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    How to jailbreak iPad 1 with firmware 4.2.1

    Thanks for replying. It has never been jailbroken or had blobs saved before. I'm not quite sure what those are (besides being used for jailbreaking), but I know nothing has been done with those. It's basically just normal iPad 1 running 4.2.1 Would you recommend then just updating to 5.1 and...
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    How to jailbreak iPad 1 with firmware 4.2.1

    I obtained an iPad 1 from a relative who upgraded to the iPad 2. It is currently running firmware 4.2.1. Would the easiest way to jailbreak it to be to use a program like greenpoison directly, or upgrade it to 5.0.1 and then jailbreak it? Or maybe only upgrade it to 4.3.3 and then use...