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  1. misterkofa

    Photoshop on iPad 2

    most of the drawing of photoshop can be found in sketchbook pro and artstudio. I use both. The iPad is a very nice tool to incorporate into your workflow but not for replacing the major aspects of it. As for me, I cannot fully design on anything less than a dual screen or 22" monitor. that's why...
  2. misterkofa

    short film I directed featuring my iPad2!

    Another cut of this short with some changes. Check it out:
  3. misterkofa

    Keyboards and other writing questions

    I'd get the wireless keyboard. It'll work with all iPads now and future iPads. Any case with keyboard built in may seem convenient but will be useless when you upgrade.
  4. misterkofa

    Need Advice: ipad1 vs ipad2

    I'd get the 2 for sure unless price was an option.
  5. misterkofa

    short film I directed featuring my iPad2!

    @ zipur: yeah dreamworks in gonna direct the sequel where ipad comes back to have revenge, lol.
  6. misterkofa

    Ipad 2, does it scratch easily?

    seems to hold up same as first ipad. no problems with mine so far.
  7. misterkofa

    short film I directed featuring my iPad2!

    ^^^lol..or your girl finding another girl's number in your pant pocket.
  8. misterkofa

    short film I directed featuring my iPad2!

    Ha ha...thanks for the comments guys.
  9. misterkofa

    short film I directed featuring my iPad2!

    @ Demandarin. no I didnt edit on the iPad. I used Adobe premiere Pro CS5
  10. misterkofa

    short film I directed featuring my iPad2!

    sorry for any confusion... I filmed this using my canon t2i. The iPad 2 was what spawned the idea though.
  11. misterkofa

    short film I directed featuring my iPad2! the ipad is in the short. not used to film it. I used a canon t2i.
  12. misterkofa

    short film I directed featuring my iPad2!

    Hey guys. I shot and directed a short film featuring my iPad 2 over the weekend. Let em know what you think! Here's the link on vimeo: the number on Vimeo If you have problems viewing on your iPad, here's the link on youtube:
  13. misterkofa

    iPad case #5.......interesting option.

    Just ordered a book book, can't wait to receive it.
  14. misterkofa

    Pogo Sketch - Has anyone actually used it for writing?

    nice work. what app are you using? after trying all the major ones...brushes, art studio, etc. I've found sketchbook pro the best for my needs along with adobe ideas.
  15. misterkofa

    Apple iPad case FINALLY!

    1. The ipad is very awkward to use when inside of the case. The front flap has to be folded behind it to use, making it very bulky. it's like holding the ipad and a legal pad at the same time. 2. Dust and dirt. As someone stated above, this things collects dust like you wouldn't believe. I...
  16. misterkofa

    Apple iPad case FINALLY!

    I had the case for 2 days and it went right back. Looks great when carrying the iPad....but ends there.
  17. misterkofa

    Pogo Sketch - Has anyone actually used it for writing?

    I use it for both sketching and writing. I'm a professional designer and well aquainted with wacom tablets, however, i prefer using the ipad as it's direct contact then looking at the screen while drawing. As with anything, it takes practice. Use it consistently for a week or so and you should...
  18. misterkofa

    Show Your Apps!

    I like keeping my home screen clean...
  19. misterkofa

    Show Your Apps!

    I was always taking snapsghots of my screen with my ipod touch and until this day I never knew how I was doing it. Thanks!
  20. misterkofa

    Is the iPad a laptop replacement?

    A great man once said... It's not the tool but how the man uses the tool. I wrote 90% of my book on my 1st gen iPod touch. The iPad is not a laptop or desktop replacement but it can do many things both can and can't do. I think a desktop and iPad are the best combination. As a designer, I need...
  21. misterkofa

    Need a 3G Ipad by tomorrow morning

    There's plenty right at the Apple store here in Glendale, CA.
  22. misterkofa

    Who's having buyers remorse?

