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    Facebook app doesn't have "Post" in groups

    Maybe I'm missing it but on my ipad and iphone there is no place to click to post to a group. I see it in Safari but I can't figure out how to post to a group in my ipad or it user error?
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    No sounds

    I selected all the sounds in settings, adjusted the volum, but my ipad isnt making one noise! What am i doing wrong?
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    Hotmail question

    Why arent my folder contents showing up on my ipad3?
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    How come when i log into my hotmail account it doesnt show everything? My folders are empty and the only thing in my inbox are new emails?
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    Netflix currently viewing...make it go away?

    I am trying to get rid of the movies/shows i don't want to watch anymore. Can't figure out how to delete them from the top "bar."
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    New to it all!

    Got my first ipad and hands on my first apple product since i was in college! I love it! I did post in the app forum but i am looking for an app that gets mr something like Any clues? Thanks all!