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  1. eatmyshorts

    Good games

    Got my ipad 2 weeks ago and im already starting to get bored. Just name me any game weather it's paid or free that you think i should get. (I've already got the obvious ones such as Temple run,angry birds,fruit ninja,gta,fifa,real racing)
  2. eatmyshorts

    Make twitter require password

    Since my ipad is being used by two users i was wondering if there was a way for the twitter app to require my password every time like on facebook when you sign out.
  3. eatmyshorts

    The Story game

    Basically your allowed two words and have to make a story carrying on from the last poster. I"ll Start: I saw....
  4. eatmyshorts

    Football (Soccer)

    Anyone a fan of uk football?
  5. eatmyshorts

    spelling error

    This area is for specific discussions about the origonal Apple iPad "origonal" is spelt wrong. It should say original.
  6. eatmyshorts

    Essential apps for ipad

    Just got my new ipad 2 today for a bargain. (£270) I've jailbroke it. Now i want to know your list of the must have apple apps and the must have cydia tweaks.
  7. eatmyshorts

    US Ipad in UK

    Hello, i have brought an ipad (Wifi) in the US and i aim to use it in the uk. Will it work via an adaptor plug. Also will it function normally if i use it in the UK such as when downloading apps. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  8. eatmyshorts

    Ipad 2 case

    Im looking for a leather case for the ipad 2. Can anyone recommend some good ones? The budget is up to £15.