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    64 GB vs 32GB

    An iPad is an expensive way to store media content. $100 for 16 lousy Gigs? If money isn't a problem, get 64. If it is get 16. If you're in any way neurotic, like me, get 32 - the size Apple especially developed for memory neurotics
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    Cover or not

    If you have a case that's all you should need. The screen's pretty tough, you won't wreck it by touching it or using it the way it was designed to be used. It doesn't need cleaning either, after a while the finger marks cover the screen uniformly, its back lit so you only notice when its off...
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    Best uses for ipad 4

    I like Flipboard for feeds. Does it come included? I can't remember. Kindle for books, in addition to iBooks. If you like reading, get McSweeneys app for stories. Also Goodreads booky network. Atomic Browser for browsing, plus Puffin browser for viewing awful flash content. Remote for...
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    Ipad4 and printing

    I upgraded to a Canon all in one wi-fi printer and there was a Canon IEPP app which they suggested. I think it came free. Mind you it isn't very sophisticated. I'll have a look at the other app.
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    Newbie iPad questions

    Or the other way to see it is, the least you spend on the iPad 4, the less you lose on resale when upgrading to iPad5. The way these things are going, the 5 will be out within the year. I'm using an 20 month old iPad 2 (32GB) and still have 10GB free. I think Apple have set the memory limits...
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    Blogger Buzz: new dynamic layouts

    I've just become aware of this new blogger layout on some of my favourite blogs. On my iPad, it doesn't seem to give a good experience. It's slow for starters, and the page elements float about and under other page elements. Is it just me or is it affecting anyone else's iPad? These are...
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    Just Bought an ipad 2 - Apps help

    Install Google free app. Then click Applications > click Photos Or In Safari, Go to Google home page > click More > click Photos Or Search "Picasa (your account name)"
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    Ipad 2 going back

    I can't wait! But then I don't have to. My future will buy one and give it to my past self. Of course, everyone will do this, no one will buy 3 through to 8, Apple will go bust, and it won't happen.
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    32gb or 64gb

    What do you intend to use it for? That might help people answer specifically. I was the same place last april. Opted for 32 to save money on 64 but now I think I could've got away with 16 - I don't use it to store much, and have Dropbox etc. linked to laptop and from there to external storage...
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    Lost mail draft

    When composing a letter, draft, or blog post, essay etc. I use Writing Kit. It's never let me down, saves everything automatically. Then when its written, go to Tasks > Markdown Source Code > Export > Email and there's the email ready to send or save as draft. I can't tell what's wrong with...
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    iOS 5 Is Finally Here!

    Not impressed. I am convinced more than ever iPad is a toy not a tool. 3 hours yesterday, two failed updates due to server connection errors. But iTunes said it had downloaded os successfully so wtf? Today took 4 hours!, finally updated os but iTunes didn't back up the settings, apps and...
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    Cleaning The Screen?

    I bought a Boxwave one specifically to use on the Brushes app. While I didn't get on too well with the app, I quite like the stylus for general use. I have to use my fingers though, two of them, to scroll through framed content on websites - quite tricky to do with fingers but impossible with a...
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    Do people expect too much?

    I expected it to replace my laptop; in this respect I was disappointed; I will definitely buy another laptop, it's essential for my business and my interests - sophisticated software, plug in capabilities, easy interactive programmes, file management and stuff - these things frustrate me with...
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    Cleaning The Screen?

    When does the screen need cleaning? I've used mine every day since April and it still looks okay. Though I do use a stylus mostly.
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    Best remote desktop client for iPad?

    Splashtop and Teamviewer. Splashtop is easier to use on iPad but Teamviewer proved useful as backup when Splashtop On the PC wasn't working one time. Actually I used Teamviewer to get PC Splashtop working again! Larf.
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    You Tube App sign in

    Hello. Yes, I abandoned my very old existing account and registered a new one, with a new email address from Gmail. The playlist facility doesn't work - or didn't last time I tried - so I hardly use the account anyway. Meaning, you can save videos to a playlist but not play back the list...
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    YouTube quality settings

    You're right, not much to commend the YT app. I prefer to use Youtube via a browser app. It will give you an iPad presentation, ie not the PC desktop view, but with extras, including an HQ button which I think is what you're after. Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    Ah, that's done it and no mistake. Thanks. Who'd have thought it'd be tucked all the way down the list. Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    Thanks Marilyn! I really appreciate you going the extra mile for this. I'm going to get that app. Hey, looks like I was right with my first assumption - I'm an idiot. TwerpPoet, you got me thinking, why doesn't Office HD have a spell checker that works over the whole document?! I'd looked at...
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    I'm trying to write an article for a web site using iPad. I'm notorious for my poor spelling so I need to pass it through a spellcheck before publishing. I see in the Settings that my spellcheck was off, so I switched it on. Now how do I get it to spellcheck my document? I initially used the...
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    TV Players

