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  1. DrumsOfGrohl

    Happy Birthday Apple! Almost Over the Hill at the Big Four-Oh

    Well said, @dgstorm! Different ways of looking at it, but you can't deny they've done more with their 40 years than most 40 year olds ;)
  2. DrumsOfGrohl

    Israeli Firm Cellebrite to Help FBI Unlock Shooter's iPhone

    You think the FBI thought, "where could I find a company that's good at technology and security?" Oh, Israel.
  3. DrumsOfGrohl

    Apple May Have Teamed Up with Energous for Advanced Wireless Charging of the Future

    I have been imagining this day since wifi was invented (or rather since it was popularized). I always thought it would be amazing if we could connect to a charger just like we do wifi. Via a "router", and then one day, you'll be able to charge your phone while its in your pocket. I so...
  4. DrumsOfGrohl

    iPad Mini Sales Soar

    This is a pretty big shock for me... What do you think cause Mini sales to go up so much?
  5. DrumsOfGrohl

    iOS 9.2.1 Has Been Released to the Public Today

    iOS 9.2.1 was just released today, and it's the first update to iOS 9.2. The last iPhone update was last month, which is how long iOS9.2.1 has been in the testing phase. There had been three beta versions of this update that were given to developers and beta testers. You can download this...
  6. DrumsOfGrohl

    What music are you listening to right now!?!?

    Love it. One of my favorite PC songs.
  7. DrumsOfGrohl

    What music are you listening to right now!?!?

    This was what my Sunday looked like: The best of those were: The Firewatchers Daughter, Something More than Free, Tomorrow is My Turn, The Deslondes, and The Traveling Kind.
  8. DrumsOfGrohl

    Did anyone buy an iPad Pro who didn't have an iPad?

    LOL. Whats your impression of the Pro?
  9. DrumsOfGrohl

    We Have A Winner!

    Congrats to @rp1030 for winning our Giveaway! The'll receive these three Easy Acc accessories: Multi-Angle Lazy Mount, 10000mAh Power Bank, and a Reversible iPad Air 2 Smart Case Thanks to everyone who took the time to submit a photo! View the other entries here:
  10. DrumsOfGrohl GIVEAWAY! Post a Photo, Win These 3 Great Accessories!

    Thread Closed. The winner announcement is here: We Have A Winner!
  11. DrumsOfGrohl GIVEAWAY! Post a Photo, Win These 3 Great Accessories!

    Today's the last day to submit your photo to enter the contest!
  12. DrumsOfGrohl

    What PODCAST are you listening to right now?

    I blew threw SERIAL in about a week. I gobbled it up like it was my job. I was so invested into it, it was nuts.
  13. DrumsOfGrohl

    What PODCAST are you listening to right now?

    Reviving: In order of preference: Open Account with SuChin Pak (Panoply) Slate's Political Gabfest Philosophy Bites All Songs Considered (NPR) Song Exploder PBS NewsHour TED Radio Hour (NPR) Fresh Air (NPR)
  14. DrumsOfGrohl

    What music are you listening to right now!?!?

    I've never heard of them. I've definitely heard the song before, but I'm glad you posted this.
  15. DrumsOfGrohl GIVEAWAY! Post a Photo, Win These 3 Great Accessories! was sent 3 items for free in return for an honest review. We have done that, and you can read about the products here. Now we want to give them to you! Here are the rules: Post a photo of your iPad and your pet. [Edit: For the sake of opening the contest to everyone, just post...
  16. DrumsOfGrohl

    Review: Easy Acc Mount, iPad Air 2 Case, and Power Bank was sent 2 device accessories for free to give honest reviews. We will be hosting a contest (in a different thread) and the winner will receive these products. The company Easy Acc sent us a mount, a case for the iPad Air 2, and a portable power bank. What follows are my...
  17. DrumsOfGrohl

    What's the last movie you saw?

    I went on a Harry Potter kick right before Halloween, and I'm slowly making my way through the series again.
  18. DrumsOfGrohl

    What is podcast used for.

    Oh yeah, I forgot about the video.
  19. DrumsOfGrohl

    What is podcast used for.

