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    I don't know about the rest of you but I find myself visiting this site often. like more than 2 or 3 times a day. how often do you visit this site? I enjoy stopping by to see if therenis anything new posted. maybe there is a new question being asked that I may need the question to. but it's...
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    black keyboard

    I noticed a black keyboard on my iPad because of my exchange email requires the device to be locked and password has to be entered each time the device locks. my question is there a way to keep the black keyboard, I kinda like it. thanks,
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    I was able to send an email with photos to my mom 2 days ago but now I can't send any email with or without attachments. has anyone had this issue? i sent them to my sister and she got them all but when I try to send them to myself or stepmom it comes back with a server issue. any ideas? thanks
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    New member

    Hi, I just discovered this site this morning when I had a question about the iPad. I fiund the answer to my question and then some. I just purchased my iPad a couple of hours ago and slowly getting around on it. I currently own a MacBook, touch and a samsung fascinate. I debated a while on...