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  1. Seadog

    Amazon prime

    I am sure it has been posted somewhere, but just in case...... Amazon now has an app available to show video. If you have Amazon Prime, you can watch any of the videos available for free. Finding the videos is a PITA but once you find what you want, it is a great way to watch movies and TV shows.
  2. Seadog

    Improvements coming with iOS 6

    It appears that file sharing between iWorks documents is going to get much better. iWork documents will automatically update between devices and Mountain Lion, so a major headache for those trying to work on files is made a lot better.
  3. Seadog

    iOS to grow at Android expense due to new iPad

    According to IDC, the new iPad will help "shift a larger percentage of future units toward iOS and away from Android," . They anticipate that Apple's iOS will likely grow its global market share from 58.2 percent in 2011 to 62.5 percent in 2012. Android, however, will drop from 38.7 percent...
  4. Seadog

    Why no PassBook?

    It makes one wonder. The upcoming PassBook electronic tickets sound great, and I can see why in some cases it would be impractical for the iPad. I also have to wonder about the potential for this to go far beyond just tickets. Imagine going to the store and using it like you would a gift card...
  5. Seadog

    Action Sheet

    Mentioned in the iOS 6 presentation was a quick blurb about something called Action Sheet. From the information put out, it is a variation on the pull down list in apps like Photos and others were you can send an item as a email, message, twitter, facebook, or other places. Apparently, it will...
  6. Seadog


    The basis of all of Apple's operating system, is Darwin. When Steve Jobs was ousted from Apple, he recognized the need for a more robust operating system. He developed the NeXT company, and they came up with the NeXTSTEP OS. Apple bought them out, and it became OPENSTEP, then Rhapsody, before...
  7. Seadog

    The influence of the iPad

    Because of the importance of tablets, Verizon has announced that they are completely gutting their existing data packages and going to new bundle plans that should be more popular. The primary effect is that you start with a package and then pay $10 to the package to include a tablet in the...
  8. Seadog

    New Apple Smartcover

    Apple has added a new Smartcover to its stores today. For $50, you can get a Smartcover with the back cover provided.
  9. Seadog

    Siri comfirmed for new iPad

    The WWDC keynote just confirmed that the iOS will bring some Siri enhancements, encluding being on the new iPad. Facetime is also going to work over cellular.
  10. Seadog

    iOS 6 confirmed next week

    It can be considered official that they will announce iOS 6 next week at the WWDC. There is a picture of a huge banner being put up at the facility, saying iOS 6 The world's most advanced mobile operating system.
  11. Seadog

    4000 version of Android

    A major firm that keeps track of such things, has found over 4000 versions of Android in use, giving new light on how serious fragmentation of the system is. Of the 4000 devices found using a version of Android, over a third of them were using one-off custom versions. Over 50% were using Ginger...
  12. Seadog

    In-car GPS/Enterainment

    I do a lot of traveling with my iPad, so I created a way to mount it in the center dash compartment with only a minor modification. I use the GPS function for route info since I try diffent ways of traveling. Since driving in some areas is lousy for radio reception, I found a cable that would...
  13. Seadog

    A lesson no one learns

    The Australian government, investigating into a iPhone that caught fire when a passenger jet was landing, have just found the cause. It was found that a screw was left loose inside the casing during an unauthorize repair shop replacing the screen. The screw eventually puncture the battery case...
  14. Seadog

    The new iPad 2

    If you are wondering about purchasing a new iPad, and cannot decide whether to save money with the iPad 2 and the new iPad, here is something more to consider. The new version of the iPad 2 uses the same A5 processor, but it uses 32nm construction. Using the smaller die size offers very minor...
  15. Seadog

    Sue Apple? The new lottery

    An interesting story about lawsuites being filed against Apple: $14.3M from a man that says Apple is allowing the mafia make death threats through iTunes. $1M by a woman that accidently got double charged for a $.99 download. A patent lawsuite against Apple saying that the stripes on the Smart...
  16. Seadog

    Disney gets into the act

    Walt Disney World is conducting a test of their Fast Trak system. As a part of the system, employees will be using iPads to help guests with various issues.
  17. Seadog

    Interesting app design reality

    The article goes on to say that Apple's SDK developers tools have had 20 years of refinement, and that Android's fragmentation means that it is harder for developers to create a smooth, sophisticated app for Android. Android is working to catch up, but it will take a lot of time.
  18. Seadog

    Enterprise and iOS

    A report out shows that 80% of new enterprise mobile devices being activated are running iOS, and only 20% are running Android. All other operating systems are not significant to even register. Even more interesting, 97.3% of tablet activations in enterprise are iPads. Based on these numbers...
  19. Seadog

    Could Android be pulled from shelves?