    My only remorse is not getting the 3G. But then again, I don;t need acess to the web 24/7. I hate to admit it, but this device is magical. The thing is... most of us never needed full laptops. Especially those of us that already have a desktop as well. I understand the "douche" feeling. It's...
  23. misterkofa

    Hey from Texas

    I agree... why would you need a camera on your iPad? Isn't that what your phone is for? I see myself holding on to my iPad at least of another generation. Maybe Gen 2 will have much improved features but I"m not seeing the next one something to worry about, even if they add a cam.
  24. misterkofa

    Plan on getting a Zagg Invisibleshield for your iPad?

    You know what I didn't even think of that:confused:... In that case I may have to grab one
  25. misterkofa

    So I got this iPad thingamajig...

    Thanks bro. I was thinking of posting a video tutorial. The first illustration was on the iPad and the second one was done on my ipod touch! I then brought it into photoshop for some minor tweaks and to add text. Thanks for the compliment on my work guys and I'll definitely be posting up my...
  26. misterkofa

    Why did apple do this?

    my thoughts exactly.
  27. misterkofa

    Drawing on the iPad

    sketchbook pro is powerful software, but the interface isn't very intuitive. The swipe gesture you use to bring up the control panel is very productive. You have to do this EVERYTIME you want to select a different tool, such as going back and forth between pencil and eraser. Art Studio has the...
  28. misterkofa

    What do you use to protect your iPad?

    and I repeat... the iPad doesn't need a screen protector.
  29. misterkofa

    So I got this iPad thingamajig...

    Currently using Art Studio and yup, the Pogo Stylus. I ordered this badboy a while ago.. but they now carry it right in the store so you can pick one up and save yourself the agony of waiting.
  30. misterkofa

    Apple Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

    It definitely works. Just some keys may be different, as windows computers have no apple key.
  31. misterkofa

    So I got this iPad thingamajig...

    Hello to all. I'm brand spanking new to this forum (obviously). I'm a Creative director of a Marketing company out here in Los Angeles. I'm also a freelance Graphic artist and Writer. Because I work 8-10 hours a day during the week and sometimes come home to do more work, I don't wanna be at a...
  32. misterkofa

    Android Tablet With 16 Hours of Battery Time

    Not gonna happen. There will never be such a thing as an iPad killer, even if it has "better" features. The key ingredient here is marketing. Most people won't even know these devices exist and by the time they come out, the word of mouth from people who actually have an iPad will make them not...
  33. misterkofa

    Design patent on Ipad case

    If I were you I would take what they have and make some improvements/adjustments to it. I bought the case and didn't care too much for it. It did look nice though.
  34. misterkofa

    Lack of iPad Accessories?

    Give it some time... But with the battery life on this thing, I think a car charger isn't a must have.
  35. misterkofa

    just installed a new holder for my ipad in my car

    Still not seeing the ipod as a car entertainment system, unless it's professionally installed. Good work but not feeling it. Looks weird actually. an ipod touch on the other hand...
  36. misterkofa

    Really nice carry bag for Ipad!!

    Check these out from BuiltNY: Netbook Portfolio 7-10" | BUILT
  37. misterkofa

    Sprint case

    to my knowledge it's only available with the purchase of the Overdrive. I'm a former Sprint employee and one of my good friends is still employed with them. Best Buy have them too but you'll have to get the Overdrive.
  38. misterkofa

    Plan on getting a Zagg Invisibleshield for your iPad?

    I don't get it... the screen on all iPads, iPhones and iPod touches are scratch proof. Even the employees at the apple store will tell you that. You can take a key to the screen and you won't see a scratch. If you're brave enough, take a key and rub it at the edge of your screen as hard as you...
  39. misterkofa

    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    I think I'm probably going to be more of the power users of the iPad. Besides the usual: browsing, email, music, gaming, movies, I plan on creating a lot of content on my iPad. I 'm a professional designer and writer and this is exactly what Ive been waiting for. I can work on my scripts with...
  40. misterkofa

    In Need of the PERFECT Case - For Business

    I had the apple case. Bought it with my iPad, and returned it the next day. While it looks good when carrying your iPad and the tilt feature is really cool, this case makes the iPad difficult tomuse while its in it. And it's a bitch to get out. I prefer to use my iPad without any added bulk. If...