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    New Pangu Fails to Install

    I did everything right. I backed up my Iphone 6+ via iTunes. I restored to factory settings and installed 9.0.2 via iTunes on my PC and restored from the encrypted backup that I just created. I disabled my passcode, disabled find my iPhone, and turned on airplane mode. I then downloaded and...
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    Does the faketimewarner tweak work with the new Taig Jailbreak and IOS 8.3?

    Does the faketimewarner tweak work with the new Taig Jailbreak and IOS 8.3?
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    Where can I get Cydia VLC? no longer hosts the package.
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    Why are video's upside down?

    When I take a short video and transfer it to my PC over WIFI, (from the pictures folder under \var\mobile\media\dcim) it plays without any issues, but when I copy over long videos, once the get to my PC, they are upside down, and I have to rotate and convert them. Why are the long videos upside...
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    Is this a Jailbreak or IOS 8.1 Issue?

    I'm (iPad 4) Jailbreak on 8.1 with the latest Pangu. Every once in a while the iPad crashes, such as a darker non-responsive (slide to unlock does not work) screen. I then hard reset. When the iPad comes up, I am still on my WIFI, but without bars. I then check and I have a 169 (private)...
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    How does the new Pangu Jailbreak work?

    What exploit does it take advantage of—How does it inject the payload?
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    Faketimewarner works with IOS 8.1 and the New Pangu Jailbreak!

    Faketimewarner works with IOS 8.1 and the New Pangu Jailbreak! Xcon does not - it installs but the Time Warner app still reports that it will not load because the device is jailbroken.
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    Why don't my expired rentals get deleted?

    I'm currently on 8.1 on My iPad 4 -WIFI + AT&T 4G- currently not jailbroken but jailbroken in the past. I've had this problem for a while and just decided to post: When a rental is expired, Apple no longer comes in over the airwaves to delete the movie as soon as I open up the "Videos" app...
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    Is Apple disabling updates on jailbroken Devices?

    I am jailbroken on 7.0.4. The App store claims that I have 11 apps that need to be updated, however, the "update all" button is greyed out. I I manually click on "UPDATE," to the right of an app, instead of updating, the app opens. I tried hard resetting, (Home and Power buttons...
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    Getting Music of a non-jailbroken iPad

    I'm not posing this in the hacking section because the iPad in question is not jailbroken. Mode, feel free to move this if it appropriate. Also, the music that I am talking about was purchased legitimately—I am not condoning pirating. On my non-jailbroken iPad, I have music that I got from...
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    My Jailbroken iPad is vulnerable to the shellshock exploit.

    Not sure if this belongs in the hacking section - Mods, feel free to move this somewhere else more appropriate: On my iPad 4 Jailbroken on IOS 7.0.4, It appears that the system is vulnerable to the shellshock exploit. When SSHing into a terminal session, this command: env x='() { :;}; echo...
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    Some questions

    Tim Cooke described that the iWatch can use Wifi shared from an iPhone. Does that mean that is does not have built in WIFI? Also, can it use WIFI from an iPad? Does it have an audio file player? If so, can one use a Bluetooth headset with it? How much file storage does it have?
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    Why doesn't the arrow go away?

    Take a look: It is my understanding that the arrow to the left of the bluetooth "on" indicator, means that location services are being used. The problem is that for the last week or so, it doesn't go away, even when WIFI and Cellar are off. What does this mean? Why doesn't the arrow ever...
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    Any alternatives to retinapad that work better?

    I just installed, but quickly deleted retinapad. I have an Iphone app - minz. It does not launch when I modify the settings with retinapad. I have found retinapad generally useless. I have another app - Zombie Apocalypse. I can't use it in landscape mode because parts of the screen are...
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    How did Wallpaper JPEGifier get installed?

    I'm jailbroken on whatever tool I used to JB 7.0.4 which I remain on. I am looking at the settings and see options for Wallpaper JPEGifier. I didn't deliberately instal this. Does it come with Cydia or the new mobile substrate update which I just installed?
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    Does Xcon or FakeTimewarner work with the new PanGu Jailbreak?

    Does Xcon or FakeTimewarner work with the new PanGu Jailbreak?
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    ZAGG ZAGGfolioo Review and a question

    On my current ZAGG ZAGGfolio Bluetooth Keyboard/case/stand for my iPad 4, I just noticed that the third key fell off for no reason at all and other keys are far too loose, so (with this in mind and the other problems that I mention later in this post) it is time for a new Bluetooth Keyboard...
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    Getting Music onto My Ipad without iTunes

    I am talking about M4V and MP3 files—YES, I did purchase them legitimately. I hate iTunes and since I am jailbroken I am hoping I can just SSH the files into a directory and take another step or 2. Please don't suggest the Amazon Cloud player. The player has an annoying bug: When playing...
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    Help with sending mail with slow cellular connections

    I've been in areas with no wifi and only a slow AT&T Edge (1G I believe) signal and I needed to send out an important email. Simple text does not take up a lot of bandwidth, BUT, as soon as I open the "mail" app, it starts downloading tons of stuff and I can't get the email out in a reasonable...
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    Something unstable about new JB

    I've installed Ifile VLC and mobileterminal from Cydia, but the icons keep being replaced with generic white icons with designs and when I launch the files, the startup screen displays briefly but then it goes away. I've had to reinstall 3 times, but this keeps happening. It seems like very...
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    Who can I contact to get VLC updated in the Cydia Store?

