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  1. Slimseven

    Coolest thing yet!

    Bring up the theme from top gun the movie. " highway to the danger zone". By Kenny loggins. Ya know. And then go into my xplane9 for iPad app on the ipad3 Run the song in the background as I warm up the f-14 tomcat on the runway or the ac carrier launch deck and just go crazy with the after...
  2. Slimseven

    Anyone buy a grifin survivor case for new ipad yet?

    They advertise it for use with ip2 and 3. I called them, they said they are only going on specs supplied to them in reference to new iPad. They call it ipad3 on the site. Before fri 16 th they never had positive knowledge it would fit. " it should " they said. The gumdrop drop series is...
  3. Slimseven

    2nd round of screen comparisons going on in my house today

    Second set of people ( just 3) happen to be in my home today and of course none are iPad funatics like my family. Except my son's buddy which was involved in last nights comparison session. It has been unanimous at this point that the new Retina display is considerably sharper ,brighter...
  4. Slimseven

    I need advise in itunes

    Figured it out.
  5. Slimseven

    Got it in hand finally

    Now to set it up. Enjoy everyone. FedEx is great Guess it'd be better. To post this from the new iPad but iTunes is at least 12 hours away. It's relaxing just to obtain it. That seemingly long road is traveled.
  6. Slimseven

    I have a very high spam count

    Forgot my spam list for about 3weeks or more. I find 1288 spams sitting there waiting to be erased on my ipad2. Is there any easier way to do this beyond tapping 8 at a time individually ? Please say there is .
  7. Slimseven

    How many ipads in Space?

    Hear two ipad2's are present on the international space station. In what capacity is anyone's guess. I imagine there is some very useful operations related function but it has to be supplying some stress relief also. In other words, fun.
  8. Slimseven

    Best flight simulator

    XPlane9 for iPad. This is no game. There's no levels and no points. You can however connect to someone for what I believe to be a dog fight. Excellent physics as it relates to authentic motion of the plane. I'm not a pilot to confirm that but pilots confirm the relation to real...
  9. Slimseven

    I thought asus prime would be the ipad killer

    What happened. I seen the asus CEO. Sit in that red leather chair on that well known tech show and try to imitate Steve Jobs ( may he RIP). They also tried to copy the air book design. What a catastrophe. I'm just glad I cancelled out early on pre ordering what would have been my first...
  10. Slimseven

    Wondering what age ip2 will be when its no longer operable?

    No way to know at only 9 months or so of public use. Battery life excluded, buttons weaken and break we take them in and outdoors at times ( sudden temperature change is not ideal for any electronic device ) condensation is as bad as common invisible dust ... My iPad stays in an air...
  11. Slimseven

    What a pleasure

    Hat an easy go at it last evening. The order went uninterrupted ,wright through to Apple, 10 min later my credit card was pushing $634. Into their account like iCloud. I have to compare it to the crazy Laos that Asus exhibited with the prime tf201 . I went as far as looking on a British...
  12. Slimseven

    I have stated such already but it needs to be said at every opportunity.

    He signs are there. Steve Jobs set the standard and solidly fixed the bar way high. He and his round table have created a surplus so large that today's administration, the Cook administration can afford to fail . "fail" and still survive as it pertains to stockholders. But only so many...
  13. Slimseven

    A little dissapointed...

    Must say it seems Apple is stringing people along this iPad trail as slow as possible. Yes I am excited over the retina display. I now anticipate the 16th f the month for my black 32 gig ip3. All in all the a5 chip and 4gLTE capability is wonderfully. Everyone else making tablets will...
  14. Slimseven

    Wacky Apple genius's

    Hey won't even admit there's an announcement on the 7th. I mean ,c'mon. I could understand not discussing possible content and or subject matter but everyone knows the gathering / keynote / launches on wednesday. Why not admitt it's going to be a busy day? Nope, two I spoke with had no idea...
  15. Slimseven

    Question , opinions please

    If Wed. 7th is the day we see the Apple co. Announce officially ,the ipad3 is here, when would a person such as myself expect to see my local Applestore react to the announcement? 1:00 pm eastern time ( Florida) which is 10:00 am west coast time ? I plan on spending some effort to be at the...
  16. Slimseven

    Whats in store for the ip4

    It won't be so long until we here the rumors swelling over the ip4. Remember how soon ip3 chatter started after last April? What do you guys think it will contain? I really though ip3 would turn tablets in a whole new direction. Slide out keyboard, curved glass , two sided screen maybe...
  17. Slimseven

    IP3 or mac air book ?

    What should I do. Keep my trusty ip2 and go for a small Mac air book or keep my ip2 and get the ip3. The give and take of it all seems more involved than I claim to be able to figure out. I am new to using these devices on a daily basis and only emailed once in a while when the need arose on...
  18. Slimseven

    Can not connect to itunes

    Never had this pop up on screen prior to yesterday while simply installing a couple of updates on apps I found waiting for me. Has anyone ever been unable to connect to iTunes and if so,what might be the possible reasons. Btw, I did sync my ip2 last night to store a few new apps I bought...
  19. Slimseven

    Do not believe anyone

    When it comes to ip3 , there are several websites such as cnet and others we generally consider semi reliable news suppliers of apple related rumors. Don't believe them. They have lost all credibility with me by posting info that apple stores , , amazon , and others not worth mentioning...
  20. Slimseven

    Never had an issue

    THat was not my own fault. My apple devices just work. Can't wait for next month and beyond. It's sad that no matter how devoted and knowledgable Mr. Cook is at the helm without Steve Jobs I just can't wrap it around my brain. It's like all the music we will never hear by John Lennon being gone.
  21. Slimseven

    Happy birthday Steve

    Ou were to dam young to die. It is much the same as the music we have missed out on already and more we will never hear with John Lennon gone. I am hoping his finger prints are on this new iPad moving out next month. I just hope they stuck strictly to his mandates. Happy birthday you genius.
  22. Slimseven

    Wonder how he would have done things differently

    things can't be exactly as they might be today in Cupertino if Steve was alive and contributing. With good health on his side I wonder how different for example the ip3 would be next week. This device definitely has his input on it . He was here for its early stages although who knows just...
  23. Slimseven

    Seems my icloud is a bit confused lately

    Lately I see a pop up telling me my apple I'd pw is incorrect , cancel or retry. When I first noticed this happening maybe within the last 72 hours I purposely changed and confirmed a new apple I'd pw to avoid this pop up window. It shows up anytime I do anything iCloud. It does not freeze...
  24. Slimseven

    Not able to get itunes/my pc to sync an app, why?

    Hello, can some tell me why my pc will not accept an app ( xplane-9 ) to my iTunes ? It tells me my computer ( dell laptop which I have used with my ip2 from the start ) is not authorized for this app. Actually it is listing 3recent apps I purchased. Xplane 9 Easy talk Speak4it 3apps among...