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  1. Drew wal

    Model cars 1/18 scale

    Does anyone here collect model cars, particularly 1/18 scale ? I've been collecting for about 4-5 years now , unfortunately I've nowhere to put them :-( Sent from my iPad 3 64gb using iPF
  2. Drew wal

    Faulty app

    How possible is it to report a faulty app to apple, or how likely is they'll respond and do something about it, I've an app that cost £ 2.99 and its literally always deleting the contents randomly . The application is not fit for purpose and even though I've sent several emails to the developer...
  3. Drew wal

    Files have been deleted from an app

    I downloaded this above app ( vdownloader+) quite a while ago, I had initially used the free one that was available, then decided to purchase the full app for a few quid to allow me additional capacity over the limited free one. Everything had been working fine, it had allowed me to create...
  4. Drew wal

    Help with odd activity on itunes

    Hi folks, for some weirded up reason, when I connected my ipad & iPhone after also to my pc each device presented a message saying they'd been synced with another iTunes account, . This must be impossible as both devices are brand new from apple, and have never been anywhere near any other...
  5. Drew wal

    Grrrrr trying to delete calender entries

    Hey folks , this is driving me insane here but I have been trying to delete calendar entries from both iPads and my ip4 but every time I delete the entry it magically reappears straight away again! Now I've turned off calendar in the cloud settings yet the entries I delete still keep appearing...
  6. Drew wal

    Newbie with step from 1st gen straight to 3rd gen.

    How do all, I've been an iPad user for a little under a year now, I originally purchased an iPad 1st gen , and now have decided to go straight for the new iPad 3rd gen. And what a difference.....