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  1. Nfs

    How to transfer your iPhone to a new laptop/computer, in exchange for some help :)

    Hey so I have been looking for ages how to transfer my iPhone to a different computer because I know my laptop is on its last legs, so I just wanted to share where I got my information from in hope that it might help someone else. I still had some control over my old laptop so I did not have...
  2. Nfs

    iPad and laptop question, computer expert help needed (:

    Hey guys, I have a question that I am unsure you will be able to help me with So my laptop has been playing up for a while now part of the reason why I wanted a iPad :) Where I bought my laptop they are advising me to get my laptop send back to factory settings, I am worried about doing...
  3. Nfs


    Hey guys, You know with iMessage on your iPhone u can choose to receive the messages to your mobile number or your email address? I use to receive my iMessages on my iPhone to my number, before I got my iPad, but now I have set iMessage up on my iPhone i am guessing you can only now receive...
  4. Nfs

    New iPad owner

    So can anyone tell me what I have done that has made my keyboard poisition it self in the middle of the screen no matter what app I am in, to the point were I can't even see what I am writing, even atm :/ I only got my iPad yesterday.. And it wasn't like this yesterday when I was using it...
  5. Nfs

    I can't wait to get my iPad!!

    so I'm finally going to get my iPad soon! This will be my first iPad.. So I'm wondering does any of u guys have a wrap from I'm really loving this one.. The new iPad Carbon Fiber Skins, Wraps and Cases from SlickWraps I'm wondering does this add much thickness.. Because...
  6. Nfs

    Question about pages & hotspot

    Hi! I just wondered is it possible to save the work you do on pages or keynote on your iPad? I may not always have access to Internet to be able to email it to myself.. Also I'm thinking of getting a wifi only iPad, I won't be able to pay for the 3G every month or however it works, i will be...
  7. Nfs

    soon to be iPad owner, needing some advice and help

    Hi guys, so i will be getting an iPad within the next month (fingers crossed), this will be my first iPad but i have had 2 previous iPhones which i love :) i have a few questions, if anyone would be so kind to answer, i would appreciate it very much (: so i think i will just buy the wifi only...
  8. Nfs

    Needing help with tiny village

    Hi, I'm going to be transferring my iPhone to a new laptop, it looks like I'm going to loss all my progress in my games, I'm addicted to tiny village and don't want to loose where I am atm! Have any of you guys lost yours before and got it back some how? I've emailed support but they just keep...
  9. Nfs

    Transferring iPhone to new laptop

    I am getting a new laptop and want to try and backup as much as I can of my iPhone before my laptop goes away.. I have transferred purchases onto another laptop that I will be keeping, but it is not mine. Is it possible to back up contacts onto a external hard drive.. I have backed up everything...