrating "copy/paste" functions. Maybe it's the confusing...
  19. K

    Question: Safari Remembers Passwords?

    My wife would like to use my iPad (3rd gen) to access her web-based email, but she gets annoyed at constantly needing to re-enter her user name & password on the www site. Is there a way to force the Safari (or iCab) browser to remember these for frequently visited sites? Thank You.
  20. K

    Question: Does my iPad Case Effect WiFi?

    Does an iPad case like my Zagg Folio (plastic) have any effect on wi-fi reception speeds? T.I.A.
  21. K

    Email Image Question

    Is there a way to copy a group images to paste into an email, or do they each need to be copy/pasted one at a time? Using iPad3 with the latest updates. Thank You.
  22. K

    Child Lock for Video?

    When my grandson is here I'd like to play some children's videos for him, but he's 15 months and likes to touch the screen. Is there a "lock" I can set while showing movies & videos to keep the iPad task focused?
  23. K

    Question about Find My IPad/Ipod

    I just used "Find My Ipod" today when I had mis-placed my iPod Touch under a pile of laundry. So great! Just click the "sound alarm" and I heard it beeping somewhere in our house. Question: So, If I had physically turned the volume down to zero that last time I used this device, would "Find My...
  24. K

    iPad Mail Question, or two

    1. How does one set the view page so that the entire screen is showing only the email you are reading? Sometimes I have a longer email, and I don't want the inbox listed on the right side. 2. Is there a way to make the mail program notify you better? I have Facebook, Gmail, News, etc, all...
  25. K

    Is it really off?

    Maybe this sounds a bit silly but here goes: I have Skype on my iPad3, and numerous times I will hear a phone call coming in that is SPAM over Skype. This of course happens when I'm way at the other end of the house and have to run run run to catch the call, only to find frustration. Question...
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    Bluetooothh KKeybooard QQuestion

    Ofteen thhiss Zagggg bblluuuetooothh kkeyboardd ddoubble strokess lletteers whiile typing. Often this Zagg Bluetooth Keyboard double strokes while typing. In the past, I've re-charged the battery and it goes away for a while. Is this common the Bluetooth Keyboards?
  27. K

    iCloud, Ipad, iPod, & PC

    Can I cloud all my songs that are listed in my PC with iTunes? Many are not DRM.
  28. K

    Nuances of Spell Check?

    Just wondering why the iPad spell check feature seams to automatically work in some areas, and not work on some forums and browser pages. Does it always work in Chrome?
  29. K

    Disappointing Speaker

    Last night while in my tent camping I tried watching a movie for the first time ever on my new iPad3. Why didn't Apple allow a bit higher volume adjustment? Is anyone else having difficulty hearing the low volume on this? I ended up taping a piece of cardboard near to speaker to cup and bell...
  30. K

    iPad with iPod touch as a remote control/

    Here's one for you pros out there: OK, I own both the new iPad (3) and the latest iPod touch. Imagine I want to kick back and watch a movie on the iPad, but would prefer to just hold the small iPod in my hand for a remote control. Is there such an app? Is there one that would work without wi-fi...
  31. K

    FTP App?

    I have been using a photo and files storage site of my own for many years (Fastmail). I use this site to store images for use in forums, email, eBay, Craigslist, and sometimes web page creation using HTML links. I have been searching for a good FTP upload application since I purchased my first...
  32. K

    IOS Update?

    I purchased my new iPad (3) in May. This is my first iPad, but I have a house full of iPods with all full of music, so I don't want music on this device. I have yet to plug the new iPad into the USB on our home PC. Questions: Will the IOS on the iPad update without connecting to iTunes? Is it...
  33. K

    Simple Calculator?

    Doesn't a simple calculator come with the new iPad (3)? Can't find it... Maybe I removed it. What is the best very simple calculator available? No trig or calc or whatever, just add, subtract, multiply, and divide. Thank You.
  34. K

    Charging iPad3 Question

    This morning I started charging my new iPad 3 purchased last week. This time I used just one of those smaller white cube-looking AC/110 adapter that came with an ipod touch 2 year ago. After 3 hours the iPad3 was only at %21, and the AC adapter was quite warm. Question: Is this smaller AC...
  35. K

    Annoyingly persistent un-wanted iPad download in iTunes

    Please Help. On my first day with my brand new iPad (3) I was checking out lots of cool apps. One of the apps I tried was a very bulky adventure games called something like goblins and dragons quest, or whatever. Anyway, it has (had) incredible graphics and all, but I discovered I didn't want it...
  36. K

    To Sync, or not to Sync?

    I just got my first new ipad last week. For years I've had ipods and there is a thousand or more songs on my PC itunes, as well as audiobooks, etc. Why would I want to sync this new device to the PC itunes? And if I do... what would I need to set in itunes when I don't want the ipad 32G used up...