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  1. pEAcEmAKeR

    iPad 2 not connecting to WiFi properly.

    So I recently updated to iOS 5.0.1 OTA. Since then, WiFi on my iPad doesn't even connect properly. It shows the signal bars on the Status Bar (all three bars full) but I can't access the internet at all. When I check the IP address, it shows random numbers, but I know that a normal working IP...
  2. pEAcEmAKeR

    Three Word Story

    Seeing as how my other thread got closed, I don't want the fun to die out for you guys. So here's another forum game that'll keep you all entertained. Basically, we're all telling one big giant story. Each time you post here, add three more words to continue the story. For example: The big...
  3. pEAcEmAKeR

    Infinity Blade

    Why is the screen in Infinity Blade not fullscreen? I saw the screenshots on the App Store, and they were full screen. Why you give me small screen Chair?! Anybody else annoyed by this on their iPad?
  4. pEAcEmAKeR

    OFFICIAL iMessage Thread

    Searched for iMessage, and couldn't find a thread like this, so feel free to lock it if there's already one similar to this. Post your iMessage email, so others can message you. Feel free to message me, just tell me who you are and from what forum. :) [Moderator edit: Removed e-mail address]
  5. pEAcEmAKeR

    Garageband Subforum

    Couldn't think of anywhere else to post this, soo.... I think this forum needs a Garageband subforum. I mean, I'm sure a lot of us actually do have musical talent (that means not touching the Autoplay switch). I couldn't really find one, forgive me if there actually is one. Actually, it's...
  6. pEAcEmAKeR

    What's wrong with my iPad?

    I can't play my songs on YouTube, iPod, and Pandora Radio via the multitasking bar. As you can see, I haven't muted anything, so I don't really know what the problem is. Any help? I get this problem every month or so... Quick replies are always appreciated. :/
  7. pEAcEmAKeR

    The Official Picture-a-Day thread!

    I thought of making a fun and creative thread for this forum. Everyday, people will post pictures here of the subject requested. So if I'm the first one awake at midnight (tomorrow) I might request funny pictures. The rest of the day, you guys will post humorous pictures until the next day, when...
  8. pEAcEmAKeR

    How to fix Tiny Tower Server Refresh Problem

    So for all you Tiny Tower fanatics (like me) out there, I'm posting something that'll help with your tower not refreshing in the Friends section. Your tower might be close to 30 floors, but on your friend's iPad, it only shows as 14. And it may also show up like that on the GameCenter...
  9. pEAcEmAKeR

    Need some help with libusb...

    Moderators: Would've posted this in the iPad help forum, but it has nothing to do with iPads, soooo....yeah. I need help installing libusb on my cousin's iMac. I have no idea how to, as the Mac OS is so complicated to use, Windows installation is so much easier. :/ So here's my problem...
  10. pEAcEmAKeR

    I would like to tell you how iPads changed my lifestyle.

    When I got my iPad 2 for the first time, it was a major impact on the way I was living. Let me give you a few examples. Notes I no longer used my agenda and notebook for school. All I needed to do was write down whatever I needed, and check everything off after I was done with it. GameCenter...
  11. pEAcEmAKeR

    Post your recent COD Zombies match!

    Wether it's on iOS, Xbox, PS3, or PC. Post your recent Zombies match and your best score along with it! Have fun, gamers! BTW, my best is Round 36, on PlayStation, Kino. Best on iOS is Round 27, Zombie Verrükt.
  12. pEAcEmAKeR

    Some of my epic wallpapers...

  13. pEAcEmAKeR

    iOS5 Notification Center

    Yes, this time, I searched before I posted. ;) So, I went to a few days ago, and was checking out the notification center feature. I noticed the on the iPad, the notification center wasn't full screen. I'm sure there will be a tweak for that later, but don't you think the way Apple...
  14. pEAcEmAKeR

    [HOW TO] Repartition

    Repartitioning is formatting the disk partitions. You can add, delete, and copy them over. This is needed to boot iOSs via Apple's iBoot. For those who would like to help out should probably learn this quick tutorial first. Here's a quick repartitioning tutorial for installing the dual-boot. I...
  15. pEAcEmAKeR

    How many books do you have in your library?

    Here's my library. I'm currently reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn <-- great read except for Mark Twain writing the word [removed] on almost every other page. :(
  16. pEAcEmAKeR

    Answer the Question Above with Another Question!

    Got this idea from another forum. Basically, everybody answers the question above with another question. <-- bad humor. I''ll start. Why do birds fly?
  17. pEAcEmAKeR

    Hey! Wassup?

    I'm new to iPads. But not as new as a noob. I've been an iPhone user since 1.1.4. My first iDevice was, yes, an iPhone 2G. Not long after, I threw it at my bed and "missed". I know, I know, fail, right? :D Then I got my White iPhone 3G, which I still have today. I also recently got an iPod touch...
  18. pEAcEmAKeR

    Who here has been an iPad user since 3.2?

    I haven't - I just got my iPad at iOS 4.3.3. But it'll be interesting to see who has been. And, (I'm trying to make iOS 3.2 seem as old as my 2G on 1.1.1 here) what was it like?
  19. pEAcEmAKeR

    Project iOSx2 Discussion

    iOSx2 is a project that allows you to dual boot multiple versions of iOS. Dual booting was done several years back, and I brought it back to second generation devices. During installation, you have to create a partition, copy the raw disk over to it, then restore to it. After that, the...
  20. pEAcEmAKeR

    Does this forum have a chat system besides PMs?

    It'd be really great if you could make one, otherwise, point me in the direction it is in. And please don't be stupid and say this whole forum is for chatting. I get it. But a chatting room would be great.