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    How to get music from iPad to stereo system

    I have a great stereo system and I want to connect the iPad to it for music. Other than the headphone jack to an RCA jack input on the receiver I have no idea how to do it. Any suggestions? Please don't suggest apple tv. Also, When I connect both the iPod andipad through the headphone jack...
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    What's the best way to show a Powerpoint slideshow on an iPad?

    I know I can save it as a PPS, but, when I drop it into Dropbox I can open it, but it doesn't show like a slideshow. Anyone know how I can show a Powerpoint slideshow on my iPad?
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    Email reply goes to another account

    This is driving me nuts. When I send an email from my work email, it is pop3, and the person replies the reply goes to my gmail account instead. Is there a setting somewhere equivalent to "reply-to"? Thanks Bob
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    Connect fine to router but not to WAP wireless access point

    I have a Verizon FIOS wireless router and wired to it and going to the other side of the house is a wireless access point (belkin). I can connect fine to the actiontec wifi but not to the WAP. The WAP asks for the key and then says it is the incorrect key. I can connect to it via my laptop...
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    How to delete a new home screen?

    I was exploring with my new iPad and was able to create a new home screen. For some reason the screen shows a keyboard on a search bar. What did I do to create such a screen? How can I make it so the search bar and keyboard don't show? How can I delete the screen? Thanks Bob