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  1. KaiHD

    Get Whatsapp on your iPad!

    There is now a way to enjoy whatsapp on ANY iPad device! - Sent from my Brand-New Jailbroken iPad 2! :D
  2. KaiHD

    Help with Missing Keyboard on Jailbroken iPad 2

    Okay, so here's the deal: I was doing fine with my JBed iPad 2 3G (as you all might know) despite several hiccups. Everything was okay until just now. My friend tried to open Friendly, and he was able to log in fine. But when he tried to type a message the keyboard came up, but it was blank. It...
  3. KaiHD

    Change Carrier not working on iPad 2 GSM

    I jailbroke my iPad 2 just now. Went to the recommended tweaks page and downloaded change carrier. Even after multiple resprings it still says my default carrier. Ugh, any help? - Sent from my BRAND-NEW iPad 2! :D
  4. KaiHD

    New Social Group - Malaysia iPad Users/Owners

    KaiHD has created a new social group called "Malaysia iPad Users/Owners", with the following description: To join this group visit the social groups homepage where this new group will be listed.
  5. KaiHD

    Why Didn't You Jailbreak?

    An interesting counter to @Graywolf's thread. This thread focuses on the reasons why people prefer to use stock iOS, instead of jailbreaking it. Discuss. As an example, I have tried jailbreaking before. I got it when I had my first iOS device- an iPhone 3GS (jailbroken). I had a few weeks (like...
  6. KaiHD

    Hey, everyone! N00b here!

    Okay, I'm here 'cause of the wonderful, magical and revolutionary (also insert other fanboy words here) device known as the iPad. I've touched the iPad 1, but I didn't buy it. I was planning on it in December '10 but then they announced iPad 2 and I was like "Forget this!", LOL. I just ordered...