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  1. buerkletucson

    iPad Retina Camera

    Can anyone that owns the new retina mini tell me how good the camera is for taking photos? Not specs.....I mean in actual usage. I have an iPad 4 retina and love the camera......awesome picture quality (see example below). My wife takes a lot of pictures and uses them on the iPad but would...
  2. buerkletucson

    Apple Trade-in of iPad4

    For giggles I checked what Apple would give me for my iPad4 64GB WiFi iPad to use as trade for an iPad Air. I was sort of surprised I could get $341.00. It's worth more than that to me but at least they don't come along with a real low-ball price. Apple - Computer Reuse and Recycling -...
  3. buerkletucson

    WoW....You guys are fast!

    :thumbs: Looks to like it. Who's upgrading to the new iPad Air? I'll be sticking with my iPad 4.
  4. buerkletucson

    Ios 7

    So, will IOS 7 be available for the iPad 4? Apple's website seems to cater to the iPhone and makes no mention of the iPad that I saw. Thanks...
  5. buerkletucson

    Automatic App Switching...

    Is there a quick way to switch back to a previous app.? Here's an example.... On Safari surfing and click on a link that takes me directly to a YouTube video (iPad opens YouTube app). I watch the video but now want to go back to where I came from..... I have to hit home button then click on...
  6. buerkletucson

    iPad 4 #2

    Well I did it! My wife has said she didn't want an iPad.....but I saw her <from a distance> playing with them at the Mall of America Apple store. :eek: She's the type that doesn't want to spend money on herself so she says she doesn't want one.....I knew better, bless her heart. I knew the...
  7. buerkletucson

    iPad 4 Ripoff from Retailers - New Members/Buyers Please Read

    OK, I thought it's about time to post a separate thread on this............ Apple has made a complete mess of the iPad naming, at least for the last two releases (what we call iPad 3 & iPad 4). Yesterday I saw what totally pissed me off and is ultimately making Apple look bad...
  8. buerkletucson

    iCloud Tabs

    I have the iCloud control panel running on my PC for my iPad 4...... Works great for synching contacts, favorites <bookmrks>, Outlook calender, etc. But, it doesn't work for iCloud tabs. Is this normal? I'm running IE8......maybe this only works on devices running Safari only? Seems...
  9. buerkletucson

    Optimized for 4th Generation iPad

    I've had several application updates show up and some say........... "Optimized for 4th Generation iPad" So, what do you think this optimized for iPad 4 really means? Is it just BS? Or, is there some graphics/processor intensive upgrades put in place for the increased performance of this...
  10. buerkletucson

    iPad Comparison Chart

    I thought this was a nice comparison chart between the iPad 4 and all the previous models and includes the Mini. Thought I'd share it here....
  11. buerkletucson

    New iPad 4 - iOS 6.01

    I noticed when I fired up my iPad 4 and started a backup through iTunes it said I had an iOS update ready.... 6.00 to 6.01 Anyone know what this update does......some fixes for reported issues? Thanks...
  12. buerkletucson

    New High Capacity Charger to Ship with iPad 4

    News of this was buried inside another thread....... I searched on the web and confirmed it's true.............looks like it's compatible with iPad 3 units also. :thumbs: See information below.... Apple confirms that 12W adapter will charge iPads quicker than older 10W adapters The morning...
  13. buerkletucson

    iPad 4 Delivery Method

    Anyone order an iPad 3 or something similar from Apple lately? Just wondering what method of shipment they use (UPS, FedEx) and if it needs to be signed for? Would suck if they try to deliver requiring signature and I'm not home....being a Friday delivery I wouldn't get it until at least...
  14. buerkletucson

    I need Help....Fast

    I'm going through laptop is just not filling the gap until my iPad 4 arrives. I find myself using my stylus on my Toshiba laptop screen and it just doesn't want to respond. The screen looks so dull and where the heck is the home button? Please help. :eek:
  15. buerkletucson

    iPad 3 Returned for Full Refund

    As I previously said in several threads I'm completely satisfied with my iPad 3. It does exactly what I want and I thoroughly enjoy it............also, I have no complaints with Apple releasing a new model so quickly. With that said... I thought for the heck of it I'd call the apple store where...
  16. buerkletucson

    Screen to Small.......She says

    After 4-weeks, my wife finally got inquisitive enough to try out my new iPad 3 tonight. She played with it for 5 minutes and gave it back..... She says...."screen is way to small for me" :rolleyes: Guess that iPad mini I thought I'd get her for Christmas is out now. :( Darn it anyway....
  17. buerkletucson

    Realistic Battery Life on iPad 3

    Just wondering what some of you more experienced Apple folks believe the expected battery life of the iPad 3 will be on average. The battery is significantly larger than the iPad 2 but I'm sure the drain is much higher also. Is anything beyond 2 years unrealistic? Maybe trying to get it...
  18. buerkletucson

    Apple iPad long Android!

    I came from the other side of the world............been using Android tablets for a while, last product a Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 with Android 4.04 (ICS). purchased with Honeycomb. Never been a big Apple fan, but... I got tired of all the fumbling necessary to get the OS and tablet to work the...
  19. buerkletucson


    For those of you that use a stylus, which one do you find to work the best for the iPad 3? I find most of them have to fat of tip on them. :D
  20. buerkletucson

    Sync via WiFi?

    New iPad3 owner here........ I've synched with my PC/iTunes several times to install apps and songs.....worked fine. I notice there is an option to turn on synch with does this work? Any time iTunes is open on the PC and the iPad is on it will synch? Can I tell it when to synch or...
  21. buerkletucson

    Hello all from Minnesota

    New iPad 3 owner here.......selling my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Frustrated with it's slowness, buggy apps, and insanely short battery life so I'm giving Apple a try. Hope to have a much better experience with the iPad 3. Only been playing with it for 1 day but so far it sure seems much...