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    All Youtube videos are horrible:(

    ABC and netflix have always looked good even on 3G. YouTube has been hit or miss on 3G but always good in wifi.
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    Are you still happy with wifi?

    I have found 3G to be invaluable particularly during power outages.
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    To 3(G) or not to 3(G)....

    Yea buying tech for it's resale value is not a good investment in the long term.
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    To 3(G) or not to 3(G)....

    Well see, that's the weird part. The router, modem, desktop and monitor are all on my APC XS 1500 UPS battery backup. It wasn't a typical surge from a lightening strike. The lights didn't even flicker. Sun was out but I could hear thunder in the distance. All of a sudden a bright flash and...
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    To 3(G) or not to 3(G)....

    I love my launch day 3G. It has already been invaluable to me on many occasions particularly during power outages (common in Miami during rainy/hurricane season) and especially when the static discharge from a rogue lightening strike fried my wireless router (just the router mind you, weird)...
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    Web Browsers

    Atomic is amazing and it can be changed through it's settings to appear as many other browsers including firefox. It is the only browser I use. Can't say enough good things about it. Try it out, you won't regret it.
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    Little advice on purchasing a ipad

    I've always tried to buy the most memory I can afford but without he iPad you have a lot of flexibility. You can always move movies in and out whenever you want. If your going to use it with kids I would definitely get the squaretrade insurance and get one of the less expensive ipads.
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    SquareTrade iPad Warranty

    Very legit. Covers everything except lost or stolen. They have great customer service and you can either call them or file a claim online.
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    how fast is your wifi ipad speeds?

    I was getting horrible download speeds with my Linksys WRT600N and it wasn't until a freak static discharge a few days ago from a rogue lightening strike fried it that I had to replace it with a Cisco/Linksys E3000 and I've been getting desktop speeds on both G and N frequencies.
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    My internet is crap

    Who's your isp?
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    Otterbox case

    Exactly the one I'm waiting for. I have a 2 and 3 1/2 year olds and they know not to touch daddys pad! This way I could feel safe with them playing a little.
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    Someone did something that took me out of my comfort zone

    You really should consider locking it while you're at work. Some people are really rude and inconsiderate that way so you should always lock computers and cell phones just in case.
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    youtube doesn't work in Ipad

    I had been experiencing very slow wifi download speeds ever since the 3G launch with my Cisco/Linksys WRT600N. The problem was only with the N radio. I kept blaming the iPad for the problem because my vaio laptop worked fine on the N band. Couple of days ago the static discharge from a nearby...
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    Slow Internet surfing

    I have found the issue has to do with the N radio in my 3G. With the G it gets 15/3 and with N it gets 1-2/3. My vaio laptop get desktop speed on N so the issue is with the ipads N. Hopefully it can be resolved with a software update.
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    What case do u get for your iPad?

    I got the apple case for my 3G pre order at launch but recently pre ordered the zoogue case.
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    Big WiFi performance improvement

    That's the thing, I'm right next to the router when I'm checking these speeds. I just did a quick test right now. With G I just got 10down and 2.5up and with N I got 1.5down and 2.5up! With my vaio laptop I get desktop speeds with N so I know it's not my routers N radio. I'm hoping this is a...
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    Big WiFi performance improvement

    Ok, so after a bit more testing I realized it's not my routers N radio but the ipads. It seems to throttle back on the download but not on the upload. Anyone else have this issue?
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    3G iPad? Did you buy 3G data?

    I got the unlimited data right at the 3G launch. I'm planning to get my wife a 3G later this month but she will benefit from the cheaper plan since we won't need 2 3G's with unlimited access. I will only sign her up as neeeded and it will be sporadic.
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    Big WiFi performance improvement

    I tried that and saw no change at all after several tests. The one thing I did notice is when I chose the G frequency instead of N it was much faster. Roughly 4-5Mbps down and 2-3up. It could be my N radio is defective so I may buy a new router to see for sure.
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    Big WiFi performance improvement

    I've been using the speedtest app from the app store. And I agree as far as speed ratio. On my laptop and desktop I normally get 10-15Mbps down and 3-4Mbps up. On my touch I even get around 5-6Mbps down and 2-3Mbps up. On the iPad it's usually 1-1.5Mbps down and 2-3Mbps up? So weird.
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    Big WiFi performance improvement

    I didn't really see any speed improvements by turning it off but what I have noticed is my upload speeds are always over twice as fast as my download speeds. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around? Is the iPad throttling the download speed?
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    Will you buy 2nd gen?

    I'll skip 2nd gen. I'm very happy with my 3G's functionality and I'm getting a second one for my wife at the end of June for our anniversary. I have the 3yr insurance with squaretrade so that's probably how long it will be before I consider upgrading. Truth is I still have my 1st gen touch and...
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    New iPad car mount!

    Yea I'd like to know too. Looks perfect for entertaining my kids.
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    Clear touch anti glare vs power support

    Yea I actually bought the sgp anti fingerprint protector but still haven't put it on because when I saw it in person it looked like it would blur/soften the screen image. I still have it brand new in it's box since I'm enjoying the naked iPad.
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    Cleaning the Apple case

    Baby wipes. They are the secret to cleaning everything. Didn't know that until I had kids.
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    Apple iPad Case Mod Stand

    Just genius!
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    iPad Converter - Handbrake

    I finally ripped the Avatar DVD (not bluray) using DVD43 along with DVD Decrypter. Converted it with Handbrake using the universal preset and it looks very good.
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    iPad Converter - Handbrake

    720p yes 1080p no.
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    AT&T 3g pricing question

    Don't even bother with the 250MB plan. I rarely used 3G and went over in 10 days. And yes, you would be paying $14.99 and $29.99 if you go from the 250 to unlimited.
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    3G and 4G support and upgrades

    Like you said seadog, not likely. Why future proof the iPad when they can just sell us another one in a year.
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    3G and 4G support and upgrades

    Yea it's a hardware issue since it will need a 4G radio to use the service.
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    iPad Converter - Handbrake

    You have to rip the DVD before you can have handbrake convert it. I use dvddecrypter along with dvd43. Once it's ripped to a TS file then handbrake can convert it.
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    Convert videos to ipad?

    Handbrake is free and does a great job using either the apple universal preset or the appletv preset.
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    iPad Converter - Handbrake

    I use the universal setting and it looks very good. It also lets me watch it on my touch by using this setting too. I'm hoping handbrake creates an ipad setting soon. File size depends on the movie but avatar was over 2 GB if I remember correctly.
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    Carbon Fiber plz

    I would love the apple case in carbon fiber. That would be perfect.
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    Star Trek theme APP

    Got the Starss last night. Much better visually than the Lcars but still kinda buggy. I look forward to updates to both regarding stability and usability.
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    AT&T Restricting Downloads - App's?

    I haven't received any card from them at all.
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    Whats the best leather carrying case cover for iPad?

    I'm waiting on investing in a nice leather case. The truth is no one had an ipad, other than apple of course, until launch or a 3G until 4/30 so these first gen cases were designed blind. I want whatever leather case I get to fit perfect for my 3G so I'm waiting until some new ones come out. One...
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    How do I go from wi-fi to 3G?

    Back up to iTunes. Then sign the new one with the same iTunes account.
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    Apple Refuses Cash Payment for iPad

    Keep in mind that it costs the retailer money to accept credit so it's not like they are doing it to be greedy.