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    TAC-1 Case

    Introducing the launch of our new TAC-1 line of cases. Currently open for Pre-order are the 13" MacBook Air Case and the 13" MacBook Pro case. Our ipad version will be available soon. New advanced water resistant design and hardware. A new look for a new case. Check out the many features on the...
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    More news of ipad 2 domination

    Blackberry Tablet Delayed Because iPad 2 Too Successful -
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    Smart Case Compatible Ipad 2 Carbon Fiber Cover

    We have received many request about a carbon fiber cover that is compatible with the smart cover. We have modified our design and now have created the option to get our carbon fiber ipad 2 cover with the cut out to make it compatible with the Apple smart cover. Mach 3 Composites: Mach 3...
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    Carbon Fiber iPad 2 case special Price

    Mach 3 Composites: Mach 3 Composites - Carbon Fiber iPad 2 Case
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    Recycle Carbon Fiber!

    Here is a program we are just getting started. We appreciate any input or contacts. This is about our environment. Our goal is to create a data base of locations around the world that used carbon fiber products can be sent to for recycling.Carbon Fiber Recycling - Mach 3 Composites
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    SPECIAL iPad + iPhone carbon fiber bundle

    Mach 3 Composites: Mach 3 Composites - Carbon Fibre iPad & iPhone Case Bundle
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    Waterpoof Ipad case (coming soon) Carbon fiber

    Stay tuned for something new and unique by Mach 3 Composites. Carbon fiber cases that are waterproof.
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    Macbook Pro 13" Case

    Our carbon fiber case for the 13" Macbook Pro. Mach 3 Composites
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    Valentines Day.

    Nothing says "Your Special" like carbon fiber;)
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    Carbon Fiber In The Snow!

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    MIIIC Ipad Gallery

    Mach 3 Composites - Original innovator of High End Carbon Fiber Case Solutions.
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    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year to all the forum members. I wish you all a happy and healthy 2011!
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    Holiday Sale

    Mach 3 Composites Holiday Sale on our Carbon Fiber iPad covers and iPhone cases. Sale will run through December 31. Check out our web site for more information.
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    iPad 2

    What Is This Weird Opening On These iPad 2 Cases? (Updated)
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    New Mach 3 Composites Carbon Fiber iPad Covers

    Glossy, Matte [/URL][/IMG]
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    Can your iPad case do this?

    Mach 3 Composites iPad case
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    I know this is an iPad forum but????

    I had to show off our prototype Sony Vaio Z custom case.
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    I Use to Fly Jets By Mach 3 Composites

    Trying to do some creative photography and bring my past life of tactical aviation and my current life of carbon fiber together as one.
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    Autumn Carbon Fiber

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    $ 1000.00 iPad cases

    Taiwan's iPads Are Free. The Cases Cost $1,000 Sales of the tablet PC are illegal in Taiwan until the government grants Apple a license—so gray marketeers are giving it away with marked-up accessories By Tim Culpan TECHNOLOGY Taiwan: iPads for Free, Cases Are $1,000 In Taiwan, a...
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    Mach 3 Composites Ipad case with various finishes

    Carbon/Kevlar, Twill weave, 12K weave
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    Now Available Carbon Kevlar ipad cases

    We are happy to announce that all of our cases are now available in carbon kevlar. The price is the same as the regular carbon fiber cases. We will be custom making them to order so there will be a little wait time for your case once ordered. We are in the process of redesigning our web site and...
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    Foxconn to Hire 400,000 China Workers Within a Year

    Good reading! This is the company making the iPad. BusinessWeek - Business News, Stock Market & Financial Advice
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    Mach 3 Composites IPAD case review

    Here is a link posted by another customer.
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    Life Time Warranty on our cases.

    Mach 3 Composites will stand behind its cases with a lifetime warranty. The warranty covers the hardware and the carbon fiber shell. Should your Mach 3 Composites case become damaged or defective we will replace the case or the hardware.
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    Mach 3 Composites Back to school discount!

    Check out "latest news" on our web site on how to get a 20% back to school discount on any of our cases! Or e-mail me directly at.
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    Customize your carbon fiber case.

    We can take your custom logo or design and make it part of your case. Make a statement with your IPAD case or laptop case. Visit our FB page to see some current work. Mach 3 Composites | Facebook Or e-mail us at
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    IPAD Case Pictures, Mach 3 Composites

    Here are some additional pictures of our 100% all carbon fiber IPAD case by Mach 3 Composites.
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    Prototyping our carbon fiber IPAD case (part II)

    Doing a test fit prior to installing tha padding and liner. Uploaded with
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    Prototyping our carbon fiber IPAD case

    Here is our prototype IPAD case in the rough. Final case design has a high gloss clear coat and all black hardware. This case is 3CM thick.
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    Hello everyone!

    My name is Kevin, I am the President of Mach 3 Composites. I really have been enjoying this forum and have found the people on it to be friendly and helpful. I am a big fan of the IPAD, 13"Mac, and the IPOD. I appreciate the great response we have seen since we started participating on here. It...
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    About Our Cases

    When you purchase a Mach 3 Composites case you are getting very special one of a kind and unique case. Great care was given to case design and materials used. We start with 100% carbon fiber and added multiple layers until we found the right balance of strength and weight. We then line each half...