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  1. Redhotpoker

    YouTube iPhone app updated for iPad

    Just a heads up for anyone who hasn't downloaded the iPhone youtube app on your iPad, as it has now been wonderfully updated. No more portrait mode needed when viewing the regular webpage, it now will work in either portrait or landscape position. And there are many other upgraded areas...
  2. Redhotpoker

    Biometric Ident

    Hi, Does anyone know, if/are there any real Biometric Identifier apps to download, free or with a nominal charge? I'm searching and am disappointed to only find "Entertainment"grade ones available. I would enjoy a simple thumb or hand print reader, but Iris and facial recognition would be...
  3. Redhotpoker

    LostWinds 2

    Hi, LostWinds 2 Wow, what an awesome little game. Wonderfully vivid with so colorfully done frames and with such imaginatively creative animation for it's game type. And best of all, it's free right now. Chas
  4. Redhotpoker

    CTV Television App is back up

    For those who were looking for the missing CTV Television App, after some reworking, it has been revamped and upgraded for iOS6. Hahahaha, I'm watching Once Upon A Time right now... Make some popcorn, yellow or white... See ya at the movies!! Chas
  5. Redhotpoker

    Beeri, a Siri activated beer pouring system

    Nothing like an ice cold beer, on a hot sunny day they say, after the yard work, before the barbecue. What some people will do to push modern technology to it's limits, though a little bit wacky. This is just silly antics...
  6. Redhotpoker

    Siri Music Fan

    Q. Siri, What's your favorite song? A. My taste in music is rather unconventional. I doubt you'd like it. It's difficult to place Siri in a corner and get any direct answers from her private personality inside. But quite often her answers are very surprising. When asked about the weather in a...
  7. Redhotpoker

    Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor

    Hi, I am playing this awesome fun and free game that I downloaded this evening. Eh, talk about different. you become the spider and see life through it's large eyes... Creeping and crawling, climbing the walls, literally. Spinning webs, catching lunch, eight legs. Spider: The Secret of Bryce...
  8. Redhotpoker

    iOS 6.1 now available

    The new iOS 6.0.1 is up for download No backup is needed here. enjoy... Chas
  9. Redhotpoker

    Ssiri 3D iPhone cover brings her to life

    Siri 3D iPhone cover brings her to life shapeways online DIY 3D-printing company recently held a competition that asked users to design a physical representation of siri, the iPhone voice-activated personal assistant, using any combination of sketches, renders, video, or models. the winning...
  10. Redhotpoker

    Apple Introduces Siri Pro

    Apple introduces Siri Pro: for serious Apple lovers CUPERTINO, CA — Think Siri is all talk and no action? Think again. Targeting lovestruck Siri fans, Apple today launched Siri Pro — at long last giving that little vixen Siri a unique and accommodating physical presence. Whereas the...
  11. Redhotpoker

    iPad Secrets

    Secret iPad Functions Some of these have been explained before, a few others though, I'm just learning about for the first time. Hopefully others will like to know these steps too. The interface for the Apple iPad was designed with simplicity in mind, but it has many functions that make its...
  12. Redhotpoker

    Yamaha Apps

    Hi, I've been enjoying and very appreciative of the Yamaha Music Apps. Ah, particularly those which were developed specifically for the Motif XF workstation. & a few of those others apps as well. Very well priced considering what you get included with these apps. It's convenient and very...
  13. Redhotpoker

    QR Reader For iPhone

    Tap Media have a free version of QR Reader for iPhone at the App Store. I just downloaded it to see how well it works and its great. I actually scanned the QR on my hpi racing tee-shirt and it took me their website. It's just another advancement of society. And it will read other kinds of...
  14. Redhotpoker


    Hi, Although I've never owned much of an aquarium, this video of the worlds second largest aquarium, makes me desire to acquire another... I think the salt water tanks are most attractive with all the colorful...
  15. Redhotpoker

    New Emoji on iPad 3 keyboard

    Wow, have Apple ever added a whole bunch of new Emoji the their keyboard, Wow!! I don't use them all that often, but with all these new ones, and some very funny ones, I may start to use them a lot more often. Settings-General-Keyboard-Keyboards Enjoy them if you will. Top 10 Secret Features...
  16. Redhotpoker

    iOS6 Release Date has nearly arrived

    Gee that time flew by so quickly, I can hardly believe it... iOS 6 Release Date: Apple Finally Announces Sept. 12th iPhone 5 Event, Expect iOS 6 to Make an Appearance [Photos] | BostInno So next week then? Chas
  17. Redhotpoker

    iTunes Festival, 30 days and all is well!!

    Hi Forum Music Lovers, The iTunes Festival got under way this afternoon, from within The Roundhouse of London, and the feed is very good. With crystal clear sound and if you're viewing it with the new iPad 3, the picture is awesome, simply superb!! Enjoy the concerts kids... Chas
  18. Redhotpoker

    iTunes Festival Loondon 2012

    Hi Forum, Aside from iOS6 being available in September, there is something else all of us iPad users can look forward to. 30 nights of live concerts, being performed in jolly old London, England. There will be 60 acts...
  19. Redhotpoker

    Greetings from Edmonton Canada

    Hi, It's nice to have an iPad dedicated forum to become a member of. The new iPad 3 is my first Apple product, and my first tablet style tech. as well. Looking forward to learning more about the iPad, and really excited about iOS 6. be well Chas