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  1. TheBaron

    More reasonable price alternative to Things "to do" app?

    I need a good "to do" list organization app. The Things app seems like it would be perfect for what I need, but they want $19.99! What a joke. I just can't bring myself to pay this much for a to-do list app no matter how pretty or robust it is. Can anybody recommend a good alternative? I'd like...
  2. TheBaron

    Has anybody found a good movie repository app?

    I'm really not liking that I have to sync my movies to my laptop in itunes. I have limited space on my harddrive and would rather not always have to sync movies between my Macbook Pro and iPad. Most of the movies I'd like to sync are on my wife's Macbook anyway and iTunes/iPad doesn't allow you...
  3. TheBaron

    Apple Component AV Cable and The Netflix app

    So on another thread, someone mentioned you can use the apple component kit http:// to connect your iPad to a HDTV. Since the cable costs $50, I want to be really sure it'll work with the Netflix app and play the streaming content over my tv. Has...
  4. TheBaron

    Is anybody using a Seidio case yet?

    Anybody using any of their cases? Can anybody comment on build quality, how well it lines up with all the buttons and holes, and how thick it is?
  5. TheBaron

    Just discovered a very cheap iPad stand It's not as nice looking as the joule iPad stand, but you sure can't beat the price for a stand that's designed to hold the iPad ($6.99). I emailed sales to see if it would hold an iPad with a rubber case installed and they said they will have another stand available in a...
  6. TheBaron

    Skooba iPad messenger bag ROCKS!

    I bought the Skooba iPad messenger bag and absolutely love it. Netbook Messenger Netbook/iPad Bag - Case Not only does it have a iPad-sized space to hold my iPad, it also has tons of pockets and compartments and it's less bulky than a laptop size messenger bag. Love it! It's $49.99, but...
  7. TheBaron

    Amazed with how cool the iPad runs

    So I've been using mine pretty much nonstop for the past 8 hours. Not only am i surprised by the awesome battery life, I'm blown away by how cool to this touch it is. I've been surfing the web, watching movies, playing a few games, and it's just as cool to the touch as when I started. If only...
  8. TheBaron


    I am a long time Apple user (all the way back to Apple IIe days). I feel that Apple has always made a superior product, therefore I have always been a very loyal customer. I currently have a Macbook Pro 17", Apple TV, and an iPhone 3G. I'm not normally an early adopter, but I'm really excited...