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    ipad vs laptop

    Hey there fellas, i have the best of both worlds, i have a Mac Book Pro and i got the missus an iPad2, quite the best combination, it is the only way i could get the missus interested in the Internet or even using anything to do with IT at all. She has has all her family photos to drool over...
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    a usefull app for a mac

    EyeSpyFX: Home Hi all, first time i have really contributed here, i have just found a free App that i just got to tell you about, basically what it enables you to do, is to go out of your house, leaving your MacBookPro (for example) switched on with the camera looking at you dog (for example)...
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    Kindle versus Books ?

    Kool, i did not know about the UK section, i shall go and look for it right away, thanks. tim
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    Kindle versus Books ?

    Wowee thanks a lot people, you have done me proud there, i am well pleased, now with a much clearer picture of what possibilities are out there, with what i have. Yeah Kindle on it's own seem to be better suited for my house (and missus). I'm in the UK, nasty boy aren't i , i haven't filled...
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    Kindle versus Books ?

    Hi all, I just got a new iPad2 for the wife !, I see one of the built in Apps is called Books, I have also "purchased" the Kindle App, i haven't yet Purchased any proper books for either App, i was thinking that maybe the books would be compatible with both, but of course that isn't so. For...
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    You upset because your Ipad doesn't have Flash? Here's a way to feel the joy

    hey buddy that was absolutelySPOT ON, why didnt i think of doing that ?. :) :):):):):):)
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    A forum on wallpapers, can i ask how do i change a wallpaper ?

    Thanks lads/lasses, that has definitely put me in my place, it really is easy when you know how, eh. thanks. tim
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    A forum on wallpapers, can i ask how do i change a wallpaper ?

    Howdy folks, of course i am a real newbie with the (wifes) iPad2, i am also a relative newbie with my MacbookPro. I can see here that there is a Forum dedicated to WALLPAPERS, well, funnily enough i wouldnt even know how to change the one that came as standard on my iPad2 ?. Can anybody...
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    what have i been missing for donkeys years ...

    Hi everybody, i am a switcher, i just recently got a new MBP, and i aint ever going back to Windose, never !, i liked the Apple so much i got my Wife an iPad2, she is the most Anti computer person i know, but she has taken to her new iPad2 like a duck takes to water, she has been playing with...
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    You upset because your Ipad doesn't have Flash? Here's a way to feel the joy

    hi chaps i downloaded PUFFIN hoping it would display Flash stuff but it doesn't work, it just shows a red F (similar to the Facebook F) in the middle of the space where the Flash stuff should be. Maybe i should start another thread. here is the site i would like to see. tim
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    The Official I got my iPad 2 Thread!

    I just got one online, bootiful, but i thought the usb charger lead was very tight to fit !!! tim