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    I cloud back up

    Good afternoon , When I try to back up to I cloud with my home wifi network it stopped in the middle. But when I back up through outside network eg coffee shop it backs up very quickly. Could anyone pls tell me.
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    I cloud back up

    Good morning and happy new year, Last 12 hours I have been trying to back up my I phone, iPad in the I cloud. But unfortunately unable to do that. Could anyone help in this issue please. Thanks
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    Reminder in i os 5

    Good evening. Could any one please advice if reminders in the I os 5 ( I phone 4 and I pad) could be synchronised with outlook calendar or I pad or I phone calendar. Will be appreciated. Thanks.
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    I pad clock

    All in a sudden my I pad clock advanced by 12 hours. It was set on automatic. Could anyone please help me.
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    I pad software update

    Good evening. Is there any system that I can pause downloading the update and resume it later.
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    Friendly plus for ipad

    This App has become really pain in the......... I tried to open today it is telling "session expired, re log in". After re log in the full screen becomes white ie blank. Please advice if any one could help.
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    I pad friendly malfunction.

    Today I changed my password in Facebook. After that I m unable to open friendly. It just stucks up in the log in page. Please advice.
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    My friendly for I pad stopped working again. Can anyone advice please.
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    Cloud browser

    How to use cloud browse in the I pad. I have purchased it 24 hours ago. It is asking for log in but nothing for signing up. Pls advice.
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    Friendly app not opening

    The app is not opening at all.
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    The friendly for Facebook seems malfunctioning. It is not opening. Could anyone pls check it out.
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    I pad apps malfunction

    I have purchased the Quran medina hd from apps store. I have installed it via I tunes. But after installation if I want to log in to my I tunes account the app disappear from the device and it starts loading and the app hangs and asking for wifi connection. I have deserted I pad 3 times and same...
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    I pad note

    While I write something on my note in I pad I can see that the note is transmitted to my outlook client. Can anyone help me on this please.
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    App doesn't download completely

    I have tried to install quick office directly on my I pad. It started loading but after some time it said that the apps is more than 20 mb size and try to load through PC or wifi. I have installed the quick office via PC but now unable to synchronize with iPad and also cannot delete the...
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    Friendly for facebook

    Today I updated friendly for Facebook. It has started crashing after that showing some error message "net pad error". Can anyone please help me in this matter.
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    Problem installing apps

    Pls note I have trouble installing following apps. Free guineas record book. Some error message is coming.
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    Ipad os 4.3

    Good Morning, Could any one please tell me if I have to uninstall anti virus from my PC to download iOS 4.3.
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    Synchronizing problem with 64 bit windows 7

    Dear all, Pls note I am having problem synchronizing video and photos with 64bit windows 7. I tried 2 or 3 times after which my windows started behave erratically. Pls advice if any body can help me in this subject.
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    I pad software upgrade

    Good morning all, This is my first mail in the post. Could anyone pls tell me if you have faced any trouble after upgrading I pad from 4.2 to 4.3.