    You're right it does but it only searches for titles. The full version does more. Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    TV Players

    I see there's an ITV app (someone had inquired earlier). Does that mean we've got the set? Oh, channel 5....? I'm glad they've included a search function in itv player, unlike the BBC app - grrrr! The other day I couldn't see listed a programme that had been extensively advertised on the radio...
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    Lost mail draft

    The iPad is light and flat, you could use it as an effective frisbee. Even so, I wouldn't trust it further than I could throw it. I opened up one of my Gmail accounts just now through the Mail app. I knew I had a few drafts saved that aren't important. I edited the text on one, then saved it...
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    East Lothian

    where, exactly, in East Lothian?
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    A better email app?

    Don't you read them one at a time first? I've always used gmail, for both personal and business use, and I find going straight on Safari is as good as anything. Mind, only because it's already there, the mail app is used for a quick look at all the inboxes at once. Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    A question about service

    The warranty would be with Apple. In UK, the consumer rights put an obligation on the retailer to sell you goods fit for purpose and free of defect etc. for a minimum of 12months, the 'guarantee'. Therefore most buyers in UK don't need to bother with the manufacture's warranty. However, the...
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    Using video camera

    My manual says tapping changes the subject focus not the zoom. Whenever I tapped, the camera jogged and this showed up on playback, it's not desirable at all! :D Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    A question about service

    The UK store is under no obligation to do anything for you. Your sales contract is with the US store, and their trading laws will be different. Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    map built in app

    Try turning the iPad off and on? I'm a believer in backup apps. Map+ is quite good and has a few other functions. Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    Argggh I'm a total muppet - bought Apple iPad 1 instead of 2 - Advice Needed

    You seem happy with it now but I reckon you had a chance for a refund if you were prepared to stay your ground. Especially at a place like Argos. Where did it say your return options are nullified if you remove the outer wrapping? Was it clear when you made the purchase that it was a...
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    WSJ to be $17.99 Month

    Is the Kindle edition just text and pictures? I suppose the extra is for enhanced content and interactivity. Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    Audio Volume

    You can plug it into the AUX input of your hi-fi or amp. That's how I listen to radio stations. The amp will boost the volume. You probably need a cable with a 3.5mm jack on one end and whatever jacks you have on your amp on the other; readily availabe from most electronic stores. Sent from my...
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    iPad 2 insurance?

    Isn't it covered on your house contents insurance? If not, they may cover it for less by adding it to your schedule. Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    For Tim

    Do you get a sync'ing feeling? I do. I hate it when technology tries to organise me. Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    For Tim

    Eh? It says it syncs with iTunes via wi-fi each time you recharge. That's worse than sync by cable imo. Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    OS? Oh no!

    Ok, thanks. UK Map has gone up to 7 quid now, but I went on the new Get A Map site run by OS on my pc and they want to sting you for thirty quid! for the use of it. The free guest version does not do much. B hell, for the love of Tim Berners Lee! We've already paid for it through our taxes...
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    OS? Oh no!

    I suppose that's not too bad considering - I've just seen the OS download just for the Peak District at thirty quid!! As long as UK Map has footpaths, bridlepaths, and landmarks marked on like official OS, it's just what I need. Thanks Tim. I don't have 3g so I don't expect a compass app...
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    Hdmi adaptor video not stable

    I've noticed when using BBC iPlayer, the picture is as wide as the TV but there's a black margin top & bottom. I thought this was just down to the different aspect ratio of TV & iPad screens. Picture quality is good though. Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    Blogging for the iPad

    FWIW, I think i've found the solution. From one marvelous free app, StumbleUpon, I came upon a blog with an audio player. The player turned out to be from a social net site for music sharing. There's an app for it and it's also FREE! 8Tracks. Ok, it's just an iPhone app but that's all you...
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    OS? Oh no!

    I'm a map freak. I was delighted when Ordnance Survey opened up their mapping data to the public domain. No longer did I need to buy a map, I could simply go to the OS site and 'Get A Map'. Perfect for planning a hike, bike ride, or a dog walk while on holiday. Well now they've changed Get A...