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    Video editing app to slow down footage

    VideoPix for iPad does slow motion or fast motion playback and works wonderful with any IOS.
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    Ipad 2 hdmi output not displaying full screen on my hdtv?!

    Try this, open settings, open video and check this according to the manual. Turn widescreen on or off: Choose Video and turn Widescreen on or off. If the video you’re playing is in widescreen format, turning this on preserves the widescreen aspect ratio.
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    Watching free movies on my ipad

    You better get the iSwifter or the Puffin, they open the flash videos directly and work fine. In my experience I use them now instead of the Skyfire wich I also have because I don´t have to wait for the video to be ready and then click some icon wich may be confusing.
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    Ipad to phono (Video out plus 2 sound. Yellow, red & White) to TV not working, Why?

    You need to buy the Apple Digital AV Adapter and a hdmi cable, then your tv will display anything that is in your iPad screen. There are some demo videos in YouTube. If you just have a standard tv with RCA inputs then you have to buy also a HDMI to RCA converter box.
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    now for something completely different

    Well look who's here, the bad kid again. You didn't show those links to those websites to prove your allegations. Then it's safe to say I debunked you. End of your story.
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    now for something completely different

    I think more than a challenge I would say Sharing solutions / Knowing the IPAD2. I can make my contribution based in my experience with those applications, this is a good subject.
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    now for something completely different

    Let's see jmorton10, first of all no need to be upset here, IPad2 is full of suprises but you need to do your homework with patience and knowledge, you can't have the genius of the lamp if you don't know how to use the lamp. Do you know how to use the Skyfire? Now to the subject. Can you...
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    now for something completely different

    Do you want your IPad2 to play Flash? Just install Skyfire appz and enjoy. Do you want your IPad2 to play Megavideo? Just install VideoBrowser appz. Do you want your IPad2 to play DivX, RealMedia, Xvid etc.? Just install any of these: OPlayerHD, BuzzPlayer, AzulMediaPlayer (With downloading...