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    Sick of passwords!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I got my new iPad 4th gen and during the process of setting it up it asked me for my Apple password. I typed it in and it did not recognize it. I made sure I typed it right and paid attention to each and every character while entering, but still it would not recognize it. Then a sreen comes up...
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    Camera+ by TapTapTap

    Can anyone tell me why Camera+ is a better ap than the Apple camera that comes with the iPad. I'm am hearing alot of noice about this ap, but no one is telling me any specifics. Any info appreciated.
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    MP3 having trouble getting it into iTunes

    I subscribe to a subscription service that sends me a MP3 each month. I open it and it opens directly into my itunes as an audiobook. This month when opening the download, it opened in the iQ player. A search for the file shows it in my iMac as a movie file and it will not move over to...
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    Rant against Hollywood

    Just wanted to vent about greedy %#&*%(^(#% in hollywood. The Hunger Games was released on DVD BluRay Tues. Got all excited to see it, I don't go to the theaters anymore, too expensive. Get home last night fire up the iTV go to iTunes, no The Hunger Games to be found. Search this morning on...
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    Trojan virus:

    I use tapatalk when on my iPhome & iPad, but at work I use a pc. I just found out that I got a Trojan virus 'maljava' from visiting one of the forums I frequent on the PC. Can the same virus infect my iDevices if I go to that forum through tapatalk?
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    Connecting to iTunes from another computer to download iOS 5

    I was hoping that iOS 5 would be available before I had to leave for work. It was not. I will not be back home to connect to iTunes for another 9-10 hours in order to download from there. How much hassel would be involved in trying to install iTunes on my work PC downloading iOS 5 while at...
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    I just got the app tapatalk & thought I could access this forum through it. But it appears this forum is blocked & it won't work. Anyone know what is going on?
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    iPad 2 & amazon instant movies

    I was interested specifically if anyone has experience using their iPad2 to view movies from Amazon Instant viewing & sending it to their HD TV. Did the picture fill the entire screen? Was it easy? How was the picture quality? Did you use Apple TV or HDMI directly from iPad2 to TV? I am really...
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    Where did the 'i' come from?

    where did the 'i' in front of apple products come from?
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    iPad 2 sent to TV problems

    The other night I tried watching a movie with crackle and hooked up the hdmi from iPad2 to my 42" TV. The problem is that the picture is in the middle of the TV screen with a black frame about 4" on each side and about 8" top and bottom. I was hoping that the iPad would fill the entire screen...
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    Who's screwing with my iPad?

    I hit the home button to wake up my I pad1, before I push the slide I notice there is a little flower icon on the lower left. I tap the icon and a picture of Dwayne Johnson (the Rock) shooting a gun takes over the entire screen. 1) I have no pictures that I have placed on my iPad of any kind...
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    earphone jack..... loose?????

    I have had my iPad since last January. This weekend I tried to use the earphone jack for the first time. Just never tried it before. But the mini-plug was loose in the hole and I got no sound at all. The same earphones work fine on my iPhone. Anyone else have this problem. Any suggestions...
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    Hope this isn't off topic, printing related....

    We bought an Epson wf 520 wifi ready printer. I wanted to print from my roomates Dell laptop, my iMac and my iPad. Printer prints fine through USB cable, but my Cisco router will not find the printer to allow it into the home wifi. Got Cisco assistance online, they say its an Epson problem...
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    getting dvds I own on to iPad

    I have some exercise DVDs I own & use regularly by playing them in my Apple laptop. I would really like to get them onto my iPad. This would allow me to just prop up my iPad and exercise along with the program without hauling along the laptop and all the discs. How would I get these DVDs...
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    Ok I've made my decision to sell...

    my iPad first generation and get a iPad2. What is the expert advice on this forum to sell my current one and get a good deal for myself without beating up the buyer? Thanks
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    Randon House offerings?

    When will the new Randon House books start being available. I've looked through the offerings on iBooks on my iPad and just don't see my favorite authors, or if I do VERY few of their books and of those VERY few if any new books available.
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    Where is my iDevice?

    Using mobile me to look at both my iPone and iPad at the same time. The hybrid view shows my iPhone on top of my house, right over the room that it is in. The iPad, however, shows to be across the alley and two houses down. WTF!?!? They are both sitting right next to me and they both show...
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    Talking map app

    I love using my map app on iPad or iPhone, but I wish it would spead out the driving instructions, instead of having to keep looking at it. Anyone know of a good map app that will talk to me through either iPhone or iPad while driving? Thanks
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    Its on a vehicle for delivery

    Sorry it this is the inappropriate place to post this.... But, WOOOO WOOOO WOOOO I bought a refurbished iPad from the Apple web site on 11-11-10 for delivery on 10-17-10. And it was being shipped from Hong Kong of all places. Watching the tracking very intently, it just now started showing...