    Podcasts works similarly to Music, in that its a place where you can play audio files, that are usually in a series, often updated daily or weekly. You can download podcasts using Wifi or data. If you have a bluetooth receiver, you can play your podcasts though that, the same way you would...
  20. DrumsOfGrohl

    Did anyone buy an iPad Pro who didn't have an iPad?

    I just have a hard time thinking that anyone would skip the iPad and go straight to the Pro, although I can't rationally see why they couldn't. It just seems like most people would probably try out a regularly sized iPad before going to the Pro. On the other hand, maybe you have a different...
  21. DrumsOfGrohl

    HOW-TO: Print from your iPad

    Do you like Fingerprint? Whats your take on it? Simple to use?
  22. DrumsOfGrohl

    HOW-TO: Print from your iPad

    Thanks @twerppoet! Link updated. I don't have a PC, so I haven't actually tried O'Print. Maybe someone who has a PC can chime in here about it, or maybe if they have another app they use.
  23. DrumsOfGrohl

    HOW-TO: Print from your iPad

    I recently had someone ask me if I knew how to print from an iPad, and my response was... well, I'm sure you can. And then I realized I had no idea how. So, to everyone who wonders about this, I’ve decided to show you how to print from an iPad. The first thing you’ll need to do is to make...
  24. DrumsOfGrohl

    Apple iPad Pro Review Compilation

    This one suggests that the iPad Pro isn't for everyone, and its really really big:
  25. DrumsOfGrohl

    Will the iPad Pro replace your Laptop or your smaller iPad?

    We had all the same questions when the iPhone 6 Plus came out, because the new size was a crossover between the earlier iPhones and the iPad (i.e. will you still use the iPad if you have the 6 Plus). There are a lot of pros and cons of the new iPad Pro that keeps it from replacing either your...
  26. DrumsOfGrohl

    Should I get an iPad?

    I'm not a huge gamer (I play Candy Crush before I go to sleep), but I'd probably end up playing a bit more games with an iPad. I'm okay with that. I'd definitely use it for reading news and other articles and websites. I really enjoy having a book in my hand when I read, so I'll probably not use...
  27. DrumsOfGrohl

    2015 Apple Event overview: iPad Pro, iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, Apple TV and more

    The biggest reveals at the 2015 Apple Event have to be the iPad Pro, the iPhone 6S, the iPhone 6S Plus, and the new Apple TV, so we'll start there. The links included will direct you to News articles from the staff writers at and its sister sites, and...
  28. DrumsOfGrohl

    What are you most excited for at the September 9 Apple Announcement?

    Apple will be releasing and or announcing these products live on September 9. iPhone 6S iPhone 6S Plus iPad Air 3 iPad Air Mini 4 4K iMac Apple TV iOS 9 OS X El Capitan and possibly the iPad Pro (12.9-inch iPad) I'm most excited for iOS 9 (because I beta tested it for a bit, and other than...
  29. DrumsOfGrohl

    Should I get an iPad?

    This might be a dumb place to ask this question, as ya'll are probably as biased as it gets, but here goes ;) I have an iphone 6, and a great MacBook pro. What would I use the iPad for? I'm thinking maybe reading, but I like having a physical book, plus its easier on my eyes. In my head, I'd...
  30. DrumsOfGrohl

    What's better for college? iPad or Macbook

    Yeah now that I think about it, I took some Computer Science classes that required the use of some software. I could have also just gone to the lab room where they had great computers with the software already installed, but sometimes it was nice to be able to work from home. I dunno. If I...
  31. DrumsOfGrohl

    What's better for college? iPad or Macbook

    A friend of mine asked me my opinion on what they thought would be better for college. I had a macBook in college and I'm pretty sure I would have been in a tough spot if all I had was an iPad. However, the support and technology the newer iPads have, along will the newer apps gets me thinking...
  32. DrumsOfGrohl

    How long do you wait before buying a new iPad

    I've actually only owned 1 iPad in my life, but I'm looking to buy a new one, and I was curious how long most of you have waited between iPads.
  33. DrumsOfGrohl

    Apple's 'Backstage' Parody Sketch from WWDC 2015 Goes Live on YouTube [Video]

    I missed this! This is awesome! Really well directed; plus Abed is the S**T!