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  1. iPadPil

    Ios 7 apps update

    My update to iOS 7 went great with no problems at all. One thing though which was not happening before is after updating the various apps they still showing grouped together under the date they were updated. Before they were not showing after the update. Can I get delete them? Since the list is...
  2. iPadPil

    Pleasant surprise from Apple

    My first (32 GB wifi ) of the two iPads I ordered back on March 20th is going to be delivered on April 15th instead of April 28th. I am sure my other one 3G 64GB will arrive soon since I ordered them at the same time. What a nice surprise. Now I must sell my iPad 1.
  3. iPadPil

    Chrome stand $7.00 incl tax

    From Staples, chrome study stand. Rubber from my tool box to protect the iPad but I use it with the Apple case anyway. It is very versatile and collapsible. Go to the desk accessories and you will find it. I use it for typing, in the kitchen, in bed for reading and while watching TV and web...
  4. iPadPil

    How to delete unwanted download in progress..

    I started to download an app which after starting it I realized is more than 1.8G and my WiFi connection is poor to say the least. I just paused it. Then I did the home button/power button turn off/on but it did not work. I did the back up through iTunes which took ages but the paused app is...
  5. iPadPil

    Windows 32/64 bit AirPrint Activator

    Has anybody tried this? Very good one if it works. Activate AirPrint on Windows | 9 to 5 Mac Activate AirPrint on Windows | Apple Intelligence
  6. iPadPil

    New stand holder

    Has anybody bought this? PropUp Ergonomic Stand Holder Accessory to prop up the Apple Inc. iPad I am looking for something like this for bed reading.
  7. iPadPil

    Cisco suggests WiFi Flip Video camera by Christmas

    Probably a must have by Christmas if it will support iPad and depending upon the price. Cisco suggests WiFi Flip Video camera by Christmas, wants to integrate products with Apple's FaceTime -- Engadget