    I can find it, but I think I posted the exact issue on this forum a few years ago, but didn't get a response: My iPad (iPad 4 wifi + AT&T 4G 64 GIG IOS 7.0.4) is jailbroken. I use the free VLC player that is a available in the Cydia store. The problem is that when playing movies with VLC...
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    Can I disable Open SSH without sbsettings?

    I want to install Open SSH on my Jailbroken iPad, but sbsettings hasn't been updated to work with the new Jailbreak yet. With sbsettings, I can toggle SSH on and off. When I am on a wifi netowrk that is not my own, I like to turn of SSH for security purposes. YES, I changed the "root" and...
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    When will sbsettings be updated to work with the new Jailbreak

    On my Ipad (iPad 4 64 Gig wifi + AT&T 4G), I installed sbsettings, but it doesn't work. As soon as I swipe across the top left of the screen, the iPad crashes into Mobile Substrate (I updated it to the new version) safe mode. I had to uninstall it as well as activator. When will it be activated?
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    I jailbroke!

    I jailbroke my iPad 4 64 Gig Wifi + 3G with evasi0n7-win-1.0.2. I had upgraded to IOS 7.04 OTA and didn't have any problems with the J.B. I didn't restore to factory settings first. At first I was upset because Cydia was locked in portrait mode, but as soon as I updated some stuff and...
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    Does Xcon work with the new Jailbreak?

    Does Xcon work with the new Jailbreak? I'm dying to Jailbreak, but don't want to lose my Time Warner app.
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    Cloud restore question

    I am on 7.0.4. I am aware about the controversies regarding the latest jailbreak and am not going to J.B. now, but do have a question about it: If I restore to factory settings, then jailbreak, then restore from my last iCloud backup, will the restore undo the jailbreak? Thanks
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    Why do IOS updates always turn bluetooth on when it wasn't on before the update?

    Why do IOS updates always turn bluetooth on when it wasn't on before the update?
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    Why do companies only release iPhone apps that are forced into Portrait Mode

    I just installed the INC NYC Marathon app to track my friends that are running. Unfortunately, it is a iPhone app, so on my iPad, I am forced into portrait mode on my iPad. This is incredibly annoying Why do so many companies not support iPad apps as well?? Are mobile device programmers...
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    What is taking up my Icloud Storage Space?

    My Photos and Camera only take up 2.7 Gig, yet after my last Icloud backup, I only have 53.5 gig free for Icloud Backup. What is taking up all of the space? My notes can't be more than a few meg; probably much smaller. I don't think Cloud space is used for Apps, since those are on the store...
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    Is it safe to upgrade to 7.0.3?

    For those of us waiting for an IOS 7 Jailbreak, (on my iPad 4 - Wifi + AT&T 4G, I am currently on 7.0.2) is it safe to upgrade to 7.0.3. or will this ruin our future jailbreak chances?
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    Is this a Legitimate page or a scam?

    I found this "IOS 7 Jailbreak" page on Facebook: [Moderator edit: Removed Facebook link.] They just posted than an IOS 7 Jailbreak was coming soon. Is this a Legitimate page or a scam?
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    AT&T now allows Facetime over 3G!

    I haden't checked in a few months, but now I am able to make Facetime calls over 3G without changing my plan! Does this have anything to do with IOS 7, or just a new AT&T policy?
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    IOS updates NEVER work for me - Why?

    Maybe this belongs in the "hacking" section, as I am always jailbroken when I try to upgrade: When I try to upgrade to the latest IOS, either via wifi or via iTunes on my PC, it never works - I don't remember the error messages, but the iPad always ends up in "recovery mode," which forces me to...
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    Reading e-Books kills my battery life

    With my iPad 4 (64 Gig wifi + AT&T 3G) I normally get close to the advertised ten hours of battery life with a full charge, whether I am browsing or playing games. However, if I read on the Kindle app, or the iBooks app, or the Nook app, or the Kobo app, my battery drains like crazy. If I only...
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    Can I restore to 6.1.2

    I suspect the answer is no, but I have to ask. I have a jailbroken iPad 4 (64 Gig wifi + AT&T 3G) running 6.1.2. I have some program leak that is killing my battery. I've had this before and the only way to fix it was to restore to factory settings. I don't want to lose my JB and I know that...
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    Help with Slow Transfer Speed

    I'm not sure in what forum this belongs, but I'll give it a shot here: My iPad 4 is jai broken and I use Windows Filesystem to drag and drop files between my (Windows 7 64 Bit) PC and the iPad. The problem is that the transfer speed is SLOW. My Netgear router can support 100mbs, although the...
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    My IPS is throttling iTunes Traffic

    I noticed this a few weeks ago - My speed is generally good - both my iPad on wifi and my PC directly wired in, get the advertized 15 mbs, but on my iPad, If I try to download a song, or an app, the speed is a joke. As an example, I was downloading a 10 meg song, and it was going to take 15...
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    PC networking and IOs 6.1

    Does it work with 6.1. If so, a I entitled to an activation code for my new iPad, if I previously purchased an activation code for a different iPad?
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    How does the evasi0n jailbreak work?

    What exploit did the developer find and take advantage of?
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    Facetime only shows on half the screen

    On my Ipad, I was facetiming another party with an iPad and both our facetime videos only took up half the screens. How to resolve this.