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  1. sheils

    Photogene app

    Anyone have the photogene app? I've been looking and looking for an answer with no luck. Sorry if this is not the right spot. I'm trying to crop a photo to a wallet size. But every time I try to crop photo looks needs to be a bit smaller than wallet but I figure I can cut around it...
  2. sheils

    Iphone fourms and ipad fourms

    I'm trying to get on the iPhone fourms but it keeps timing out. Error in connection. Not sure what's going on. Is iPad and iPhone fourms the same ?
  3. sheils

    Icloud synching

    Last night my photos we're synching fine from iPhone to iPad. Now tonight I took a photo from message and didn't realize it got save on camera roll. When I went to delete it I noticed it wasn't on my photo stream. So thought well maybe it's not there because my I Ad wasn't on. Turned iPad on...
  4. sheils

    Find my ipad question

    If keeping iPad in the house would you need to be constantly signed in to the find my iPhone/iPad app? Or can it still work and when needed just sign in?
  5. sheils

    Computer problems

    My computer took a crash on me and since I'm not as savvy as some people, I decided to get a new one. I would love to get an apple but since I would be sharing it with husband need to stick with a pc. Anyways the question is if I should go with desktop again or a laptop maybe even a all in one...
  6. sheils

    Screen lock

    Seem to be having a bit of trouble with my screen rotating. For the most part I like the screen to be vertical. But at times it will just keep swinging between landscape and vertical. When I tilt for vertical than try to work on it the screen will rotate to landscape. Don't want to lock it...
  7. sheils

    facebook photos

    Probably this question has been answered but searching for it I feel that the question I have I can't find answer. I went to take picture with my ipad2 and it stored in my camera roll. That was okay but when I went to post it on a fan page the button for the fan page was grayed out. I even...
  8. sheils

    protective cover

    I wanted to keep the fingerprints and glare off of my screen.I bought a protective cover but I'm having no good luck with putting it on. I already used my 2 covers. I can't get away from the air bubbles no matter how smoothly I try to get the cover. Does anyone have any ideas what I can do?
  9. sheils


    Hi everyone, I'm new to the ipad 2 and thrilled to have somewhere to go that have same intrest.