    A little discussions on whatif law. Oracle bought Sun. Sun developed JAVA. JAVA forms the basis for Android. Google has never met the criteria required for free use of JAVA. Oracle is suing Google. This is what Steve Jobs was referring to when he stated that Android is an illegal platform...
  20. Seadog

    Potentil slowdown of iPad production

    It is reported that Apple may have trouble meeting iPad demand. Two reasons cited were the problem getting more production lines for the retina displays, and the agreed upon new worker overtime rules. Despite the workers wanting to work overtime, Foxconn will keep overtime down to the regulated...
  21. Seadog

    New Wal-Mart dedicated istores

    Wal-mart has been a major retailer for Apple for many years. Recently they have been testing a prototype mini Apple store in Arkansas, near their headquarters in Rogers. Invoking the Apple look, it is a radically different approach by Wal-Mart. Traditional Apple displays have been variants of...
  22. Seadog

    Diabetic exercise programs

    To get things started, I thought it might be a good idea to discuss some of the ways that a diabetic can get more exercise. Some hints and suggestions of what works and what doesn't. For example, consider spending time training your dog. You would be surprised at how much effort goes into a...
  23. Seadog

    iPad a generic term

    Recent in the news, it has been reported that the iPad is so strongly linked with tablets, that it is fast becoming the generic term for them. It is not unusual for brand names to gain iconic status that allows them to become part of the lexicon. We are all familar with the use of Kleenex...
  24. Seadog

    Retina screen - only on iPad

    An interesting article discussed why we will not see the retina screen on other tablets for a long time. There are only three manufacturers that can make the screens, and only Samsung makes a serious attempt at a tablet. So why not a retina screen for the Galaxy Tab? First, even though Apple and...
  25. Seadog

    Very Interesting, but weird

    A report out is saying that Google makes more money (4X) on iPhone/iPad than on Android. Plus, the more people move to mobile devices, the more money Google loses because of how many ways they earn from computers. The story is that if Apple does drop Google maps for their own mapping program...
  26. Seadog

    Need photo help

    A web friend is a professional photographer. He is trying to use the iPad to replace a laptop in the field. The problem is with sending photos as attachments, the format is not compatible with some versions of Outlook, and other issues. If anyone has a solution or suggestion, I would like to...
  27. Seadog

    A rough road ahead for data

    I have touched on the issue of how much 4G is going to impact the use of mobile devices in other threads. Cisco estimates that data use will grow 27 fold over the next two years, but 4G will only increase throughput by 5 times. There is no way that cellular service can keep up with demand...
  28. Seadog

    Its official, some new iPads have problems

    It has now been determined that some of the new iPads will not do as well with wifi connections as the iPad 2. There is a probability that this will be resolved with a software update like they did with the iPad 2. Worse case scenario is that there is a bad batch of iPads and they will be...
  29. Seadog

    Power hungry iPad

    PC Mag did a few tests on the new iPad and found out that should mean a lot to all of us. With the new screen set at maximum brightness, the iPad would only play video for 5.5 hours. The iPad 2 would get almost 8 hours. With the brightness set at 50% the same video test lasted 11 hours. For...
  30. Seadog

    App developers speak

    A recent study of app developers has the number of developers that say they plan on making apps that will work on Android has been steadily falling. It is down by 10% from this time last year. It mostly has to deal with the fractured state of Android versions and issues across platforms. In...
  31. Seadog

    3 million sold

    Tim Cook announced that 3 million new iPads have sold since Friday. Despite some lukewarm opinions of the new model, it does look that it has been well received.
  32. Seadog

    Adjustments to make with new iPad

    A few notes of issues I have found with moving to my new iPad that may be of help. If you have an old iPad and you set up a new one, be aware that any changes you make on your old iPad, may be transfered to your new iPad. I loaned my old iPad to my SIL, and changed everything to a format for...
  33. Seadog


    My niece is a teacher who deals with special needs children. Two months ago, it was mentioned that their daughter who is 11, was wanting an iPad for her birthday. I was asked for advice and gave them some options. I was talking to her last night to see which one she got, and how the child was...
  34. Seadog

    The biggest thing about the new iPad and its a secret

    Maybe not a secret, but not touted. A tech expert says that the most important feature of the new iPad may be something no one is talking about, Bluetooth 4.0. While the other features everyone is talking about, may be great, in the long run, the ability to use BT 4.0 in conjnction with other...
  35. Seadog

    My review

    After a little time with my new iPad, I have formed some thoughts. First, while full brightness is a joy for viewing, it does tend to suck the battery down faster. The screen is a joy to see in its full glory. It makes my photos snap out at me. The 4G is really fast in my tests, shockingly so...
  36. Seadog

    How popular? A guess

    Moderate college town of 45,000. When I got my iPad, I asked FedEx if they had gotten a lot of iPads today. They indicated they got over 200. They do not handle all of the deliveries from FedEx, only certain ones. So there is a chance that the other FedEx location may make deliveries too. It is...
  37. Seadog

    Why no 8" iPad

    An interesting analysis of why the iPad is kicking other tablets to the ground is making a lot of sense to me. It also explains why we should not expect to see an iPad mini any time soon. I appreciate the potential of the smaller iPad, but it makes sense for Apple to be cautious. The point...
  38. Seadog

    The A5X

    It appears the A5X processor was designed specifically for the iPad according to reports. The A5 dual core was chosen because it is good with battery consumption and had enough power to do the job. Many manufacturers have not gone to quad core processors because there are very few programs...
  39. Seadog

    Most predictions come true

    It looks like most of what people wanted will be on the new iPad. Retina, 4G LTE, Voice (Siri?) battery life, and more.:D
  40. Seadog

    Heads up clue out

    Best Buy is offering $50 off on iPad 2s. This means that they are reducing stock to make room for iPad 3s. Not much doubt that March 7 will be the big announcement.